Mars Opposite Mars Synastry: Two Strong Wills

Mars is the planet of action, desire, and drive. It’s about how we assert ourselves, pursue our goals, and express our passions. In synastry, Mars plays a crucial role because it shows how we ignite each other’s fire. Think of Mars as the spark that can either light a cozy campfire or start a blazing inferno.

Disclaimer: Astrology suggests potentials and possibilities. I have 500+ synastry aspects in total, so you should check your whole synastry chart instead of one aspect within it.

1. Passion Meets Provocation

When Mars opposes Mars in synastry, passions ignite! The sexual chemistry between you is white-hot and intense. You may feel strongly drawn to each other on a physical level. Your desires are impossible to ignore. Just one look, and you’re both hooked!

But this magnetic attraction is a double-edged sword. While passions run high, provocation does too. Mars rules our fight and competitive instincts. So Mars-Mars opposition can ignite fiery conflict between you two.

Expect lots of heated arguments and power struggles as your Mars energies clash. Anger can erupt easily in this passionate pairing.

2. Your Drives May Oppose And Compete

With Mars opposite Mars synastry, your basic drives, interests, and styles of self-assertion can directly oppose each other. Where your Mars wants to charge ahead, the other may pull back. You may bump heads frequently.

For example, one of you may be very goal-directed while the other prefers living pleasurably. One Mars may crave constant adventure while the other seeks peace at home. Your energies are just so different due to the opposition.

Frustration can arise when your partner prevents you from taking action or pursuing your interests. And likewise, they may feel thwarted by you. Power struggles can erupt due to competing wills and desires.

Ideally, you’d learn to compromise and take turns accommodating each other. But Mars often hates making negotiations, so tensions often simmer as a result.

3. Fights Can Happen

Fights can happen at times when two Mars face off in synastry. The atmosphere can easily become infused with antagonism and competitiveness. Your opposing desires can set the stage for many battles.

One or both of you tend to be quick to anger. Outbursts and arguments could flare up regularly in this dynamic. At times, physical abuse can happen, because Mars rules physical aggression.

Fights may start over petty issues but quickly escalate out of control. Screaming matches can erupt seemingly “out of nowhere” over minor irritations. Things can get hostile fast.

If you want this relationship to last, you must learn to self-restraint and develop patience. If you let anger destroy what you’ve built, you may have to regret your decisions later.

4. The Make-Up Sex Is Wild

All that passionate tension often finds an outlet behind closed doors. Sex between you two will be scorching hot when Mars opposes Mars! The bedroom often becomes ground zero for your clashing desires.

Your opposing Martian energies fuel incredible sexual chemistry and stamina. Passion can reach explosive heights. Expect fiery primal sex, almost animalistic in its intensity and urge.

Angry outbursts often lead directly to passionate encounters. Rough make-up sex often provides a needed release from tensions. You tend to aggressively consummate your differences through erotic fusion.

However, having sex after fights could lead the relationship to have fights in order to have sex. Sex only distracts you, but does not solve your problems.

If you practice make-up sex, you may not be able to control your sexual desires whenever you experience anger, particularly when your partner is not around. This can lead to cheating, betrayal, and infidelity.

5. Jealousy Can Be Problematic

With Mars opposite Mars synastry, romantic jealousy tends to arise frequently as you trigger each other’s possessive and territorial instincts in uncomfortable ways.

You may feel threatened when your partner pays just a little attention to other people. Or if they work closely with someone attractive, you can become highly suspicious and controlling. Adultery can happen if you’re not able to control your passion.

Essentially, your Martian natures don’t want to share. Jealousy can spark your anger and vindictiveness. False accusations may fly as you demand reassurance for loyalty and commitment.

Beware of this tendency and keep jealousy in check. You shouldn’t let insecurity drive you apart, or you shouldn’t practice make-up sex as we already talked about. Your relationship will thank you for it if you cultivate tolerance, forbearance, and self-discipline.

6. Excitement Keeps Things Lively

Yes, this opposition can breed many clashes. But on the positive side, it also supplies endless excitement and activity. Life with your Mars partner is rarely boring.

You spur each other to take action and seek out adventures – sometimes competing over where to go or what to do. The word “lazy” doesn’t exist in your vocabulary when together. You two keep moving.

Even your mundane chores and obligations become interesting when done together. This aspect injects enthusiasm and zeal into everything. You’re lively and spirited together, if also contentious at times.

The energetic flow and stimulation you provide each other can outweigh the headaches. You just need to learn how to make the most of your vivacity and zest for living. The ride will be thrilling if you’re up for the challenges.

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