Mars Sextile Pluto Synastry: Passionate Union

“Love is not about how many days, months, or years you have been together. Love is about how much you love each other every single day.”

Love has a power beyond anything else in this world. It is the force that binds us all together and gives meaning to our lives. When we open our hearts to love, we tap into a magic far greater than anything that can be conjured or imagined.

We need love like fish need water. We need love like flowers need air.

Disclaimer: Astrological interpretations indicate potentials and tendencies.

1. Intense Attraction And Passion

When Mars sextiles Pluto in synastry, expect intense passion, magnetic attraction, and red-hot sexuality! The chemistry between you feels almost primal in nature and is impossible to ignore. It’s as if you were destined to come together.

There’s an irresistible pull that makes you want to merge completely on every level – your body, heart, mind, and soul. You feel inexplicably drawn to each other in a way you’ve never experienced before. When together, the temperature in the room literally rises.

You do not just feel each other but touch each other in a sensual way since physicality is the domain of Mars and Pluto. Everything about your connection feels exciting and probably taboo, due to Pluto’s influences.

You never know what might happen next when you’re together. Even the most mundane interactions are laced with unpredictability and excitement. This sextile fuels a passion that keeps things relentlessly spicy like a hot pepper chilly on your favorite dish.

2. Sexually In Sync

Sexually, you’re imperfectly perfect with Mars sextile Pluto synastry. Your desires, preferences, and erotic fantasies align seamlessly. Together you embody the saying “opposites attract.”

This is because both Mars and Pluto govern sexuality, while the sextile is a harmonious aspect. In the bedroom, you flow melodically and harmonize beautifully – when one leads, the other follows intuitively; when one wants to be human, the other wants to be a dog. 🙈

You know exactly how to please and fulfill each other. Your partner may really feel like you’re their missing puzzle piece. One piece is all it takes to make a woman feel fulfilled.

Because your intimate chemistry is so electric, your sex life never grows stale or routine. You always feel that insatiable hunger for each other, no matter how much time passes. Your appetite to explore new territory stays consistently strong.

There’s a transformative quality to your physical connection. You both feel renewed and reborn after merging so intensely. Together you’ve discovered new aspects of yourselves and your sexuality.

3. Power Struggles Are Handled Well

Despite your intense chemistry, power struggles are typically avoided with this sextile. Neither feels interested in dominating or controlling the other. Instead, you maintain mutual respect and equality in the relationship.

You empower each other to be your best, most authentic selves. By giving each other space to grow into your full potentials, you evolve together as individuals and as a couple.

Rather than compete, you complement each other beautifully. Your strengths cover up the other’s weaknesses. You know how to give each other what you each need in order to thrive, without ego or selfishness entering the mix.

Overall, this aspect promotes a balanced union based on genuine passion, positive transformation, and elevating each other up, not putting each other down. Any conflicts can be handled maturely, with compassion and trust.

4. Mutual Fascination

Mars sextile Pluto synastry generates an almost obsessive fascination with one another. You find each other completely mesmerizing and irresistible, and you can’t seem to learn enough about each other.

Conversation flows easily as you can pick each other’s brains about your interests, histories, hobbies, and dreams – anything and everything in between. You hang on to each other’s every word, eager to soak up all you can about your partner.

Even when you disagree or see things differently, you still remain endlessly curious about how the other thinks and feels. Your differences make each other more intriguing, adding fuel to your mutual infatuation.

When apart, you may think about each other constantly due to the irresistible attraction of Mars and Pluto. Together, the hours can fly by unnoticed because you lose track of time. Your preoccupation with one another makes it all too easy to become completely absorbed in your relationship’s own little world.

5. You Transform Each Other

This Mars-Pluto sextile brings positive transformation to both of you in the relationship. You inspire each other to grow into the best versions of yourselves and instill courage in one another.

By being together, you’ve grown stronger and more empowered as individuals. You help each other overcome fears, insecurities, and limiting beliefs that have held you back. With support from your partner, you feel like you can conquer anything.

