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4 Unique Meanings of Inverted Trapezoid Face in Face Reading (That Are True)

Do you know that having an inverted trapezoid face shape means that you are a pleasure, power, and success seeker?

In Chinese face reading, people with inverted trapezoid face shapes are authoritative and powerful. Inverted trapezoid-faced people are people of intensity. Their goals are usually materialistic and there must be some material benefits before they begin to take any action.

In this post, I will talk about 4 unique meanings of the inverted trapezoid face in Chinese physiognomy.

These meanings are divided into 4 sections, so please jump ahead to any heading that appeals to you the most.

  1. Inverted Trapezoid Face Characteristics
  2. Personality Traits
  3. Talents
  4. Famous People with Inverted Trapezoid Faces

Disclaimer: The knowledge in this article suggests possibilities, not facts.

1. Inverted Trapezoid Face Characteristics

If you have these characteristics in your facial features, there is a high chance that you possess an inverted trapezoid face shape:

  • Reserve version of trapezoid face shape
  • Broad and high forehead
  • Prominent brow bones
  • Big nose
  • Squared chin and jaw

The shape of a trapezoid looks very similar to the structure of a square and rectangle.

Therefore, if you want to know the complete meanings of people with this kind of face, you should check out my posts on the meaning of people with square faces or rectangle faces.

2. Personality Traits

The important personality traits of people with inverted trapezoid faces are:

  1. Controlling
  2. Self-confidence
  3. Self-driven
  4. Brave

I will divide this section into positive and negative traits of inverted trapezoid-faced people:

Positive Traits

There is no doubt that people with inverted trapezoid faces are very strong, brave, and courageous. In Chinese face reading, these people are people of power and success. Their willpower is so strong that they are able to discipline themselves to the extreme to get what they want.

In fact, there is less likely that if they want something that they couldn’t achieve it, because they know how to set attainable goals and how to achieve them.

Inverted trapezoid-faced people are conquerors of the world. They seek to attain extreme power no matter where they go. You will usually see these people “on top of the world”.

People with inverted trapezoid face shapes are self-motivated, self-confident, and self-assured. That is, anything related to the “self” is associated with these people. They possess an ability to concentrate their powerful energy into one single focus, thus, making them become very successful.

Throughout their life, challenges and hardships are the main themes. Yet, due to their strength and power, they usually overcome any obstacles that hinder their way to success. Therefore, people with inverted trapezoid faces are usually ahead of other people.

There is always intensity in whatever they do. In Chinese face reading, we call these people “warriors and leaders” because they how they truly live their lives.

Negative Traits

The negative traits of people with inverted trapezoid faces are about their hedonistic tendency. As they are the people of extremity, they tend to over-indulge in pleasures, such as drugs, food, sex, etc.

Anything related to “over” is their main problem, such as overdoing, overworking, overdose, etc. People with inverted trapezoid-shaped faces like to dominate others. Most of the time, they won’t fulfill their intellectual pursuits, but they would seek money, power, and fame in the physical world.

Ideas coming to them needs proof, otherwise, they won’t believe in what other people say.

According to Chinese face reading, inverted trapezoid-faced people have few friends in life because they would choose power and money over relationships. They would rather choose to be alone on top of the world than to be together with someone who is considered “lower” to them.

People with inverted trapezoid faces are vulnerable to anger and resentment. In fact, they are easily hurt and tend to hold their anger for a long period of time. Forgiveness is their lesson for they won’t usually forgive, but they will punish the one who causes harm to them.

My advice to you is that don’t mess with them!

They can become very selfish and would use strong-arm tactics to revenge for the damage done to them.

3. Talents

The talents of people with inverted trapezoid facial shapes include:

  • Physical manifestation
  • Leadership
  • Willpower
  • Patience/Persistence

4. Famous People with Inverted Trapezoid Faces

As I said above, people with inverted trapezoid faces are usually on top of the world. So, you will see this kind of face shape very common in presidents, politicians, or dictators.

One of the best examples of an inverted trapezoid-faced person is Adolf Hitler. He rose to power to become a leader of the Nazi Party and was known as the worst dictator during World War I & II.

Another dictator example is Benito Mussolini. He was an Italian politician and was known as the founder of the National Fascist Party.

Joseph Stalin is also a good example of an inverted trapezoid-faced person. He was a leader of the Soviet Union that fought to promote communism during World War I & II.

If you know other celebrities or famous people who have inverted trapezoid faces, please comment down below the name of the person.

By simply sharing your thoughts, you will naturally be a better face reader because we are here to learn and grow TOGETHER!

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