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7 Lucky Moles on The Face (Accurate)

In Chinese face reading, it is said that the moles are the representation of what you did in your previous lives.

That is, if you do good deeds, you tend to have many moles on your face which bring you luck, fortune, and wealth. If you do things not so kindly, you may have some unlucky moles appearing on your face.

Normally, black moles are not considered a good sign while red and brown moles are auspicious moles. In the art of reading faces, we need to consider their colors, shapes, and locations to determine their true characteristics.

Moreover, moles on male faces may be different from moles on female faces due to the yin-yang principle. This condition also applies to the meanings of moles on the body.

In this article, I will talk about the 7 common lucky moles found in both male and female faces!

Disclaimer: The meaning of moles in this article is suggestive and is not absolute.

1. Moles on Hairline

In Chinese physiognomy, a black mole buried in the hair around the hairline denotes good fortune. The further the mole is hidden, the better. Furthermore, the black and glossy mole is considered better than the dull-colored mole.

If you have a mole on the right side of your head, you will be successful in politics. You will be anointed as a preacher if the mole is red or green. This is a lucky mole if you might also run for president of a community or commercial group. You will have a social position and financial success in all facets of his life.

2. Moles on Earlobes

The earlobe alone implies good fortune. Thus, a mole on the earlobe enhances the luck and prosperity of the owner. People with this mole are compassionate, long-lived, and wealthy.

A mole on the helix or in the ear is also beneficial: the former represents wisdom and familial devotion, while the latter represents longevity.

If the moles occur on both earlobes, the person is gifted with intelligence and longevity.

3. Moles on Eyebrows

Lucky Mole on The Eyebrows
Lucky Mole on The Eyebrows

The mole hiding inside the eyebrow is like a priceless gem. The feng shui practitioners state that this is one of the wealthy moles in a person’s face.

People with such a mole are generally smart and have a strong academic background, as well as significant achievements in literature and education.

Men with a mole on their eyebrow are often ambitious, strong, determined, and capable of motivating subordinates to work effectively, allowing them to advance in life and accomplish great things. This is one of the great auspicious moles in Chinese face reading.

In face reading, the latter half of the eyebrows is known as the rose cloud, and it represents one’s awareness and ability. A good mole here denotes pleasure, solid interpersonal relationships, and business acumen.

A bad mole in a dark color, on the other hand, means that one of the brothers or sisters will suffer misfortune, or that the individual is prone to physical damage or an adulterous affair, especially between the ages of 33 and 34.

4. Moles on Temple

The temple is known as the Traveling Palace in Chinese face reading. It reflects one’s journey, advancement, and immigration. Therefore, moles on the temples are considered lucky and auspicious moles.

A black and polished mole here represents good fortune for growing in a distant land, traveling abroad, and immigrating to new countries. Those who have such a mole frequently receive assistance from others.

A good mole on the temple represents the benefit of travel or profit in a faraway location, whereas a poor mole here represents the disadvantages of traveling or conducting business in a remote location.

5. Moles on Cheeks

In physiognomy, the mole on the cheek is beneficial to one’s profession and indicates a certain position in the workplace as well as significant achievements.

This is a lucky mole for men who are highly driven. They have a high likelihood of success in their careers and are excellent leaders. These people are attractive and well-liked by the crowd.

A mole on the right cheek signifies financial progress. You have a compassionate attitude toward your friends and family if you have this mole.

6. Moles on Lips

People see the gourmet mole on the mouth corner, often at the lower lip, as a symbol of lifetime pleasure of delicious cuisine. This type of mole indicates a luxurious material lifestyle in modern civilization, with unlimited resources such as a vehicle, a house, food, and attractive attire.

The black and shining mole on the top lip indicates that the person has fewer problems, enjoys life, and is well-versed in eating, making him or her a frequent eater.

7. Moles on Chin

In face reading, if this mole is hairy, you are destined to be rich and affluent in this life.

Moles on the chin represent prosperity, but the moles around the chin represent wealthy capital assets and excellent success in real estate investment. People with such a mole are skilled at gaining the support of others and are generally aided by competent subordinates.

Despite their appearance, people with moles on their chin are more likely to inherit a significant heritage. In general, they are well-educated, have a strong sense of humor, and enjoy lifetime affluence.

If the moles are located on the right side of the chin, it is a lucky sign as it represents logic, thinking, and diplomacy. They have the power to influence others with their persuasive words. Their earnings will be considerable, and they will swiftly achieve reputation and fame.

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