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Hermetic Principle of Correspondence (Detailed Explanation)

In this post, I will talk about:

  1. What is The Hermetic Principle of Correspondence?
  2. How Does The Law of Correspondence Work?
  3. The Hermetic Law of Correspondence and Astrology
  4. The Law of Correspondence Symbolism
  5. The Law of Correspondence Meaning
  6. How to Use The Principle of Correspondence
  7. Summary

The universe is governed by law, that which we called “The Truth” for that which does not change. No one can break the law for we are the Law, the universe is the Law, and God is the Law.

If there is no law, the universe will be in chaos, and nature keeps telling us that the universe is always in order.

That’s why you keep seeing the alternation of days and nights, of summers and winters; cats eat mouses, dogs chase cats, etc.

Those natural indications are what scholars referred to as “Signs of God” because God is in everything and everything is God, yet God is only One.

There are 7 Universal Laws that govern the universe. If you come from the occult background, you may refer it to the 7 Hermetic Principles as noted in the Kybalion by Three Initiates.

Their teachings come from the ancient Egyptian Knowledge, whose founder is Hermes Trismegistus, concealing what is called Esoteric Wisdom and Secret Doctrines that are only revealed to the Adepts and Masters.

In fact, the word “Hermetic” itself means “secret” and “sealed so that nothing can escape”.

The Law of Attraction as is now known today is just a part of hidden truth concealed under the veil of public eyes. It is the extraction from the universal laws of the universe, which means that the law of attraction works under the dominion of the 7 Hermetic principles.

In the ancient era, Truth was not meant to be revealed to common men as the masters did not believe in “casting pearls before swine”, yet they stayed close to the teachings of “milk for babes; meat for strong men”.

By understanding the law – the underlying principles of the universe, man hold a great power within himself, which enables him to become a true Master of his life, achieving anything whatsoever he shall desire.

*Note: If you want to understand the spiritual law that governs our universe, I’d strongly recommend you to read The Kybalion, which is the classic book in the esoteric world. I use this book as a reference for this article, so check it out!

1. What is The Hermetic Principle of Correspondence?

“As above, so below; as below, so above.”

The Kybalion

As I have stated in the Hermetic Principle of Mentalism, this world is composed of 3 planes of existence: physical, mental, and spiritual.

The hermetic principle of correspondence can be summarized as the law of “As above, so below. As within, so without”.

In other words, what happens on the physical plane will affect the mental and spiritual planes and vice versa.

Every action begins with the act of thinking while thinking begins with a thought receiving from the Spirit – the Universal Mind. Your actions have the power to influence your mind and so do your mental activities have the power to change your behaviors and deeds.

This is the key to understand the relationship between the body, mind, and spirit. That is, the good and bad results of your actions depend on what you think and the purity of your soul.

Everything corresponds to each other, nothing stands independently except the One.

Therefore, whenever you feel not satisfied with your life, you should contemplate your past deeds and previous thoughts instead of complaining about life.

2. How Does The Law of Correspondence Work?

“Through faith we understand that the worlds were framed by the word of God, so that things which are seen were not made of things which are visible.”

Hebrew 11:3

What we call as “life, matter, and energy” are the manifestations of the unmanifest. In other words, all creations are the manifestation of the Unseen, transforming itself into the manifest, the Seen, and the visible.

What is without is within. What is visible is invisible. As within, so without: Who you are is the Unmanifest, the Invisible, and the Unseen, not the manifest and not your physical body.

Life is not what you perceive as the outer world, life is inner because every experience is inner. Inside the physical body, there is a spiritual body. Inside the visible, there is always the invisible.

In fact, science has discovered that 95% of the universe are made up of dark energy and dark matter, which are the Unseen substance in our galaxy. It is the substance that unites all things together and makes possible for the working of Newton’s law of gravity.

When we talk about things, we need to understand their correspondence because everything has an invisible base. Everything is in correlation, agreement, and harmony with each other.

3. The Hermetic Law of Correspondence and Astrology

As what happens above will also occur in the below, what is going on in the solar system is also going on within us. The solar system is not above us but we are in the solar system and the solar system is within us.

This is what astrology is about. Astrology comes from the word “astrologia” in Latin. Astro means “star” and logia means the “reasoning of” or “logic of”. Thus, astrologia (or astrology) signifies the logic or reasoning of the star.

There is a big difference between astrology and astronomy. Astronomy is the mundane science. They are about the relationship and the order of planets, like the earth is the 3rd planet and Mars is the 4th planet from the Sun. Astronomy will tell you absolutely nothing about the relationship between you and the universe.

On the other hand, astrology is about the metaphysics of planets, not the scientific physics of planet constellations. To understand the working of astrology, we need to know that we are all made of the same energy, the same atom, and the same essence that created the stars, galaxies, and the whole universe.

Our body corresponds to the vibrations of the planets in the solar system. We are vibrating the same rhythm that the planet is vibrating. In other words, we are a copy of the universe.

This is the reason why when someone looks at your date of birth, they can tell exactly who you are, what your tendencies, talents, and abilities are.

The planets do not force us to do something, they influence us. It is our choice to be moved by the influence of the planet or to become the master of it, depending on the level of self-knowledge and how well can you control yourself.

4. The Law of Correspondence Symbolism

The symbol of the Hermetic Principle of Correspondence is the Hexagram. It is not the Star of David or the Seal of Solomon.

It is a sacred geometry that represents the state of harmony and reproductive quality.

