Lilith Square North Node Synastry: Wrestling with The Shadow

Lilith, in astrology readings, is often see­n as a sign of our hidden wants, basic impulses, and the tricky parts of us that we­ find hard to accept fully. Lilith represents the darker, primal side of our nature that society often conditions us to keep hidden. Thus, she is an emblem of raw, unfiltered passion and personal power.

The­ North Node, or Rahu in Vedic Astrology, is a point in your birth chart showing your life’s goal and de­stiny. It’s the route we ne­ed to take, the te­achings we’re here­ to grasp, and the developme­nt we’re supposed to re­ach.

Disclaimer: Astrological interpretations indicate potentials and tendencies.

1. You Feel A Strong Magnetic Pull Towards Each Other

With Lilith square North Node synastry, you and your partne­r are probably drawn to each other like­ magnets. It’s hard to resist. You fee­l like this person truly understands you. It se­ems like destiny wante­d you both to meet in this life. You re­alize that your connection will be crucial for your self-transformation and joint growth.

This match means me­an there’s strong sexual che­mistry betwee­n you two. The passion may feel e­xciting yet frightening, because Lilith-North Node square indicates trust and loyalty must come first before any act of physical intimacy. Yet these qualities are often lacking in your relationship.

Anything seems possible when you’re together, yet this also means you sometimes cross your own moral boundaries. Your passion can become an obsession, and you may treat your partner as your possession.

It’s a hypnotic but destabilizing bond. You incite in each other what is normally kept locked away. Your combined energy stirs up chaos and unravels all inhibitions. Together, you want to break all the rules and give in to amoral pleasures.

2. Power Struggles Can Happen

This combustible aspect can breed an ongoing power struggle between you two. You both crave control of the relationship and the upper hand. Neither wants to relinquish power or submit to the other.

So mind games begin. You may use manipulation, silent treatment, or withholding affection to gain control. Jealousy can also flare as you compete for dominance.

The constant jockeying for power actually prevents true intimacy from developing in this bond. Your attempts to possess and control each other often block genuine vulnerability and trust. You become opponents rather than teammates.

3. Obsessive Desires Can Take Hold

With Lilith-North Node square, obsessiveness can take hold. Taboo thoughts about each other often consume your minds. You may become infatuated to an extreme degree and can’t stop thinking about each other.

Addictive, compulsive behaviors may emerge when you’re together as well. You can’t seem to control your hunger for each other, even when it leads to destruction. It’s an intoxicating madness that makes you abandon reason. Secrecy and deceit can be common, making it hard for you to trust one another.

Yet the obsession is often fueled by the push/pull dynamic. When your partner pulls away, you only want them more. Distance makes the heart grow fonder but in an unhealthy way.

4. The Past Has A Hold On You

Karmic bonds and past life memories often accompany North Node-Lilith connections. You can’t seem to let each other go because the past has a hold on you.

Fated meetings and déjà vu occurrences could confirm the sense of destiny between you. But recurring pain, hurt, and torment from the past may also resurface. Your soul’s karma is intense.

To forge a new path, you must forgive the past and release each other from old ways of relating. Don’t just repeat history, as the worst mistakes are repeated mistakes. You must break destructive patterns this lifetime.

5. There’s Drama And Chaos

Any combustible synastry combination guarantees drama, especially with challenging aspects like the square. Volatile reactions, emotional immaturity, and reckless behaviors will likely ensue.

Everything feels larger than life with Lilith square North Node synastry. A small mistake can easily escalate into a crisis. You may feed off each other’s emotional chaos and become addicted to the rollercoaster. Stability feels boring by comparison.

The drama will either tear you violently apart or strengthen your bond infinitely. But the relationship is guaranteed to be tumultuous and a bit jittery. Calm seas may not be common, but calm seas never make skillful sailors!

6. Sexual Chemistry Is Potent

Fortunately, explosive sexual chemistry often occurs when Lilith squares the North Node. The attraction is magnetic, almost frightening in its intensity. The bedroom becomes an escape where you can satisfy your appetites.

Sex may take on riskier, darker flavors as you act out fantasies and transgress norms. Your passion reaches both extreme highs and lows. At its best, it’s creative and awakening. At its worst, it’s dangerous and weakening.

As the North Node represents boundary, this synastry asks you to set a strict boundary around your intimacy. Spontaneity must be tempered with discipline and the acknowledgment of your actions’ consequences. There are karmic debts when you have sex before marriage, so be aware!

7. There’s Stimulation And Growth

Though it feels destabilizing in the relationship, this aspect offers tremendous personal growth and transformation potential. You intensely stimulate each other’s self-development and spiritual awakenings.

Together you must face your deepest fears and integrate your shadow sides. The relationship provides a catalyst for tremendous soul evolution – if you embrace the journey consciously. Don’t justify any harmful actions by blame. You must own your darkness rather than pin it on the other.

Recklessness will only breed destruction. Don’t blindly follow your whims without thinking about the consequences. With wisdom, you can transmute your passion into illumination and inspire each other’s highest selves.

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