This is also a sexually transformative relationship. As you learn to overcome your own sexual insecurity and neediness, you gain confidence and openness to explore new erotic territory that you may have felt hesitant about in the past. This is very much a healing and renewing connection.

Overall, the relationship brings out the phoenix rising from the ashes in you both. You are transformed through each other’s love, passion, and unconditional support.

6. X-Ray Vision Into Each Other

In this relationship, you have almost X-ray vision into each other’s inner world. With the sharp eyesight of Pluto, there’s no doubt how well you can read each other and how quickly you understand things below the surface. Your emotional radar is sharply attuned.

When Mars textiles Pluto in synastry, it’s nearly impossible to hide anything from each other. Even little white lies are quickly detected and called out. You can see right through excuses and know when your partner is being less than truthful.

You are able to anticipate each person’s needs and provide comfort before being asked. By being so in tune, you help each other avoid potential pitfalls such as jealousy, passive aggression, or manipulation.

Indeed, this oneness and attunement help you relate to each other deeply. You feel truly known – even the difficult parts of yourselves. This sextile creates true intimacy.

7. You Make Each Other Braver

Mars and Pluto fuel courage and trust in each other. You can bring out each other’s inner strength, resilience, and willingness to take bold risks. Together you feel like you can take on the world.

With your partner by your side cheering you on, you find the confidence to pursue dreams you previously felt were impossible or beyond your abilities. Mars is the planet of action, so you both take practical action upon your dreams. Your relationship fills you with renewed grit, guts, and bravery.

You encourage each other to face fears head-on rather than avoid them. Whether starting a challenging new venture together or conquering intimacy issues, you motivate each other to conquer whatever stands in the way.

As a couple, you are a powerhouse. Together, you make great things happen thanks to the inspired courage you awaken within each other. Fear stands no chance against you two!

8. Psychic Connections

This Mars-Pluto sextile can bring psychic links or unexplained connections that defy rational explanation. You may experience lots of eerie coincidences and shared premonitions when together.

You can intuitively pick up on each other’s emotions and even physical sensations from a distance. One of you just “knows” when something is off with the other. You operate on an ultra-sensitive wavelength and vibration.

Strangely, you also may share similar dreams and hear each other’s voices or thoughts in your minds when you’re apart. It’s like your subconscious minds link you up through the ethers. This is especially true if you’ve had sex before, because there are karmic consequences of doing so.

These weird psychic connections confirm the intensity and destiny of your union. You share a rare closeness that transcends the confines of time and space.

9. Issues With Power Roles

Although you try to maintain equality, this aspect can still produce issues around power roles in the relationship. A tug-of-war dynamic may persist beneath the surface.

One of you may come across as too controlling while the other resents this. Or one becomes too submissive and loses their voice. You must take care to find the right balance of autonomy versus closeness.

Past issues with authority or feeling powerless may get triggered by your partner. It’s important to pay attention to any patterns where one person becomes the “boss” or decision maker overstepping the other’s needs. Mars-Jupiter sextile asks you both to find your equilibrium.

Loving communication and win-win compromise will help dissolve unproductive power plays. Don’t jockey for control; remind each other you’re on the same team.

10. Jealousy Can Emerge

The obsessive quality of this sextile can tip over into jealousy if you’re not mindful of yourself. Your fascinated preoccupation with each other can morph into suspicion about outside friendships or strangers who are perceived as threats.

You may struggle with irrational envy, possessiveness, or mistrust, which stems from your own insecurity, not reality. This may lead to attempts to overly monitor, control, or restrict each other’s freedom.

Cultivating faith in your bond and mutual trust will keep jealousy at bay. Don’t make accusations without proof. If envy arises, have honest talks about your underlying fears so you can overcome them together.

Focus on nourishing intimacy and knowing you’ve got each other’s backs. Share your worlds instead of isolating yourself. With inner courage and mutual understanding, jealousy can be defeated!

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