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Hermetic Principle of Rhythm (Detailed Explanation)

In this post, you will learn about:

  1. What is The Hermetic Principle of Rhythm?
  2. How Does the Law of Rhythm Work?
  3. How to Use the Hermetic Principle of Rhythm
  4. Summary

The universe is governed by law, that which we called “The Truth” for that which does not change. No one can break the law for we are the Law, the universe is the Law, and God is the Law.

If there is no law, the universe will be in chaos, and nature keeps telling us that the universe is always in order.

That’s why you keep seeing the alternation of days and nights, of summers and winters; cats eat mouses, dogs chase cats, etc.

Those natural indications are what scholars referred to as “Signs of God” because God is in everything and everything is God, yet God is only One.

There are 7 Universal Laws that govern the universe. If you come from the occult background, you may refer it to the 7 Hermetic Principles as noted in the Kybalion by Three Initiates.

Their teachings come from the ancient Egyptian Knowledge, whose founder is Hermes Trismegistus, concealing what is called Esoteric Wisdom and Secret Doctrines that are only revealed to the Adepts and Masters.

In fact, the word “Hermetic” itself means “secret” and “sealed so that nothing can escape”.

The Law of Attraction as is now known today is just a part of hidden truth concealed under the veil of public eyes. It is the extraction from the universal laws of the universe, which means that the law of attraction works under the dominion of the 7 Hermetic principles.

In the ancient era, Truth was not meant to be revealed to common men as the masters did not believe in “casting pearls before swine”, yet they stayed close to the teachings of “milk for babes; meat for strong men”.

By understanding the law – the underlying principles of the universe, man hold a great power within himself, which enables him to become a true Master of his life, achieving anything whatsoever he shall desire.

*Note: If you want to understand the spiritual law that governs our universe, I’d strongly recommend you to read The Kybalion, which is the classic book in the esoteric world. I use this book as a reference for this article, so check it out!

1. What is The Hermetic Principle of Rhythm?

The Hermetic Principle of Rhythm states that:

“Everything flows, out and in; everything has its tides; all things rise and fall; the pendulum‑swing manifests in everything; the measure of the swing to the right is the measure of the swing to the left; rhythm compensates.”

The Kybalion

Together with the Hermetic Law of Polarity, the Hermetic Law of Rhythm makes sure that you will have to experience 2 extreme opposites in your life. There is no such thing as absolute goodness or absolute evil in the world of duality. There is time to win and there is time to lose.

Life is rhythmic and cyclic in nature. This is why we have the alternation of day and night, summer and winter, fall and spring because there is nothing that stands out absoluteness in this world except God.

Can you point out a thing that will last forever in this physical world after we die?

Our purpose of life is clearly stated in the Quran:

“Then did Satan make them slip from the Garden, and get them out of the state of felicity in which they had been. We said: ‘Get ye down, all (ye people) with enmity between yourselves. On earth will be your dwelling place and your means of livelihood for a time.

Quran 2:36

Through contemplation, we can see that NOTHING in this world lasts forever. That is, everything in this physical world is destined to perish because this is supposed to be a temporary place for our soul to learn, not a permanent dwelling.

Thus, the flow of life on this material planet is there to test us not to grieve over things that have passed by and not to be self-indulge in the goodness of life.

2. How Does the Law of Rhythm Work?

The Hermetic Law of Rhythm works by swinging you back and forth in between 2 extremes of polarity. In other words, your life will not be a “straight line” towards your goals, but it will be a “roller coaster” rising up and down to make sure you gain the necessary experience.

It’s like a pendulum: moving back and forth, flowing in and out according to the cycles of life.

This law is manifested as the rise and fall of nations, the change of seasons, and the principle of action and reaction. Night follows day and day follows night.

At a time we are wise, yet, at another time we are ignorant. The hermetic principle of rhythm is what accounts for the swing in our moods, feelings, and other irritating changes that we notice in ourselves.

Let contemplate for a moment my friend:

How many times that after a period of happiness has been repeatedly followed by an opposite feeling and mood such as depression in your life?

Nothing lasts forever. Everything is dual in nature and always in motion, embodying the Law of Duality and the Law of Vibration.

Another aspect of the Law of Rhythm is the concept of “compensation”. In other words, “the measure of the swing to the right is the measure of the swing to the left”.

A long and powerful swing to the right will be equivalent to a long and powerful swing to the left, and vice versa.

When you want to be significantly successful, you will have to be willing to face intense struggles and hardships. There is no other way. The stronger you are, the harder the tests will be.

Rhythm always compensates or counterbalance so that we can reach the point of equilibrium.

Take it further. The moment we die on this planet is just another moment to be reborn again in another world. In this sense, death is not really “dying”, but an opportunity to see the truth after trials and hardships that we have encountered.

Thus, you will definitely be judged on the Day of Judgement based on what you did and believed in this life. There will always be a messenger who delivers the message when your life is out of balance.

Yes, he is right inside your body who will communicate with you by thoughts, emotions, ideas, or intuitions.

If you are not compensated enough in this life, for sure you will be dealt justly in the Hereafter, and the rewards of the Afterlife are far better than this life, only if you knew.

3. How to Use the Hermetic Principle of Rhythm?

Here are the steps of how to use the hermetic principle of rhythm:

  1. Step 1: Realize the dual nature of things.
  2. Step 2: Mentally prepare for the swing of the pendulum.
  3. Step 3: Rise above duality by centering your consciousness into One.

There are 2 planes of consciousness: Lower and Higher. As I stated in the Hermetic Principle of Mentalism, there is no duality in the higher level of existence. Therefore, the law of rhythm only works in the lower consciousness, meaning the physical earth or the material world.

It would be wise to escape this swinging motion by raising our consciousness to a higher level. By this, I mean that by denying the influence of the negativity and affirm the knowledge which you have acquired about the impenetrable law that governs the universe.

Remember that the law is the truth, and the truth will NEVER change whether you believe it or not.

Thus, when you start to experience negativity in your life, you should exercise self-mastery over your body and mind, thereby escaping the influence of the lowly moods.

As the law of rhythm compensates the opposite, when you experience a moment of intense happiness, for sure another moment there will be an experience of severe depression. The capacity for both pain and pleasure must always be balanced.

That is, if you want less pain, then enjoy less. If you don’t want to suffer, then don’t seek sensual pleasures. Before/After you are able to enjoy a certain degree of pleasure, you must have swung proportionately toward the other pole of the feeling.

The law is always at work because it is that which does not change.

If you were to wonder why some people at the time of their birth have already experienced hardships and difficulties. The answer lies in the Law of Karma, which explains that they must have experienced some equivalent degree of pleasures in their previous lives.

The thing that you gain will pay for the thing that you lose. The thing that you have will compensate for the thing that you lack. You can be a millionaire physically but suffer mentally due to stress and tensions. You may use all of your money to buy food, yet you lack the appetite to enjoy the food.

Everything has a price to pay for, my friend. Therefore, the best practice is to stay at the point of equilibrium where no polarity exists.

4. Summary

In this last section, I will summarize the key points I talked about in this post:

  1. The Hermetic Principle of Rhythm: Everything moves back and forth, flows in and out, rises up and down in between the 2 poles of duality.
  2. Rhythm compensates the opposite proportionately due to the degree of experience.
  3. Everything has a price. When we want something in this life, be prepared to experience the opposite before or after we get what we want.

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