Mars Quincunx Pluto Synastry: Growth Through Change

“In the end, the love you take is equal to the love you make.”

Paul McCartney

In long-term relationships, the spark of novelty may fade, but it is replaced by the precious comfort of familiarity. Partners who have shared decades together have a unique closeness. Their love is a cozy blanket, a sturdy shelter from the storms of life.

Their affection feels like coming home after a long trip. They have grown together over time, each shaping and molding the other in profound ways. There is beauty in this gradual blossoming.

Disclaimer: Astrological interpretations indicate potentials and tendencies.

1. Intense Attraction, Power Struggles

When Mars forms a quincunx to Pluto in synastry, both intense attraction and power struggles arise. Sexually, there’s a very magnetic draw between you, almost addictive in nature. Passion runs high, but so does a tendency to manipulate or control the other person.

At first, your chemistry feels amazing – pure fireworks! But a negative undercurrent also develops in which you compete for dominance. One tries to possess the other but it creates resentment. Power games prevail and trust gets eroded.

Possessiveness and volatile emotions can overtake the relationship over time. Small upsets can turn into dramatic blowouts. Everything feels life-or-death with Mars quincunx Pluto synastry because you tap into each other’s deepest passions.

2. Super Attraction, Super Frustration

This quincunx blends the best and worst of Mars and Pluto. Their combined energy makes you uncontrollably drawn to each other. It’s incredibly magnetic but also super frustrating.

The attraction itself brings frustration because it feels compulsive. You’re pulled together like magnets yet also provoke each other’s vulnerabilities and insecurities. It’s a highly complex, contradictory dynamic.

Beneath the red-hot attraction, you may subtly undermine each other in an ongoing power struggle. Even your affection can take on a compulsive, controlling edge over time. You desire total mind, body, and soul possession, so your passion can be all-consuming.

3. Power Struggles Arise

In relating, power struggles inevitably erupt with Mars quincunx Pluto. You may compete over who is more dominant sexually, socially, financially, intellectually, etc. Both egos angle for the upper hand.

One tries to shape or change the other but it backfires. Attempts to break the other’s will just breed more resistance. Manipulation can arise when you feel thwarted or insecure.

Over time this dynamic destroys trust and respect. The goal becomes gaining leverage, not mutual understanding. You push each other’s buttons and provoke deeper vulnerabilities. Intimacy can suffer greatly.

4. Obsessive Passion Can Take Over

Mars-Pluto synastry connections often breed intense, obsessive passion. Under this quincunx specifically, your desire for each other can become downright compulsive and possessive. You want to absorb each other.

Sex may involve themes of domination, submission, or force. Jealousy can arise when this desire for complete possession goes unmet. You demand more investment from each other than is realistic or healthy.

When passions run this high, perspective gets lost. Mood swings, dramatic reactions, or extreme behaviors can result. You activate a bonfire in each other but then feel burned. The compulsiveness could singe trust over time.

5. Volatility And Drama Flare Up

When emotionally triggered, Mars-Pluto quincunx can unleash overblown reactions and explosive drama. Under stress, the atmosphere can turn combustible between you two.

Small upsets could get blown out of proportion. Irritability and hyper-sensitivity make you overreact. Passive aggression arises when direct anger feels too dangerous. Resentment and grudges form silently.

One or both partners may act vindictive when your feelings get hurt. You know how to wound each other at deep levels because you know each other’s emotional vulnerabilities. Cutting remarks could slip out before you can stop them.

Overall, a melodramatic environment can result from this quincunx that feeds off repressed rage and constant power struggles. Calm, rational relating gets replaced by volatility. Patience and compassion are required in this relationship.

6. Control Struggles Undermine Trust

Attempts to overly control or change each other often backfire with Mars quincunx Pluto synastry. Overtly or covertly trying to gain leverage just makes the other person resist and rebel more.

For example, you may use anger, guilt, or dangerous seduction to manipulate your partner. Or you might try to impose your views, beliefs, or lifestyle on them. But this ends up stifling mutual growth, not encouraging it.

Over time these power plays erode the foundations of trust and respect. You don’t feel “seen” for who you authentically are because an agenda of control exists beneath the surface.

It’s important to know true relating means accepting each other’s intrinsic natures and supporting self-empowerment, not demanding submission or conformity.

7. Crises Can Bond You Emotionally

Despite the tensions, Mars-Pluto bonds can feel unbreakable once formed. During intense shared experiences or crises, you demonstrate deep loyalty and protectiveness towards each other.

You’re willing to fight for each other and be there in difficult times. Shared adversity creates emotional intimacy and an “us against the problem” feeling. That is, a true relationship is not about two of you facing each other, but facing your problem head-on.

You would also rescue each other from danger. This creates a complicated closeness – like war buddies who’ve been through battle together. The crises reveal noble qualities like courage, consistency, and resilience in each other. It bonds you on a deep level.

But during peaceful times, these same energies can turn destructive within the relationship if not channeled wisely. Power struggles could erupt.

8. You Trigger Each Other’s Core Wounds

In relating intimately, you may rip off each other’s emotional armor and expose the soft, vulnerable places underneath. You intuitively know where the others’ buttons and wounds lie.

With Mars quincunx Pluto synastry, past betrayals, heartbreaks, violations, or traumas can all get triggered. You may react excessively when old injuries resurface because it cuts so deep. Defensiveness amps up in response.

Ideally, this depth of knowledge would build compassion and gentle understanding between you. But without maturity and the acknowledgment of your own mistakes, you tend to weaponize the knowledge for criticism and attacks instead.

Ultimately, your partner can be either your greatest healer or your most cruel punisher. The choice resides in how consciously and emphatically you relate to each other’s wounds.

9. Sexual Merging Feeds Attraction/Repulsion

Sex often becomes a prime battleground for true intimacy versus control with this aspect. You desperately want oneness but also to consume the other wholly.

At times sex feels transcendently connected. But it can also become a power struggle, provoking deep shame or inadequacies. You don’t want to succumb to your sexual urges but doing so brings you closer.

Over time a frustrating attraction-repulsion loop results. You’re insanely drawn together physically but then feel violated or smothered. Then after retreating, the magnetic pull draws you back. On and on it goes. You might have had sex before marriage, so these are the karmic consequences of doing so.

True intimacy requires surrendering power struggles to rediscover the sacred in sexuality. True emotional and mental compatibility precedes sex, not vice versa.

10. Transformation Through Conscious Relating

Though challenging, the compulsiveness and pain this aspect triggers can motivate spiritual evolution in your way of relating, IF self-awareness is applied.

The keys are owning your mistakes, respecting each other’s autonomy, and relating empathically. Don’t shirk from doing your own inner work. Take responsibility for your destructive behaviors.

With the Planet of War and the Lord of the Underworld, it’s important to commit to non-violent communication, allowing respect and tolerance. Let go of your control agendas. Through courage and mutual understanding, your intimacy can deepen beautifully, even with this difficult quincunx.

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