Mars Quincunx Neptune Synastry: A Hazy Connection

Mars is the planet of action, desire, and drive. Think of it as the go-getter in your chart, the part of you that’s about taking initiative and pursuing what you want. In a relationship, Mars brings passion, energy, and sometimes a bit of conflict. It’s that spark that keeps things exciting.

On the other hand, Neptune is the planet of dreams, intuition, and illusion. It’s like the poet or the artist in your chart, always looking for the magic and the mystery. Neptune in a relationship brings a sense of romance, idealism, and sometimes, confusion. It’s the part of us that wants to see the best in our partners, even if it means wearing rose-colored glasses.

Disclaimer: Astrology suggests potentials and possibilities. I have 500+ synastry aspects in total, so you should check your whole synastry chart instead of one aspect within it.

1. The Attraction Has A Hazy Quality

When Mars forms a quincunx to Neptune in synastry, the attraction between you feels mystical but also confusing. There’s a sense of otherworldly chemistry – powerful yet elusive. When you’re apart, you desperately want to be together. But when you’re together, doubts can creep in.

The relationship may lack clarity and direction. One day your partner seems totally enamored with you, the next aloof and distant. Their warmth and affection may feel unpredictable like the weather itself. You may never know where you stand. Intimacy often fluctuates like the tides.

While you’re intensely drawn to each other, actually coming together proves challenging. It’s an odd, hazy attraction that never seems to solidify into anything tangible. The quincunx breeds yearning but not fruition.

2. Motivations Can Be Unclear

With Mars quincunx Neptune synastry, you may not fully understand each other’s motivations and desires. No matter how much you communicate, true alignment may just feel out of reach.

One person’s actions can undermine or limit the other’s dreams. Misunderstandings can arise when you don’t understand your partner’s true intentions behind their actions. Your partner’s behaviors may not match their words.

This dynamic can breed insecurity. You may start doubting if the other person truly “gets” you and cultivates honesty in the relationship. Their agenda often feels murky like the deep sea.

3. Anger And Resentment Can Build

When your motivations feel unclear under this quincunx, resentment may follow. You might suspect the other person of having trust issues or passive-aggressive tendencies.

For example, your partner may seem aloof but deny anything is wrong, yet you sense they are upset. Or they might make sharp comments that convey their anger, but won’t discuss their issues directly. This can leave your problems unresolved if open communication is not strong in your relationship.

In response, you may withhold intimacy or affection when feeling annoyed by them, or you talk negatively about your partner to others rather than confront them. Passive aggression begets passive aggression.

Suppressed anger can fester beneath the surface, poisoning the mutual trust you have. Yet neither of you may feel safe being totally transparent or vulnerable. You might hint at dissatisfaction rather than talking it through.

4. The Bedroom Connection Feels Spiritual

Sexually, you two make an odd match – but it’s often otherworldly passionate! Mars-Neptune quincunx creates a fascinating clash of styles that activates each person’s untapped erotic potential.

Your lovemaking may feel dreamy, mystical, and designed to merge souls rather than bodies. You want to get lost in the ethereal pleasures. Yet, “are we really right for each other?” You wonder.

The bedroom connection often defies rational understanding. You don’t know why the sex is so intense yet your partnership can feel lacking something. It’s a mismatch yet somehow it works physically. Indeed, there are spiritual consequences of having sex before marriage.

Your temporary escape cannot solve core issues around your different agendas and miscommunication. Afterwards, you’re left with the same nebulous dynamic.

5. Addictive Escapism Can Be Tempting

The hypnotic attraction between you can lead to avoidance behaviors and addictive escapism when your issues emerge. The quincunx can breed fears about intimacy.

Rather than be vulnerable or confront problems directly, you may lose yourselves in fantasy, drugs, and marijuana, dreaming up idealized visions of each other to avoid facing reality.

Addictions can provide temporary relief but further damage your relationship. It’s guaranteed that way for this is the law of the universe. Drugs, weed, and alcohol only postpone yet intensify your problems. In some cases, unethical forms of escapism can manifest like infidelity or adultery through porn and masturbation.

The quincunx demands reality checks. It’s important not to avoid the complexity of your relationship through detachment and intoxication. You should work through your differences honestly but empathetically. You learn to face your issues directly yet respectfully.

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