Mercury Sextile Mercury Synastry: Conversation Flows Smoothly

Mercury, named after the Roman messenger god, is about communication. It governs how we think, talk, and understand the world around us. In synastry, Mercury’s placement can tell us a lot about how two people exchange ideas, solve problems together, and even share those moments of deep, meaningful conversation.

Disclaimer: Astrology suggests potentials and possibilities. I have 500+ synastry aspects in total, so you should check your whole synastry chart instead of one aspect within it.

1. You Have A Meeting Of Minds

When your Mercury forms a sextile with your partner’s Mercury in synastry, it indicates that communication between you two can be smooth, easy, and free-flowing. There’s a natural understanding between you, almost like you’re on the same wavelength mentally.

Conversations with your partner can be stimulating yet relaxing at the same time. You might feel like you never run out of things to talk about, whether it’s sharing ideas, telling stories, debating issues, or just bantering playfully. There’s an openness that allows you to freely express your thoughts and opinions with each other.

You might also find that you often have similar viewpoints or ways of thinking about things. It’s like your mental processes align in harmony! This doesn’t mean you agree on everything, but you tend to get each other’s perspectives. There’s less likelihood of misunderstandings between you two.

2. Your Intellects Complement Each Other

When your Mercuries are sextile, your different outlooks and interests can complement one another in a positive way. Where one of you might lack information or skill in an area, the other can fill in those gaps. The sextile aspect allows you to appreciate each other’s intellects instead of competing.

For example, maybe your partner has expertise in technology and you know more about the arts. You may end up teaching each other new things and expanding each other’s knowledge. Or perhaps your conversational styles work well together, with one person’s energetic storytelling balancing the other’s patient listening skills.

Overall, the sextile allows you to appreciate each other as interesting, intelligent people. You may never get bored listening to the other person’s ideas and opinions, even if you don’t always agree with them. There’s a mutual respect for each other’s minds.

3. Daily Life And Errands Go Smoothly

Mercury rules over day-to-day functioning like communication, schedules, transportation, and errands. When your Mercuries are sextile in synastry, you may find that the logistical parts of your relationship tend to go smoothly.

Making plans together is easy because you’re both flexible and willing to accommodate each other’s needs. You can coordinate schedules without much fuss or inconvenience. Your meetings and appointments rarely get messed up because you both remember details and follow through reliably.

Mercury also rules short trips, so traveling together can be enjoyable as you’re able to chat amicably during long rides. If you need to take care of errands as a couple, you can also make productive teammates, enjoying life efficiently together.

Shared calendars, documents, and other Mercury-ruled areas can come together harmoniously with Mercury sextile Mercury synastry.

4. Mentally Stimulating Conversations

Since your minds sync up well, talking with your partner can be mentally engaging for you. The sextile enables lively, thought-provoking conversations where you’re both tuned in and paying attention. You’d love to enjoy discussing inventive ideas, current events, philosophy, pop culture, or any subject that captures your mutual interest.

With Mercury- Mercury sextile, you can riff off each other’s ideas, making new connections building upon the old ones that excite you both. Your conversations may veer off on tangents at times as your active minds make associations. Yet you don’t get bored rehashing the same old topics.

When you need to have serious discussions, the sextile helps you communicate sensitively and diplomatically. You’re able to see multiple sides of a situation rather than forcing your own opinion. This makes it easier to have more open, productive talks.

5. Writing Is A Joy

Mercury also rules writing, so the sextile between your Mercuries can make communicating through letters, emails, and texts enjoyable. You’d most likely choose long-distance communication as a way to nurture your mental connection when you’re not able to talk in person.

Your letters and phone messages will be warm, witty, and playful when you write to each other. You can clearly convey your thoughts and feelings through the written words. And you both look forward to receiving these lighthearted messages daily and consistently.

In today’s world, email and messaging have largely replaced old-fashioned letter writing, but Mercury sextile Mercury synastry can still make your physical love notes feel meaningful. If not, you can still get a thrill when a new text or email pops up from your partner. Their words, even digitally conveyed, stimulate your mind and touch your heart.

6. Naturally Supporting Each Other’s Learning

With your receptive Mercury energies in sync, you may find that you’re great at supporting each other’s intellectual growth and learning. One of you might act as a teacher at times, sharing your expertise to help the other gain knowledge or skills. The roles can also switch at other times.

The Mercury sextile Mercury synastry makes this a smooth, rewarding process for you both. There’s no resentment or frustration on either end. You’re happy to explain what you know in order to help your partner. And you’re eager to listen and learn when it’s your turn. Curiosity balances out any ego.

Maybe you take a class together, study the same subject, or learn each other’s hobbies and interests. You make enthusiastic study buddies who keep each other motivated. In a romantic synastry connection, this can create wonderful intimacy as you explore new dimensions of each other’s minds.

7. Your Curiosities Mesh Together Perfectly

As Mercury can stir up our sense of curiosity about people, ideas, information, and the world around us, Mercury sextile Mercury synastry can similarly allow you two to become each other’s trusted guide as you explore life’s endless questions together.

Maybe you share similar tastes in books, films, or AI and can introduce each other to new discoveries. Or perhaps your interests differ, yet you still enjoy learning from your partner’s uniqe hobbies. They populate your mental landscape with strange new notions you wouldn’t uncover on your own. But the sextile makes their weirdness wonderful to you.

Where one person’s zeal starts to fizzle out, the other’s can pick up the slack so you continually open new channels for your curiosity to flow through. You feel most mentally alive in each other’s company.

8. You’re Adept Mind Readers With Each Other

Mercury-Mercury sextile can create the delightful sensation that you and your partner have a telepathic connection. You often intuitively grasp what the other person is thinking and where their mind is going. It’s like their mental vibration gets beamed straight into your brain.

Sometimes a look is all it takes for you to read each other’s moods, reactions, or intentions. You can develop secret codes where keywords act as tip-offs, signaling the gist of what’s going on in your partner’s headspace. Private jokes and references can become infused with extra layers of unspoken significance.

This mental merger works best when you’re physically together, able to pick up on facial cues, energies, and contexts. But as I said above, the sextile link can also operate at a distance once your intuitive understanding has crystalized. Your inborn empathy as kindred thinkers can bridge any physical distance.

9. You Inspire Each Other’s Clever Ideas

Because your thinking patterns align so well, you’re able to spark original ideas in each other. Maybe a passing comment or observation from your partner triggers a new train of thought that leads you somewhere fresh and exciting intellectually. Their mercurial mind awakens your own innovative instincts.

Together, you feel safe to voice half-formed notions that would sound silly to anyone else. But the other person helps you piece together the intriguing possibilities. Your sextiled Mercuries act as idea trampolines, bouncing novel concepts back and forth as you playfully talk to one another.

The result is greater mental clarity, stronger self-awareness, and the ability to keep engaging each other for the long haul. You achieve greater wisdom together.

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