Mars Square Pluto Synastry: Struggles Precede Understanding

“The best love is the kind that awakens the soul; that makes us reach for more, that plants the fire in our hearts and brings peace to our minds.”

Nicholas Sparks

There is no warmth quite like that of unconditional love. The love of a parent for a child, the love between devoted partners, the love of genuine friendship; true love warms us from the inside out.

It makes us feel safe, comforted, and accepted just as we are. Unconditional love makes the world a little softer, kinder place. When we give this precious gift, we spread light.

Disclaimer: Astrological interpretations indicate potentials and tendencies.

1. Intense Passion Meets Power Struggles

When Mars squares Pluto in synastry, passion intermingles with dark intensity. Sexual chemistry is explosive, almost combustible between you two. Even everyday interactions feel loaded and compulsive. A magnetic intensity permeates the relationship.

While exciting initially, this intensity can lead to constant power struggles. You both seek to dominate and control the partnership in subtle ways. Manipulation prevails while mutual understanding falters.

Due to the influence of Pluto, the square with Mars can stir primal, taboo desires in you both. Sex can become obsessive and almost violent in its urgency. Jealousy and possessiveness can arise too. The relationship often borders on an addictive, can’t-live-with-each-other yet can’t-live-without-each-other dynamic.

Ultimately, true intimacy requires genuine vulnerability – which this square actively avoids. Deep down, you both fear losing control. So power games may dominate as a means of self-protection.

2. Sexual Attraction Is Potent

Sexual desire between you burns hot and urgent under this aspect. The chemistry feels magnetic, even irresistible at times. Raw, primal passion dominates your interactions.

Both partners feel intoxicated and consumed with each other, at least initially. Over time, sex may become about the release of tension versus real intimacy. You use it to avoid deeper issues or to wield control over your partner.

Kinky, taboo explorations also often accompany this square. You may enjoy pushing comfort zones and limitations sexually. Dominance, submission, and role-play dynamics could usually arise in the bedroom too.

While exciting, this sexual intensity mustn’t replace true intimacy and open communication. At its darkest, sex becomes a weapon under Mars-Pluto square.

3. Covert Power Struggles Arise

Mars square Jupiter synastry often breeds ongoing power struggles within the relationship. You may compete to wield greater influence and control over your partner. Neither feels willing to relinquish dominance easily.

Manipulation tends to arise to maneuver situations or each other. Mind games, guilt trips, underhanded tactics, or emotional blackmail may occur to gain leverage. You could feel unable to address control issues peacefully so they may play out through violent means.

Sometimes, your conversations can become minefields where underlying motives get questioned. Trust disintegrates over time as manipulation replaces honesty, and skepticism replaces reliability. Both partners ultimately feel disempowered in the dynamic despite attempts to control.

For balance, you must learn to share power and relinquish fear-based control tendencies. The acknowledgment of your own mistakes is crucial. All problems and solutions start with yourself.

4. Jealousy And Possessiveness Can Fester

Given the intense passions stirred, possessiveness and sexual jealousy often fester with this square. You may become highly territorial over each other and the relationship itself. Even harmless interactions with others can be viewed as threats.

Irrational suspicions could arise that the other is cheating, harboring secret desires, or looking elsewhere. You may cautiously monitor your partner’s every move to alleviate your jealousy. Their desire for autonomy or outside friendships feels endangering.

This slowly poisons the well of love between you. The paranoid jealousy actually stems from your own insecurity and fear of losing control over the other. But it only pushes your partner away and destroys your intimacy in the long run.

True love involves trusting your partner, not possessing them. Your partner is like a bird; if you love them, you must set them free. Your bond will deepen as you learn self-restraint rather than restrain your partner.

5. Anger Can Turn Destructive

With Mars square Pluto synastry, repressed anger and resentment can build to destructive levels. Rather than discuss your grievances, you bury your inner frustrations. But the rage still simmers beneath the surface.

When conflicts do erupt, your anger can come out explosively and often destructively, which is often the case because Mars is the planet of war. All the accumulated frustrations could spew out in bitter attacks against each other or the relationship itself.

