Mars Square Chiron Synastry: Weak Spots Become Exposed

In astrology, Mars is the planet of action, desire, and energy. It’s the fire that gets us moving, the drive behind our ambitions, and the spark in our passions. When we look at Mars in synastry, we’re checking out how two people stimulate each other’s energy and how they express their desires.

Chiron is known as the “wounded healer”, on the other hand. It represents our deepest wounds and our path to healing them. In synastry, Chiron can show where and how partners can trigger each other’s vulnerabilities, but also how they can help each other heal.

Disclaimer: Astrology suggests potentials and possibilities. I have 500+ synastry aspects in total, so you should check your whole synastry chart instead of one aspect within it.

1. Painful Lessons In Assertiveness

With Mars square Chiron in synastry, your relationship becomes a painful classroom for learning about healthy assertiveness. Past wounds around expressing your power, anger, or sexuality can get triggered through interactions with your partner. Lessons will emerge about setting boundaries, being confident, and communicating your desires directly.

You may struggle to express your Mars desires directly yet respectfully with this person. Fears of rejection or confrontation may hold you back. Or your old wounds could make you hesitate to claim your power fully in this relationship.

Through this partnership, you often re-play old relational patterns. Where you once felt disempowered, silenced, or attacked, similar dynamics may resurface here for healing. This square teaches you how to correct your past mistakes.

2. Challenges In Initiating Action

With Chiron square Mars synastry, you may struggle with taking action within the relationship. You may wait until your partner initiates plans instead of boldly proposing your ideas or opinions yourself. You may downplay your own desires and just go along with what your partner wants out of fear of rocking the boat.

Past experiences where your self-expression was shamed or punished can make you hesitant to assert your Mars desires now. You may give away your power by not going after what you really want with this person. Growth happens through courageously developing your self-confidence, but you need to be aware of not letting your confidence become hostile.

3. Anger And Resentment Can Build

With Mars-Chiron square, suppressed anger and resentment can build between you. Old wounds can get aggravated when your ambitions are challenged or criticized by your partner.

You may bite your tongue to keep the peace, while quietly seething inside. Or when you do follow your passion, it can erupt explosively against your partner’s direction. Your outbursts could end up being out of proportion.

Alternatively, your partner may become overly demanding, possessive, or controlling over you. They may express their anger without restraint, triggering your own defense mechanism.

Either way, suppressed Mars anger can metastasize over time into passive aggression when it goes unaddressed. Managing your conflicts maturely is essential in this bond.

4. Sexual Tensions Can Happen

Sexually, Mars square Chiron synastry can be frustrating and complex. For one partner, sex may be a painful sensitive spot. Physical intimacy can reawaken past hurts, rejections, shaming, or abuse issues, especially if your sexual connection is done prior to marriage. Touch could feel scary in this case, not pleasurable.

The other partner may feel rejected or unsatisfied. Mismatched libidos can breed frustration and irritation sexually. There can be a painful lack of compatibility around your physical intimacy.

5. Competitiveness Can Strain The Bond

Mars square Chiron synastry can breed an unhealthy spirit of competition between you. Your pride and ego can get tied into always being the winner, the sexiest, the most competent, or the most successful in the relationship.

In efforts to prove yourselves, you may undermine each other’s self-worth and confidence. Backhanded compliments, jealousy, and put-downs could strain the bond over time as you jockey for the top position. Mutual respect can diminish.

At its core, this competitive dynamic reflects inner insecurities you both wrestle with – your Chiron’s wounds. Offering genuine praise and acknowledging each other’s talents will neutralize your egotism. Mutual support, not rivalry, strengthens your bond.

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