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Meaning of Hairy Moles (Accurate Interpretation)

Moles appearing on the body are normal and familiar to anyone. However, when moles have hairs, they have a different set of meanings depending on their locations.

That is, hairy moles can be either good or bad depending on their positions, colors, and shapes. For example, hairy moles on the eyebrow can be an auspicious sign of someone who is smart and quick-witted.

In Chinese face reading, not all moles with hair are bad. If you were to consider removing hairy moles, you definitely should check this post as you can unexpectedly remove the hidden fortune of your life!

In fact, according to Chinese mole reading, moles with hair are generally healthy and favorable, implying prosperity and good luck. People who have such a mole are fortunate, affluent, and famous.

Furthermore, if a mole is on the body, it means that your physical body is in good health. Your life will be quite easy and you may easily receive support from others.

However, if these hairy moles appear on your face, they can be either a lucky facial mole or unlucky facial mole depending on their locations and colors.

Therefore, in this post, I will reveal to you the meaning of hairy moles based on the art of Chinese face feng shui!

Disclaimer: The meaning of moles in this article is suggestive and is not absolute.

1. Hairy Moles on the Face

Men and women who own hairy moles on their faces are always rich and have a peaceful and happy life. 

However, these people are quite obstinate and unruly, causing many problems on the road to fame. In love, these people often suffer a lot and are easily betrayed in love marriage.

2. Hairy Moles on the Eyebrow

Moles on the brow, known as “hidden gems” in face reading, are auspicious and healthy moles that might bring good fortune and wealth.

A mole with hair on the eyebrow indicates that the individual is intelligent, quick-witted, good with money, and driven by a strong desire to achieve great things.

For males, a mole with hair on the eyebrow denotes a successful profession.

For women, a hairy mole denotes good fortune for their spouse and children.

3. Hairy Moles on the Lips

Those with a mole around their lips can be sharp-tongued, eloquent, and quick-witted, and they generally have their own intriguing insights regardless of the issue.

A mole with hair on the lip indicates persuasive abilities and great emotional intelligence. People with such a mole know exactly what to say on any given occasion, making other people feel so great to listen to. As a result, they are quite popular and frequently receive assistance from others.

4. Hairy Moles on the Chin

Hairy moles on the chin meaning
Hairy moles on the chin. Shutterstock.

Whether you are a man or a woman, when you have a hairy mole on the chin, you are destined to be rich and super-rich. 

Since childhood, you may be born into a wealthy family, living in luxury and wealth. Whatever you do, someone will be there to love and help you. Success will come to you quite easily.

However, a mole with hairs on the chin signifies that your success is easy to stumble. This may be due to the arrogant and stubborn personality of the owner. According to the Chinese face reading, the greatest weakness of this person is laziness. The person only thinks about his or her own benefits.

5. Hairy Moles on the Cheek

People with hairy moles on the right cheek often suffer a lot of hardship and grief in life. Since childhood, they have endured many hardships and obstacles, but these people are very independent.

Despite the hardships, this person’s success is well worth it because they always strive constantly to be a better version of themselves every day.

6. Hairy Moles on the Neck

According to Chinese feng shui, the owner of a hairy mole on the neck is always the one who suffers a lot of bitterness in love. They are vulnerable to betrayal in marriage and family life. 

Although this person is very faithful and devotes all his time to taking care of his family, things do not go as expected. Anyway, this person should be more confident and move forward.

7. Hairy Moles on the Chest

A hairy mole on the chest suggests ambitious goals and aspirations, and individuals with such a mole can cooperate and negotiate with most people. The appearance of a mole with hair on the chest indicates that the individual is capable of taking action and accomplishing it.

Such people often have exceptional performance, explosive power, self-control ability, willpower, and perseverance. They are capable of doing great things.

However, because people with hairy moles on their chest can achieve things so easily, they may feel proud and superior to others at times. They should learn to cultivate humility and humbleness as these traits enhance their luck.

8. Hairy Moles on the Belly

Not everyone is lucky enough to have a hairy mole on the belly. Usually, men with hairy moles in this position are intelligent and talented people. 

They always calculate and consider carefully before making a decision. For them, the more difficult the problem is, the more motivation they have to move forward.

However, women who have hairy moles on the belly are miserable in their marriage. According to Chinese face reading, their partners usually force them to do things they don’t like, so there are many conflicts in the family environment. Their marriage is very fragile.

9. Hairy Moles on the Arm

This is a feature that is quite common and many people possess it. Usually, a mole with hairs on the arm signifies a strong and resilient person. The decisions of this person are always firm. Once they set up their mind on something, they are determined to pursue it till the end. 

The Chinese face readers also say that this person is very trustworthy. Their words are promises and they don’t even think about their own interests sometimes.

Because of these good personalities, these people are always loved and respected by everyone around them. No matter what they do, they are supported and helped by noble people.

Their life is quite prosperous and warm when they reach middle age. Although they are financially secure in their old age, these people often have to worry about their children.

10. Hairy Moles on the Leg

The personality of the person with a hairy mole on the leg is quite gentle and honest. According to the art of feng shui, these people are meticulous and skillful. They have a special ability to grasp the opportunities very well. They constantly look for situations to develop their career.

Because a mole with hairs on the leg indicates the will to progress, the owner’s career path is very successful. This person is always supported and helped by others. With their skillfulness in speech, they always satisfy the listeners.

Feng shui masters also say that these people always think carefully and draw up a clear plan before making any decisions.

11. Is it bad to remove hairy moles?

According to the ancient Chinese, you should absolutely not remove the hairs on the mole. If you pluck out the mole’s hair regularly, this will lead to cancer. 

The plucked hair will gradually form another hair. This new hair will be blacker and stiffer than the original hair.

So don’t be in a hurry to pull out the hairs on the mole. As analyzed above, hairy moles can bring good luck to help you succeed in life. 

Even if these moles appear on your face, I would still recommend you not to do any kind of surgery with it.

Let the hairs on the mole grow naturally. At some point, they will fall off on their own and form other fibers, which you should not be too concerned about this feature.

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