Sacred means secret.

Whenever you hear the word sacred like sacred geometry, sacred number, or sacral vertebrae, they all mean secret.

Your sacral vertebrae are the secret vertebrae – a secret tool for you to “grow up” your kundalini serpents lying at the base of your spine. When Moses “raise up the dead” or “raise up the serpents in the desert”, it means that he awakens the unactivated chakras inside our body.

Interestingly, we have 7 chakras in the Hindu systems, which are the same number as the 7 universal laws in the hermetic traditions.

The hexagram is not a devil symbol. The devil doesn’t have a symbol. The symbol belongs to nature. What the devil does is that he takes the symbol and inverts it – he uses it for the negative side of the duality.

As the hexagram is one of the most powerful symbols on the positive side of nature, the black-hat witches and the devil misuse it for the negative purposes.

In other words, the hexagram itself is just like a powerful tool, and it can be used either for good or bad. This is the law of duality we are living in.

Never will a thing be absolutely bad or absolutely good. It all depends on your intentions, choices, and purposes that determine the quality of your actions. It’s like you can use a knife to prepare delicious meals for other people as well as using it to commit crimes and offenses.

In nature, you can see the hexagon (another version of hexagram) in the beehive, which is a perfect architecture design that allows the bees to store the largest possible amount of honey with the minimum amount of space.

The hexagon in beehive is also a representation of the principle of correspondence.
Hexagon in beehive

You can also see this symbol in the north pole of Saturn, a 60 miles deep hurricane that can swallow 4 earths. That’s how powerful it is.

In Hindu culture, you can see this geometry in the heart chakra, which is the symbol of balance, harmony, and unconditional love.

In the real world, take a look at the back of the one-dollar bill, you will know the people who control the world are not politicians, they are occultists who understand the nature of things.

5. The Law of Correspondence Meaning

The hexagram is made up of 2 opposite triangles. The upward-pointing triangle represents the “as above” principle and the masculine aspect of nature while the downward-pointing triangle represents the “as below” principle and the feminine aspect of nature.

These 2 triangles both represent the 2 laws of the 7 hermetic laws: the law of correspondence and the law of duality. When the feminine and masculine principles are in harmony with each other, they create another hexagon, which is both within and without.

*** There are 2 hexagons in the hexagram. One is inside and another is outside the hexagram.

You can also see this symbol contains the 4 fundamental elements that create the universe: Earth, Water, Air, and Fire.

In esoteric teachings, the earth is the symbol of your physical body. When you inhale, you can feel the element of air, which is cool and fresh. When you exhale, you can feel the element of Fire, which is hot, and the element of water, which is the humidity and the moisture of the breath.

Thus, the Law of Correspondence contains all necessary components before any physical manifestation.

6. How to Use The Principle of Correspondence

Here are the steps of how to use the hermetic principle of correspondence:

  1. Step 1: You need to realize everything, whether physical, mental, or spiritual, is correlated to each other.
  2. Step 2: You need to contemplate your past deeds and thoughts.
  3. Step 3: You need to correct your mistakes and live in harmony with the law of nature.

To apply the hermetic law of correspondence, you first need to be aware of the interaction between the physical and spiritual world.

When you are a master of this law, you can get anything you want on the physical plane by purifying your mind and soul.

If you have a headache, or your stomach hurts, check your thoughts and your ways of thinking. It’s not about the food you eat, it’s about your bad thoughts and bad thinking that cause the problems. Ok?

Secondly, we need to contemplate our past deeds and previous thoughts to look for corrections. Your soul affects your mind, which then affects your body, and vice versa.

“God loves those who are constantly repentant and loves those who purify themselves.”

Surah 2: 222

When you purify your soul, it means that you need to change your thoughts and correct your behaviors, for those things will either contaminate or purify your soul depending on whether you have good or bad intentions/actions.

A bad action increases your karma, which in another dimension is a black substance attached to your aura, according to Falun Dafa. When you have a lot of karma, it weighs down your spirit and increases the suffering you have in the future.

It’s like you borrow someone 2 million dollars and want to run away debt-free. You think you can, but no, you can’t! Because the law of the universe will force you to pay for what you owe.

On the other hand, if you do a good deed, it will increase your virtue, which in another dimension is a white substance associated with your aura. Your happiness, wealth, fortune, fame, and luck are all because of your virtues’ manifestation. Nothing in this world is for free.

You know, we all do some bad deeds in life, and we know it. Thus, the last step is to correct your mistakes and act in harmony with the guidance of your soul. In other words, you instinctively know that by improving your character and moral standards, you will lead a good life.

Yet, some forces try to stop you. The more you try to do good things, the more these forces exert their influence. Remember, karma leads to suffering, so suffering is inevitable in your journey to paying off your karmic debts.

Embrace the hardship. Do not remove the leaves and stems of your problems. The root of your problem is your attachment.

7. Summary

In the last section, I will summarize the main points that we have talked above:

  1. The Law of Correspondence (the Hermetic Law of “as above, so below”): What happens in the heaven will also occur on the earth. What happens on the physical plane comes from the mental and spiritual planes and vice versa.
  2. You have the power to change your life by changing your thoughts, which will eventually change the course of your actions and vice versa.
  3. The hermetic principle of correspondence is one of the most powerful tools to understand the manifestation of physical existence. This is because it contains the principle of duality, 4 elements of nature, and is regarded as one of the sacred geometries or structures that creates the universe.

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