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Hermetic Principle of Vibration (Detailed Explanation)

In this post, I will talk about:

  1. What is The Hermetic Principle of Vibration?
  2. How Does The Law of Vibration Work?
  3. The Law of Vibration Meaning
  4. The Law of Vibration, Numerology, Astrology, and Tarot
  5. How to Use the Hermetic Principle of Vibration
  6. Some Thoughts about Meaning of Life
  7. Summary

The universe is governed by law, that which we called “The Truth” for that which does not change. No one can break the law for we are the Law, the universe is the Law, and God is the Law.

If there is no law, the universe will be in chaos, and nature keeps telling us that the universe is always in order.

That’s why you keep seeing the alternation of days and nights, of summers and winters; cats eat mouses, dogs chase cats, etc.

Those natural indications are what scholars referred to as “Signs of God” because God is in everything and everything is God, yet God is only One.

There are 7 Universal Laws that govern the universe. If you come from the occult background, you may refer it to the 7 Hermetic Principles as noted in the Kybalion by Three Initiates.

Their teachings come from the ancient Egyptian Knowledge, whose founder is Hermes Trismegistus, concealing what is called Esoteric Wisdom and Secret Doctrines that are only revealed to the Adepts and Masters.

In fact, the word “Hermetic” itself means “secret” and “sealed so that nothing can escape”.

The Law of Attraction as is now known today is just a part of hidden truth concealed under the veil of public eyes. It is the extraction from the universal laws of the universe, which means that the law of attraction works under the dominion of the 7 Hermetic principles.

In the ancient era, Truth was not meant to be revealed to common men as the masters did not believe in “casting pearls before swine”, yet they stayed close to the teachings of “milk for babes; meat for strong men”.

By understanding the law – the underlying principles of the universe, man hold a great power within himself, which enables him to become a true Master of his life, achieving anything whatsoever he shall desire.

*Note: If you want to understand the spiritual law that governs our universe, I’d strongly recommend you to read The Kybalion, which is the classic book in the esoteric world. I use this book as a reference for this article, so check it out!

1. What is The Hermetic Principle of Vibration?

The hermetic principle of vibration demonstrates that:

“Nothing rests; everything moves; everything vibrates.”

The Kybalion

If you are at a standstill position doing nothing, are you moving? Are you vibrating?

You may see yourself as a fixed subject, but your heart is still beating, isn’t it? What if every part of your body stops moving? Your immune and your digestive system stop functioning? Are you still alive?

Everything from rock to mountain to planet is always in constant movement. If you leave a plastic bottle on a table, you may see that the bottle is fixed that it’s not moving, but in reality, the bottle is moving, its atoms are moving.

It’s like you are not moving but your heart is still beating. At the solid level, the atoms stay very close to each other. They vibrate but in a slow motion. It’s like the effect of your camera: slow motion.

When you burn the plastic bottle, this increases the speed of the atoms which moves them further apart. Again, it’s like a time-lapse effect of your camera, it moves very fast.

As we have all learned chemistry in high school, the atom of solid moves very slow while the one of liquid and gases moves very quickly.

Thus, when God caused a deep sleep to Adam (Atom), He slows the atom down which eventually consolidate the atom into solid form in the physical world:

“So the LORD God caused the man to fall into a deep sleep. While the man slept, the LORD God took out one of the man’s ribs and closed up the opening.” (Genesis 2:21)

2. How Does The Law of Vibration Work?

Everything in this world is moving and vibrating whether they are solid, liquid, or gas. The only difference is in the speed and frequency at which they are vibrating.

Atom is made up of protons, neutrons, and electrons, and these 3 atomic particles are always revolving around its center, which is called “nucleus”. The whole process looks very similar to the planets revolving around the sun.

Again, as we have learned before, we are just a copy of the universe. This is the Law of Correspondence: Everything corresponds to one another, from the atomic level to the planetary level.

As the universe is always vibrating and changing, so are we.

“When you move from one action to another, you change. When you learn the mistake of the past and apply it to the future, you change. The moment you breathe, you change” 

Therefore, if you don’t want to change, stop breathing.

That is how the law of vibration works.

The hermetic principle of vibration works by changing from one condition to another. A true master is the one who embraces change, who welcomes change because the only constant in this world is change.

When you try something and it doesn’t work, and try another thing and it still doesn’t work; it is not the thing that doesn’t work, it is “you” that doesn’t work.

Thus, we can extract the lessons from the experience, thereby we have the actions to correct the mistakes, which literally means to change.

3. The Law of Vibration Meaning

Hermetic principle of vibration: Your thoughts can vibrate either positively or negatively
Your thoughts can vibrate either positively or negatively

The Hermetic Law of Vibration means that everything vibrates, nothing stands still, nothing is at rest.

