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Hermetic Principle of Gender (Detailed Explanation)

In this post, I will talk about:

  1. What is The Hermetic Principle of Gender?
  2. How Does The Hermetic Principle of Gender Work?
  3. Summary

The universe is governed by law, that which we called “The Truth” for that which does not change. No one can break the law for we are the Law, the universe is the Law, and God is the Law.

If there is no law, the universe will be in chaos, and nature keeps telling us that the universe is always in order.

That’s why you keep seeing the alternation of days and nights, of summers and winters; cats eat mouses, dogs chase cats, etc.

Those natural indications are what scholars referred to as “Signs of God” because God is in everything and everything is God, yet God is only One.

There are 7 Universal Laws that govern the universe. If you come from the occult background, you may refer it to the 7 Hermetic Principles as noted in the Kybalion by Three Initiates.

Their teachings come from the ancient Egyptian Knowledge, whose founder is Hermes Trismegistus, concealing what is called Esoteric Wisdom and Secret Doctrines that are only revealed to the Adepts and Masters.

In fact, the word “Hermetic” itself means “secret” and “sealed so that nothing can escape”.

The Law of Attraction as is now known today is just a part of the hidden truth concealed under the veil of public eyes. It is the extraction from the universal laws of the universe, which means that the law of attraction works under the dominion of the 7 Hermetic principles.

In the ancient era, Truth was not meant to be revealed to common men as the masters did not believe in “casting pearls before swine”, yet they stayed close to the teachings of “milk for babes; meat for strong men”.

By understanding the law – the underlying principles of the universe, man holds a great power within himself, which enables him to become a true Master of his life, achieving anything whatsoever he shall desire.

*Note: If you want to understand the spiritual law that governs our universe, I’d strongly recommend you to read The Kybalion, which is the classic book in the esoteric world. I use this book as a reference for this article, so check it out!

1. What is The Hermetic Principle of Gender?

The Hermetic Principle of Gender demonstrates that everything in nature contains within itself feminine and masculine nature. For example, every male has a female element inside himself as well as every female has a male element inside herself.

“Gender is in everything; everything has its Masculine and Feminine Principles; Gender manifests on all planes.”

The Kybalion

Inside yin, we have yang. Within yang, we have yin. It is the endless flow of life that permeates all living things on earth.

This principle manifests on the physical planes as sexes. However, the law also functions on higher planes of mental and spiritual worlds. That’s why gold and silver, tin and lead, sun and moon also have gender.

If you take a look at the atom itself, it is made of proton (+) and electron (-), which are the masculine and feminine in nature that create the whole universe. As atom is the basis upon which everything is built, everything in this world is the embodiment of the law of gender.

2. How Does The Hermetic Principle of Gender Work?

In basic understanding, the hermetic principle of gender works by giving sexes to things, such as gold is masculine and silver is feminine.

For example, the yin is passive, intuitive, and soft while the yang is active, logical, and hard. This is the reason why we usually see women associated with qualities such as nurturing, mothering, and emotional whereas we relate men to characteristics such as bold, fathering, and intellectual.

However, within yang, we have yin and vice versa. Therefore, a man can sometimes be receptive and subtle as well. When we see the overbalance of one element over another, it expresses itself in the physical world as the confusion, unbalance, and inharmony of sexes.

That is, gay means that a person who is born into a male body but contains much more feminine qualities within himself.

Yin and yang circle is also a symbol of the Law of Polarity, the Law of Vibration, and the Law of Rhythm. It is always moving, swinging back and forth between 2 polarities of existence.

If you look closely at the image of yin and yang, it always resembles a circle of eternity, continuity, and perpetuity, meaning that it will never end unless we are raised to the absolute oneness of consciousness.

The Law of Attraction or the Law of Gravity is another expression of the Law of Gender. The feminine aspect always attracts the masculine aspect of nature. In physics, it is the underlying principle that makes the magnet works, whose poles are North and South.

3. Summary

In this section, I will summarize the key points of this post:

  1. The Hermetic Law of Gender: there is gender in everything. Everything has within itself masculine and feminine principles in nature.
  2. The principle of gender is the foundation of all things, forming an endless circle of existence.
  3. The yin attracts the yang and vice versa. This law can enable modern science to be more advanced if they are opened to the metaphysic aspects of nature.

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