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The Complete Guide to Forehead in Chinese Face Reading (2022)

In Chinese face reading, physiognomy, or Mien Shiang, the forehead is related to water element and is called “inheritance”. A forehead that is broad, protruding, and equally domed is considered ideal in the ancient art of face reading.

This is the area of parental influences, which indicates the inherited skills and abilities before birth. The inheritance here may not only be limited to intelligence, emotion, and perception, but it may also involve monetary assets.

If your upper forehead is protruded on the right side, it means legacy received from your mothers while a left-side protrusion indicates your father’s inheritance. A totally rounded forehead on both sides shows the influences received from both parents and the traits are amplified.

In this post, I will reveal the meanings of your forehead based on its characteristics:

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  1. Three Regions of Forehead
  2. Broad Forehead
  3. Narrow Forehead
  4. High Forehead
  5. Low Forehead
  6. Flat Forehead
  7. Slanted Forehead
  8. Rounded Forehead
  9. Lines on Forehead
  10. Mole on Forehead
  11. Bonus

Disclaimer: The knowledge in this article suggests possibilities, not facts.

1. Three Regions of Forehead

The three regions of the forehead are called Heaven, Human, and Earth, which represent the upper, middle, and lower part of the forehead respectively.

The table below illustrates the 3 regions of the forehead and their associated meanings:

Heaven: Upper foreheadIntelligenceRepresent rational thoughts, generosity, noble quality, analytical ability, father’s influence, ability related to career.
Human: Middle foreheadEmotionSignify ability to feel, morality, common sense, memory, security.
Earth: Lower foreheadIntuitionIndicate instinctive ability, natural intuition, sensuality, insights learned from experience, observational ability, compassion
3 regions of the forehead in Chinese face reading

2. Broad Forehead

In Mien Shiang interpretation, broad forehead belongs to people who have a broad range of knowledge. These people are intelligent and spend most of their time in their heads. People with broad and large foreheads are also analytical, imaginative, and thoughtful.

The broader the forehead, the more freedom of thinking that a person has. Thus, these people don’t like details and tend to look at the big picture in its totality.

A large and broad forehead indicates that a person has a strong intellectual pursuit. They devote most of their mental energy into planning and thinking about the future. Studying is fun for them as they love learning.

However, these people don’t usually have much patience to master one subject. Instead of learning about one subject deeply, these people are likely to jump over many different fields of study to broaden their knowledge.

Therefore, their knowledge is broad, but not deep.

People with large and broad foreheads are often burdened as they feel a strong drive to provide financial support to their families. If a broad forehead is accompanied with a low hairline, this indicates emotional and financial meanness.

3. Narrow Forehead

In Chinese face reading, people with low foreheads are detailed-oriented and careful. They have a narrow range of interests but usually become an expert in their field.

Concentration is their power. A narrow forehead reveals that a person doesn’t like to make quick decisions. Everything needs to be planned out and mulled over before coming to the final decisions.

However, a low forehead is considered a unfavorable sign in Chinese face reading. The narrow forehead signifies that a person is narrow-minded and pessimistic. Their judgments are often inadequate and they are heavily influenced by materialistic tendencies.

4. High Forehead

A high forehead depicts concentration power, high intelligence, and forward thinking. In Chinese face reading, the high forehead is a sign of someone who can detach from problems in the world. Many scientists have this kind of forehead because they usually forget to eat or miss social meetings.

People with high foreheads are said to have open minds and are tolerant towards their friends and family.

If you have a high forehead narrowing to a point, you are careful, intelligent, and able to make critical decisions. People with this kind of forehead only make decisions after thorough consideration. They have a tendency to focus on the “bottom line” while ignoring unimportant details

5. Low Forehead

In Chinese face reading, a low forehead indicates childhood and adolescent problems and conflicts. It is hard for people with low foreheads to express their feelings.

Due to their realistic nature, these people are very practical and down-to-earth. It may take them a while to make a decision, but once they make it, it’s likely that they will stick to it till the end.

When these people want to use something, they want to make the most out of it. People with low foreheads are said to have practical and logical minds which protect them from being sucked in illusions.

6. Flat Forehead

A flat forehead belongs to someone who is a linear thinker and is less involved with ancestral talents and abilities. They are free to live the life they want in their own way without much influence of their family inheritance.

Taoist masters say people with flat foreheads have excellent observation skills and analytical abilities. They are adaptable to new situations, yet they sometimes have trouble with making decisions due to their uncertain character.

These people don’t like to take orders from someone else. In fact, they are often called “know it all”.

7. Slanted Forehead

In Chinese physiognomy, a forehead that is slanted backward is a sign of outstanding negotiation ability. This forehead belongs to the best salespeople in the world as they know how to effectively close a deal.

These people approach new situations with steady determination and are able to learn things quickly.

However, people with slanted foreheads generally experience tough and hard early years. If a woman’s forehead is slanted or sloped backward, this indicates that she receives little care from her parents. She might also have to work hard to earn a living while not having many accomplishments.

8. Rounded Forehead

In Chinese face reading, a rounded or smooth forehead is considered the most favorable foreheads among all. This kind of forehead indicates intelligence, clear thinking, and courage.

People with rounded foreheads are adaptable and flexible. They have a talent for being in the right place at the right time. A rounded forehead also indicates the imaginative, dreamy, and inventive personality of a person.

These people don’t usually worry much about failures Every time they make mistake is another chance for them to learn.

However, there is a danger of being amazed by their own talents, leading them to be arrogant.

The rounded forehead looks similar to the convex forehead except that the convex forehead has a greater and stronger curve. In Chinese face reading, people with convex foreheads have quick and agile minds and are curious about everything.

9. Lines on Forehead

Lines on the forehead are signs of luck and career in Chinese face reading. Although too many lines or wrinkles on the forehead mean frustration and overthinking, Chinese physiognomy tells us that these lines belong to people who are thoughtful and insightful.

Their thinkings are deep and they understand the law of the universe, which is “no work, no money”.

People with little or no lines on the forehead don’t usually spend much time thinking. They are pure-minded, innocent, and often received helps from others.

When you have a vertical line in the middle of the forehead, this means two sides of your genetic makeup are not integrated. You need conscious efforts to integrate different parts of your personality.

Moreover, this vertical line means blockage on the river of life or suppression of Jing. Thus, finding ways to integrate the opposites to create balance while increasing Jing are necessary.

10. Mole on Forehead

In Chinese face reading, a mole on the forehead indicates issues related to your family, luck, career fortune, and intelligence.

When a mole appears in the center of your forehead, this indicates a person who is very sensitive. He or she may not have good relationships with his parents and siblings. Yet, with a mole in the middle of the forehead, this person is blessed with wisdom and intelligence.

If the mole is on the left side of the forehead, we have a person who has a selfish personality. This person doesn’t like to help other people, which somehow represents bad luck in later life. He may amass massive wealth during his life, but he is unlikely to share his resources.

If the mole is located on the right side of the forehead, this is a sign of good fortune and fame in old age. This mole also reveals that the individual is a great partner in both personal and business relationships.

Moles on the forehead should be read together with moles on the hairline as they hold very similar meanings.

11. Bonus

If you want to become a master at the art of face reading, there is no better way than by studying REAL people in REAL life.

I call this section “Bonus” because this is where we can learn from each other.

Therefore, if you know someone famous who can be a great example for our post, please share your thought down below in the comment section.

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