When you think of something, your thoughts vibrate and it will attract the same vibrations with what you think. This is just another label to what is now called the Law of Attraction.

When you think positively, you will attract positive things. When you think negatively, you will attract negative things.

In life, most things we want such as abundance, love, and peace are made up of positive vibrations, so if you have any fear or doubt in your thoughts, the law will not work for you because you attract what you send you to the universe.

Thus, you need the belief and faith, back up by your visualizations and actions, which are made up of the same positive vibrations with things you desire, then you shall reap what you sow.

“So shall my word be that goes forth out of my mouth: it shall not return unto me void, but it shall accomplish that which I please, and it shall prosper in the thing for which I sent it.”

Isiah 55:11

4. The Law of Vibration, Numerology, Astrology, and Tarot

This knowledge can help you to understand why numerology and astrology work. When you came out of your mother’s womb at a certain date and time in this universe, it is the point of time at which you were descended from the heaven.

Your date of birth does not contain useless numbers. They are vibrations of what your abilities, talents, and characters are. In other words, 1 2 3 4 are not numbers, but they are vibrations containing specific qualities and characteristics.

It’s the same thing with letters A B C D. They are not letters, but are vibrations of the hidden energy underlying material manifestation.

For example, letter A is the representation of the vibration of leadership, willpower, creativity, and initiative. Thus, if your first name starts with the letter A, you will see that you have a tendency or a talent of being a leader and taking initiative. The downside of this vibration is that you tend to become self-important and critical of others.

It is a tendency, an influence, not the causation. Therefore, it depends on the level of self-knowledge and self-mastery that determines whether you are the pawn in the chess game of life or the player of the game.

Tarot works the same way. Each picture that appears on the tarot cards is the vibration of certain energy, either positive or negative. When you receive your tarot cards, they are of the same vibrations with your thoughts and feelings.

So when you think negatively, you will receive a card that tells exactly what you think. It’s just that simple, my friends. You don’t need a bachelor’s degree to understand how things work. You just need the desire to know the nature of things, because the power is already within you.

Bachelor’s degree in science is just a label and it doesn’t tell you who you are. That’s why genius is the one who follows their own path because they know who they are and know what they can do. If you reduce the degree to its initials, bachelor science is just a B.S degree.

It’s B.S that we spend so many years studying things and finally came out just as ignorant as we were when we first started. So many years we have spent studying and don’t know a thing about who we are, how things work, and how nature works.

5. How to Use the Hermetic Principle of Vibration

Here are the steps of how to use the hermetic principle of vibration:

  1. Step 1: Understand that the only constant is change.
  2. Step 2: Change yourself from low vibration to high vibration.
  3. Step 3: Keep yourself at the higher vibration for a long period of time.

If you want to manifest abundance of money in life, think prosperity and the money will come to you as positive vibrations attract positive vibrations. B

acked the thoughts with good deeds and constancy, you will get what you want.

Thus, to apply the law of vibration is to live in harmony with the universe in the physical, mental, and spiritual planes. If one principle contradicts another, the law may not work.

If what you think and do doesn’t produce the results you desire, then change your thoughts because those thoughts will attract and manifest whatever your mind conceives. Also remember to check your belief system, emotions, and visualization, and to remove any fear, doubt, and worry in exchange for faith, confidence, and enthusiasm.

It’s like you cannot produce an apple by planting a banana seed. You cannot manifest abundance if your thoughts are mentally poor.

So when you want good results (fruits), you need to sow positive thinking (thoughts) and do the necessary labor (good deeds).

These activities should be sustained for a long period of time, as we can never grow a fruitful tree within one day.

6. Some Thoughts about Meaning of Life

Your meaning of life is absolutely not about what you do for work and how you survive on the weekends and start working again next Monday, living paycheck to paycheck. You are here to experience life, to be the master of life, and to be the One that you are destined to become.

We are all here because of the same purpose my friend, whether you believe it or not. If you fail the test of this life, you may be back here reading the same post that you might have read for 400 or 1000 years ago, but you don’t know whether you have another chance to be back here or not, do you?

You may have 3 chances of reincarnation and this is your last chance, but do you know it? Are you sure that you will be reincarnated in your next life?

All we know right now is that we just have one life or one chance to discover the true meaning of life. We are all students in the college of the Holy Spirit, who go through the same exam and no one can cheat the test of life as no one can break the universal law.

That is, no one possesses the knowledge of life and death except the Teacher, the Creator, or the One that is above all things.

7. Summary

In this section, I will summarize the main lessons we have learned in this post:

  1. The Hermetic Law of Vibration: everything is changing; everything is in vibration; nothing stands still as “the only thing that doesn’t change is ‘change’ itself.”
  2. A true master is the one who welcomes changes, embraces changes, and makes changes.
  3. You can change your vibration by changing your thoughts and actions in your daily activities.

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