Composite Mars Sextile North Node: Love’s Mission Control

The best way to find out if you can trust somebody is to trust them.” – Ernest Hemingway

When Mars are sextile with the North Node in your composite chart, it’s like getting a cosmic green light on your relationship highway.

This sextile is your rallying cry to pursue your shared goals and to support each other’s personal missions in life. It’s about the excitement of moving forward, growing, and discovering the ‘why’ behind your ‘we’.

Note: Composite aspects suggest tendency and potential, not absolute truths. As a rule, you should depend on the entire composite chart for a more complete view of your relationship’s dynamic.

Composite Mars Meaning in Astrology

First, let’s tackle Mars, the God of War, in the composite chart. As an aggressive and energetic planet, Mars symbolizes our drive, ambition, and the raw energy we channel to conquer our aspirations.

When it’s about the composite Mars, it describes the couple’s joint courage, assertiveness, and the way they fight for their shared goals.

Just like adding spicy sauce to your favorite taco, Mars adds a dose of passion, excitement, and sometimes a bit of friction to the relationship.

It represents how a couple acts, not just reacts. It gives a certain je ne sais quoi to the partnership, igniting the courage to navigate shared challenges head-on.

Composite North Node Meaning in Astrology

Next up is the North Node, or as I fondly call it, the celestial GPS. It’s a crucial point that represents our karmic destiny, spiritual growth, and life lessons in astrology.

In a composite chart, the North Node showcases the relationship’s destiny and the spiritual path the couple must tread together. It’s where we haven’t been but should aim to reach – the ultimate growth zone for the relationship.

However, this journey isn’t always a stroll in the park. It’s often more like a rollercoaster ride, thrilling yet terrifying. But hey, who said growth was easy?

The Meaning of Composite Mars Sextile North Node

Hey friend, have you ever looked at your composite chart and wondered what it says about your relationship’s greater purpose?

Well, when Mars and the North Node are in a harmonious sextile aspect, it creates a powerful sense of mission and life direction for you two.

This planetary combo gives your relationship momentum, drive, and initiative to achieve big goals. It’s like you both feel fired up to make your dreams into reality together. When you join forces, you become an unstoppable team ready to take on the world!

Your shared passions and sense of purpose bring vitality and excitement into the relationship. You intuitively know how to motivate each other to be the best versions of yourselves. This creates a beautiful synergy that enables you to make your wildest dreams come true.

Exploring Life’s Possibilities Hand-In-Hand

The sextile between Mars and the North Node gives your relationship the curiosity and courage to explore your future together. Life feels full of exciting possibilities!

This aspect provides you with the enthusiasm and bravery required to step outside your comfort zones. You’re eager to challenge yourselves, grow, and evolve – both as individuals and as a couple.

With the composite Mars sextile North Node, you’ll never get too stuck in your ways. Most likely, you’re always seeking new adventures, experiences, and horizons to expand your minds and hearts. The passion and bravery you ignite in each other makes life feel thrilling.

Every day is an opportunity to discover something new about yourselves and the world around you. You live life to the fullest when you’re together!

Overcoming Obstacles Side-By-Side

When challenges arise, the composite Mars sextile North Node gives you the resilience, determination, and strength to overcome anything as a team.

You won’t let setbacks dissuade you from pursuing your biggest visions. With courage and coordinated efforts, you can conquer even the toughest obstacles.

This planetary pair reminds you that united, you are an unstoppable force. So when life gets difficult, you can handle adversity in stride and rise to the occasion together.

Hardships only make your bond stronger and fuel your ambitions. You know every experience offers valuable lessons that bring you closer to your goals. With grit and teamwork, you’re unbeatable!

Lively Debates That Strengthen Your Bond

Because Mars rules passion and the North Node governs life direction, the sextile between them can spark lively debates over personal philosophies and big ideas.

You both have strong convictions when it comes to achieving your shared objectives. This can sometimes put you at odds, causing friendly disagreements.

But you will eventually find constructive ways to harness this dynamic energy thanks to the harmonious Mars-North Node sextile. Rather than creating division, your lively exchanges help you gain understanding, broaden perspectives, and make plans you both feel good about.

Expressing yourselves openly and honestly will bring you closer together in the long run. You’ll learn how to compromise and blend your individual philosophies into a relationship philosophy you’re both proud of.

