Mars Sextile Mars Synastry (In Detail)

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In astrology, Mars is the planet of desire, drive, and action. It represents our ambition, aggression, and determination.

When we talk about synastry, we are referring to the astrological study of relationships, where we compare the birth charts of two individuals to understand their compatibility.

The term “sextile” signifies an aspect that occurs when planets are 60 degrees apart, indicative of harmony and collaboration.

Under the spotlight of a sextile, two planets collaborate like professional dancers on a ballroom floor, each compensating for the other’s missteps and enhancing their strengths.

The harmony between two Mars in sextile signifies a shared drive and ambition, a common understanding of how to go about achieving goals.

In essence, the Mars sextile Mars synastry aspect points to a couple that can work together effectively, each providing the drive, the motivation, and the energy the other needs to thrive.

Disclaimer: Astrological interpretations indicate potentials and tendencies.

The Meaning of Mars Sextile Mars in Synastry

When your Mars forms a sextile to your partner’s Mars in synastry, it creates an energizing and mutually stimulating connection between you. This is a positive aspect that indicates compatibility in drive, passion, and sexual attraction.

You both possess an active yang energy and are likely to be drawn to each other’s strong force of will. There is a natural flow and harmony between your desires, impulses, and masculine energy. Your partner’s Mars qualities of assertion, drive, and initiative can encourage and motivate your own Mars.

Your Actions and Sexual Chemistry

With the Mars sextile Mars synastry, you may find that you can easily keep up with each other’s pace. Your partner could stimulate you to take more initiative, be more active, and pursue your goals with more boldness and verve. You’re likely to enjoy taking on challenges and adventures together.

There’s often strong sexual chemistry and attraction with this aspect. You probably feel energized by each other’s active, fiery vibe and resonate with each other’s style in bed. Your desires may seem well-matched, with both of you enjoying a lusty, energetic sex life!

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Competitiveness and Motivation

You and your partner will probably feel a spirit of friendly competition with the two Mars’ sextiles. You may enjoy matching your strengths and challenging each other, whether in the bedroom, at the gym, or in your hobbies and interests.

Your partner’s go-getting nature can motivate you to strive higher and maximize your talents. You’re unlikely to feel threatened or judged, as the sextile blends and balances your Martian forces harmoniously. The energy is cooperative rather than adversarial.

Still, be aware that too much competition between you could get combative without proper outlets. So aim to channel this energizing Martian aspect into shared goals and ambitions!

Taking Initiative Together

With Mars sextile Mars in synastry, you can make an effective team when you join forces and take the initiative on plans and activities together. Whether starting a new project, working toward shared goals, or tackling a challenging situation, you bring out each other’s ability to take assertive action.

Yet you’ll do best when you balance individual initiative with support for each other’s autonomous efforts. Avoid being overly pushy or controlling toward each other. Try to maintain healthy boundaries and mutual respect for one another’s needs for independence alongside your shared endeavors.

Passionate Pursuits and Hobbies

Expect your hobbies, sports, and passionate interests to ignite when your two Mars energies meet! If you share similar enjoyments, you’ll love pursuing these activities together and benefit from the extra fire you stimulate in each other. You may even discover new mutual passions.

Even if your individual pursuits differ, you’ll take an interest in each other’s favored activities and the sheer vim and vigor you each express. Your vibrancy awakens the other’s zeal for life. Your Mars sextile keeps things fun and injects renewed inspiration into your interests.

Handling Anger and Conflict

No couple is without some conflict. When disagreements arise, your Mars aspect indicates you’re both willing to stand up for yourselves assertively. This is a good thing, as you’ll be more inclined to address issues directly rather than let tensions brew.

Yet take care that heated debates don’t devolve into shouting matches. Use the energetic Mars sextile to promote active communication and resolution, not angry blow-ups. Consider a “fight club” approach, where you playfully wrestle or spar to blow off steam when tensions are high!

Overall, with this Mars-Mars sextile, you’ll find mutual understanding and honesty dissipate irritation quickly so you can come back together energetically. Your shared vitality helps you bounce back after clashes.

Taking Risks and Embracing Adventure

Are you both natural thrill-seekers with your linked-up Mars energies? Say yes to shared adventures, whether traveling somewhere new and exotic, going on a challenging hike, or even parachuting out of a plane together!

You’ll likely feel greater excitement in each other’s company when doing heart-racing activities that get your adrenaline going. Tap into your Mars daring and embolden each other to push boundaries, live spontaneously, and embrace your wild sides now and then!

Yet be sure to balance risks with good judgment too. Use your Mars teamwork to watch out for each other’s safety and well-being while venturing into the unknown. Enjoy the ride together!

Motivation for Self-Improvement

With your fired-up Mars connection, you can see the potential in each other to improve yourselves and achieve your aspirations. This can motivate you both to take your talents and abilities to the next level when you’re together.

Whether it’s furthering your education, working to advance in your career, developing your creative gifts, or improving your health and fitness, you’ll spur each other on to do your best. You can waken each other’s bold Mars initiative to keep making progress and claiming more of your potential.

So harness this cooperative Mars energy for self-development activities. Set ambitious targets, make plans of action, and be each other’s cheerleaders! Your relationship can strengthen your confidence and self-realization.

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