Mars Trine Mars Synastry: Bring Out Each Other’s Courage

What’s the first thing that springs to mind when you hear Mars? Maybe it’s the fiery red planet, or perhaps it’s the god of war. In astrological terms, Mars symbolizes your drive, ambition, energy, and passion. It’s how we express our assertiveness, how we chase our desires, and how we flex our willpower muscles.

Disclaimer: Astrology suggests potentials and possibilities. I have 500+ synastry aspects in total, so you should check your whole synastry chart instead of one aspect within it.

1. You Have Incredible Chemistry

When Mars trines Mars in synastry, the chemistry between you is hot and intense! You feel magnetically drawn to each other the moment you meet and can’t keep your hands off each other. There’s an alluring sensual pull that makes you eager to tear off each other’s clothes!

You’d love touching, flirting, wrestling – any excuse for physical contact with each other. You find each other incredibly sexy and can’t get enough of it. Even just a gaze from your partner can give you butterflies. When you lock eyes, sparks fly!

Your physical compatibility is off the charts. The passion only seems to magnify the more time you spend together. You may never get tired of exploring each other’s bodies and discovering new ways to connect sexually.

The bottom line is that your physical connection is red-hot. Your rhythms sync up perfectly in the bedroom to create amazing friction and fireworks. Beyond great sex, there’s also an invigorating sense of togetherness between you. You can satisfy each other deeply.

2. Your Energy Levels Match

With Mars trine Mars synastry, your activity levels and energy rhythms mesh well together. You both thrive on movement, adventure, and keeping life busy so you complement each other perfectly.

As a couple, you’d love to be on the go and do stimulating activities together. You might sign up for salsa dancing or rock climbing lessons, or you train together for a 10K race in a tough nightime competition.

Neither person in this dynamic is overly lazy or low energy. You spur each other on to stay active and get out experiencing life to the fullest. Exercise and movement are important bonding activities for you both.

You also balance each other nicely when one partner needs more rest. You intuitively understand each other’s changing energy needs and can be active or relaxed together. But the norm is usually high vitality!

3. Your Ambitions Are Compatible

In addition to strong physical energy, your drives and ambitions align beautifully with this synastry aspect. You’re both motivated go-getters who seek to push each other to achieve goals.

Whether starting businesses, earning degrees, or building your dream home together, you make an unstoppable couple. You aren’t afraid to hustle and take strategic risks together to get ahead in life.

Your partnership thrives on productively channeling your abundant get-up-and-go energy. Compacency and apathy have no place here! With your combined enthusiasm, passion, and determination, no target or dream seems out of reach.

You may need to check in to prevent burnout from overdoing it. But overall, having matching ambitions benefits your joint endeavors tremendously. You can accomplish great things together.

4. You Have Playful Competitiveness

While your goals align, you still retain a spirit of healthy competition with Mars trine Mars synastry. Part of the fun in being together is competing over silly games, races, playful wrestling matches – you name it! As long as the vibe stays lighthearted, your little rivalries only add more excitement.

You’re able to keep the competitiveness fun versus mean-spirited. As long as you play fair and have good attitudes, competing injects vivaciousness into the relationship. It keeps you both striving to become your best selves.

Yes, you will argue from time to time as all couples do. But with Mars trine Mars synastry, your disagreements tend to be straightforward yet respectful. They tend to be productive and effective, yet never boring.

5. You Protect Each Other

With your shared martial energy, you feel protective of each other under this trine. You feel prepared to defend each other from any threats or dangers in the world.

Knowing your partner has your back makes you feel profoundly secure. You feel braver together, like any challenges from outsiders can be faced as a united front.

Your protectiveness has healthy limits though. You respect each other’s independence and don’t feel possessive or overly controlling. But in vulnerable moments, your guard dog instincts often kick in loyally to shelter your beloved.

Together, you support each other’s causes and visions with the same fierceness. Anyone who threatens your joint values deals with your combined warrior spirits! Your partnership is shielded with the double power of Mars.

6. There Is No Game-Playing

Mind games and manipulative tactics should have no place in this relationship due to your direct, assertive natures. Communication between you is refreshingly authentic and honest.

You don’t usually play coy, drop hints, or speak through subtext. If one of you has an issue, you can address it sincerely and aim for mutual understanding. There is an admirable absence of hidden agendas between you.

This builds a foundation of trust and transparency. You know neither partner talks behind the other’s back or plots silently. You feel safe being totally upfront and speaking from the heart with each other. Deception doesn’t fit your characters.

Your genuine straightforwardness prevents so many relationship pitfalls stemming from poor communication. With Mars trine Mars synastry, clarity and candor prevail.

7. Sex Has Incredible Passion And Stamina

As I hinted earlier, Mars trine Mars synastry creates powerful sexual chemistry. The zeal, eroticism, and energy flow smoothly between you, allowing for incredible lovemaking.

Your libidos match up well, so neither partner feels frustrated. You harmonize beautifully whether preferring slow, sensual sessions or more vigorous romps.

You have endless stamina in the bedroom too. While some couples fade quickly, you can go on for hours fully immersed in each other. Your shared vitality and fiery passion keep your sex life sizzling.

Any lingering tension can get channeled into erotic, sweaty release. Yet you both are aware of the spiritual consequences of having sex prior to marriage. You two are spontaneous, but not impulsive; passionate, but not ignorant.

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