A Mutual Desire for Growth

At your core, you both have a strong desire to evolve, transform, and reach your highest potentials through this relationship. The composite Mars sextile North Node fuels your mutual growth.

You take an active role in helping each other become the best versions of yourselves. With encouragement, accountability, and inspiration, you’re able to actualize positive changes and breakthroughs together.

This aspect keeps you on a positive trajectory, consistently reaching higher levels of fulfillment as individuals and as a couple. You motivate each other to conquer bad habits, heal emotional wounds, and unlock your greatest strengths.

The passion and momentum you ignite within this relationship create an unstoppable force for mutual growth and self-actualization. You achieve more together than you could alone.

An Exciting Journey Ahead

When Mars and North Node are united through a friendly sextile, your relationship feels like an exciting journey filled with possibility, purpose, and the motivation to turn big dreams into reality.

Hardships along the way only make you stronger and bring you closer together. You courageously transform yourselves and inspire each other’s evolution towards higher potentials.

This is a relationship where you’re fired up to be the best you can be, while also having an amazing time exploring what life has to offer. When this planetary combo is activated, boredom doesn’t stand a chance!

The path ahead looks thrilling. With the composite Mars sextile North Node, you’ve found a loving teammate who shares your sense of adventure and ambition. Your dreams feel energized and within reach. Get ready for an extraordinary journey!

Sexual Chemistry and Attraction

With the composite North Node sextile Mars, the sexual and physical chemistry between you is hot and intense! You likely feel drawn to each other like magnets and can’t keep your hands off each other. There’s a thrill and excitement when you’re intimate.

You connect on a deep, almost primal level. Your physical connection expresses the passion you feel for each other. You find great satisfaction in exploring each other fully and intimately. Sex brings you even closer together.

Simplicity and safety bore you. Predictability is prison. You crave intense experiences that get your hearts pumping. Bring on the thrills!

With the composite North Node sextile Mars, you love to push limits, face fears, and get out of your comfort zone – together. Passion, speed, and adventure all have their great appeal during your exercises before bedtime. You live in the moment while also keeping an eye on the future.

Your Shared Life Mission

Overall, with the composite Mars sextile North Node, your relationship has a clear sense of direction, purpose, and mission with this planetary pair. You’re on an exciting journey towards growth, adventure, and achieving your biggest goals together.

Mars provides the energy, drive, courage, and initiative. The North Node supplies the vision, aspiration, and higher meaning. This combo aligns you on the same path so you can inspire each other to reach your full potential.

When you have a mutually understood life purpose, everything you do together takes on more significance. Your relationship becomes infused with momentum and fiery inspiration.

Ask yourselves: What is the greater mission or purpose of our relationship? How can we turn our most ambitious visions into reality together? What actions can we take today that will lead us closer to our dreams?

By understanding the higher purpose and life direction of your bond, you gain clarity on what really matters most. You’ll discover that the sky is the limit for what you can achieve as a team!

Tips to Navigate Mars Sextile North Node Composite

Navigating the Mars sextile North Node composite aspect requires both of you to maintain an open mind and a warm heart.

Remember, this aspect is all about growth. So, keep the mantra, “Change is the only constant,” close to your heart.

Here are some tips for creating an inspiring shared vision for your future together:

  • Ask yourselves: In 5 or 10 years, what do you want your lives and relationships to look and feel like at their best?
  • Dream big! Brainstorm ideas for your fantasy life down the road. Don’t limit yourselves.
  • Look for overlapping passions and interests that excite you both. Find the sweet spot.
  • Make a shared bucket list of adventures, achievements, and experiences you want to create as a couple.
  • Envision your best-case-scenario future. How can this relationship help you create it?
  • Make sure your co-created vision includes balance, fun, intellectual growth, contribution, etc.
  • Craft a shared mission statement or mantra that captures the essence of your vision.
  • Revisit this regularly and update as you evolve. Align efforts to make it a reality.


The Mars sextile North Node composite is an exciting celestial aspect that infuses your relationship with passion, ambition, and a sense of destiny. It’s a cosmic blessing that can make your shared journey thrilling and growth-oriented.

While it may have its challenges, the adventure is worth it. After all, as they say, “It’s not about the destination, it’s about the journey.”

So buckle up, and let the cosmic winds guide your sails!

Embrace the dance of Mars and the North Node, and embark on your shared journey towards destiny!

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