Lilith Sextile North Node Synastry: A Strong Pull

Lilith, often referred to as the Dark Moon, is a fascinating point in our astrological charts. She represents our untamed side — the raw, primal instincts and desires that society often asks us to suppress. Lilith is the call of the wild, the siren song of our deepest passions and ambitions.

In contrast, the North Node­ represents our life mission and signals our growth direction. It points us to our best pote­ntial and how to reach our destiny.

Disclaimer: Astrological interpretations indicate potentials and tendencies.

1. You Help Each Other Embrace Inner Darkness

With Lilith sextile North Node in synastry, you help each other explore and embrace the repressed, shadow aspects of the self. Together you act as guides into the rich, often scary terrain of the subconscious. Fearlessly, you support each other in confronting your inner demons.

Through your bond, psychological projections get withdrawn. You stop projecting dark parts of yourself onto the other, and instead take full responsibility for your own mistakes. You inspire each other to be accountable and show up authentically, masks removed.

Judgment evaporates in this process. You awaken each other to deeper wisdom through shadow work. Your bond helps you both cultivate self-love and integration of light and dark parts of the psyche. Wholeness results.

2. You Have Electrifying Sexual Chemistry

Fiery Lilith brings untamed sexuality to this pairing, while the North Node compels you toward each other. The result is an incredibly magnetic, almost addictive sexual draw between you two.

Taboos often get broken as you explore your most forbidden desires and fantasies together. You feel safe being sexually authentic with one another. This is an uninhibited, experimental, and electrical sexual bond.

Through sex, you break repressive patterns caused by guilt, shame, or sexual trauma. Your old wounds get healed and replaced by positive, visceral pleasure. You reawaken each other’s dormant sensuality and passion.

Sex in this bond often becomes sacred, a way to transform your primal energies. You might utilize Tantra, role-playing, bedroom games, or other fantasies. Yet the North Node symbolizes boundaries, so it reminds you of the spiritual consequences of having sex before marriage.

3. You Support Each Other’s Life Purpose

With this synastry aspect, you deeply honor and respect each other’s life path direction. You understand your soul purposes are meant to unfold together, so you protect and uplift each other’s growth.

You take great care to avoid restricting or distracting your partner from their North Node work. Patience and encouragement still prevail even when destiny calls your partner away from you for a time. Your partner’s needs always come first, and so do yours from your partner’s point of view.

Similarly, they graciously support you in developing your North Node skills and abilities. They create space for you to devote time to cultivating your talents. Your ambitions are nurtured, not hindered.

Together you’re journeying toward wholeness. Your bond provides a stable foundation from which you can both reach your highest potentials and fulfill earthly missions.

4. You Help Each Other Heal Past Wounds

The North and South Nodes are karmic points in astrology, suggesting deep past-life connections between you. Your old-soul wounds likely carried over from your past which require healing.

You intuitively know how to help each other mend these wounds – whether from betrayal, heartbreak, abuse, abandonment, rejection, or oppression. Compassion for each other’s emotional scars will lead to mutual understanding.

Through patience, empathy, and unconditional love, you gently help release each other’s hurt and trauma. Trusting again becomes possible. By exposing your old wounds/insecurities to air and sunlight, you transform each other’s deepest heartaches into sources of pride.

5. You Support Each Other Through Hardship

When one of you faces periods of crisis, hardship, or despair, the other proves a loyal and steadfast ally – never abandoning the other when times get tough.

You don’t run or withdraw when confronted with each other’s darkest places. Instead, you stand side-by-side through the raging storms, until the light of affection returns. You “know” each other through the night.

During life’s hardest moments, you provide your partner with a soft place to land, and vice versa. Your commitment and reassurance help your partner endure their most difficult trials and tribulations. You restore each other’s faith.

Together, no obstacle seems insurmountable. The universe brought you together to be pillars of strength for each other through all manner of hardship and dark nights of the soul. You lift each other up from the unknown to the known.

6. You Align On Intuition And Spirituality

Lilith-North Node connections often indicate a shared sense of intuition and access to deeper realms of shared consciousness. You likely share metaphysical interests and spiritual goals. The mystical attracts you both.

You enjoy having deep, intimate conversations about existential questions and esoteric wisdom. Your ideas and philosophies sync up harmoniously. You see eye-to-eye on matters of faith and the unseen world.

Whether you enjoy psychic development, astrology, meditation, or another spiritual pursuit – you make ideal partners in metaphysical discovery. Your relationship fosters an atmosphere rich in supernatural possibilities. The veil lifts when you’re together.

7. You Inspire Each Other’s Independence

With Lilith aspecting the North Node, together you inspire fierce independence and empowerment in each other. You bolster each other’s confidence to stand tall without leaning on anyone outside the bond for approval, opinions, or security.

In this relationship, you don’t settle for codependency or power imbalances. You motivate each other to embrace freedom and honor individuality, within the boundary of committed intimacy. In this bond, independence co-exists with interdependence.

You want your partner to thrive on their own terms, not yours. Control or excessive neediness would only breed resentment, so you take care to give each other ample space for solo growth. Autonomy is sacred here.

8. You Cultivate Radical Authenticity

Lilith sextile North Node synastry often compels brutal honesty and realness between partners. All masks must eventually come off in this relationship. Pretense, lies of omission, and hiding the truth to “keep the peace” won’t fly here.

You create an environment where both parties can be radically authentic yourselves. Total openness, flaws and all, is the goal. Developing self-love prepares you to reveal your naked truth, while cultivating self-forgiveness is your soul’s and spirit’s food.

Through your bond, you learn transparency and integrity are essential for intimacy. The freedom to express your inner darkness leads to sacred trust and soul merge. By daring complete vulnerability, you transform each other for good.

9. You Empower Each Other To Take Risks

This synastry aspect indicates you empower each other to take bold risks in pursuit of destiny. You embolden each other to push limits, face fears, and color outside the lines.

Rather than play it safe, you dare each other to embrace your unusual natures. Life becomes a grand adventure with high stakes, and no regrets. Excitement awaits around every turn.

You ignite each other’s courage and sense of purpose. Together you feel brave enough to confront any challenge or opposition blocking your shared life path. Hand-in-hand, you inspire the hero and the heroine within each other. Fortune favors the bold.

10. You Align On Equality And Justice

With Lilith sextile North Node synastry, you share core values around equality, social justice, and protecting the marginalized or oppressed. Your moral compass aligns.

Championing humanitarian causes can drive you both. You feel aligned in your missions to make the most of your time: to make the world kinder, lift up the downtrodden, and give voice to the voiceless. Lilith compels you to rebel against injustice.

In your relationship, you establish an equitable partnership – neither dominates or controls. You uplift and support each other as equals and maintain mutual respect.

Together you have the power to enact positive change. The sacred union of Lilith and North Node ignites your destinies as leaders. You transform society for the better.

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