Once unleashed, this volcanic anger is hard to contain. A single fight may spell the end of your connection as buried rages surface, so you need to watch out. Years of unspoken hurts fuel the battle. The toxicity is too much to bear anymore.

For the partnership to survive, you must both find non-violent outlets for your anger and address your inner issues before outer pressure builds. It is the evil of your uncontrolled actions and negative thoughts that are the root cause of the problem, not Satan, not God, and not your partner.

6. Letting Go Is Challenging

With Pluto’s grasping nature, letting go of each other proves extremely challenging once you’re bonded. This square fuels an obsessive, addictive attachment along with a primal fear of loss. This is our human nature: you do not want to lose the person you have sex with nor do you want someone else to have sex with them.

These are the spiritual consequences of having sex before marriage, which Mars-Pluto couples often deny its effects yet still have to bear the consequences of their actions.

Even after repeated betrayals or bitterness, you likely can’t detach from each other completely. The desire for connection persists despite every rational reason to move on. Your psyches seem interlocked.

Skeptical behaviors may arise when the relationship continues as a means of maintaining connection. Refusing to relinquish control over the other prevails. The feelings of withdrawal when apart feel excruciating. Mars square Pluto synastry reminds you that self-sufficiency restores personal power.

7. Triggers Are Intensified

In relationships with Mars-Pluto square, you tend to intensify each other’s core wounds and triggers. Buried traumas can get unearthed and confrontational behaviors often set them off.

For example, if one of you has trust issues, the other’s sporadic emotional distance will resonate painfully. Or your partner’s rage can trigger your traumatic memories of an abusive parent.

Your attachment styles likely conflict too – either both of you are avoidant or one is distant and one is needy. So getting your needs met remains a constant struggle. Unclear motivations abound, diminishing intimacy over time.

The challenge is finding an equilibrium between a fiery connection and an icy disconnection. Sometimes, your partner just needs some alone time in order to come back more powerfully, so you have to “know” and understand them.

8. Transformation Through Crisis

Though difficult, Mars-Pluto synastry aspects hold the promise of major transformation. Your relationship invariably reaches multiple crisis points that force you both to evolve.

Passion this intense can’t remain stable forever. Everything gets dredged up for purging and transmutation – your insecurities, toxicity, and control issues must transform into love, trust, and unconditional support. The phoenix must turn to ash before being reborn.

By finally releasing fears around vulnerability and loss, you resurrect the love at a deeper level. Intimacy becomes about true merging versus consuming. You shift from battling each other to fighting fate together.

Each crisis presents a new opportunity to shed defensive layers and rediscover the love. In time, mutual understanding replaces fantastical projection and wounds turn into wisdom. It’s a transformative journey, not just a destination.

9. Protection Against Dark Influences

On a positive note, this Mars-Pluto square provides hardcore protection against external threats or dark energies. You fiercely defend each other and the relationship.

Neither partner tolerates anyone talking negatively about the other. You’ll both fight against outside influences trying to sabotage your bond. Any threat will just unite you stronger.

You may also join forces to battle injustice you encounter in the world. Standing up to oppression and defending the truth gives you both a shared sense of purpose. Your combined force is formidable.

However, avoid turning this protective quality against each other. It’s you two against the problem, not you two against each other. Find purpose in lifting up others, and your relationship will thrive.

10. Greater Depth Through Surrender

With Mars square Pluto synastry, the way to redemption lies in surrender – relinquishing fears of losing control or being engulfed. Through surrender to your partner as well as the higher power of the Universe, possessive tendencies will ease and trust will increase.

By showing you can handle even the most intense aspects of each other in healthy ways, your bond deepens exponentially. You realize love isn’t limited – it’s always available within. This reduces the tendency of dependency and possessiveness between you and your partner.

As you open up to vulnerability and drop your fake facades, you relax into peaceful acceptance of what is. The battles end. What remains is a profound, almost mystical understanding of oneness.

In this awakening to love’s unlimited nature, the relationship becomes an oasis of calm water instead of a tempestuous sea. You reunite with dormant innocence long buried but never fully destroyed.

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