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Accurate Meanings of Moles on the Arm (Men and Women)

In the art of feng shui, moles on the arm can reflect the general fortune of a person. It is said that those who have moles in their arms are often very smart, talented, and skillful

In addition, moles on the arm of either a woman or a man can indicate the benefits of fame and fortune. Marriage is usually happy and peaceful for these people.

If you have a mole in your arm, armpit, or forearm, you can consider yourself “lucky”. However, depending on the locations of the moles on your body, they carry a different meaning!

In Chinese face feng shui, we should not interpret a mole solely. That is, moles on the arm should be interpreted together with moles located on the face or moles on the hands to determine your whole luck and fortune!

In this article, I will focus on about the meanings and interpretations of moles on your arm!

Disclaimer: The meaning of moles in this article is suggestive and is not absolute.

1. Moles on Right Arm


Women who have moles on the right arm have a sociable personality, but they are not very healthy and often fall ill.

In Chinese feng shui, these women have a stable money supply and don’t have to worry much about money. However, you can’t become very rich with a lot of money.

Although these women get married a bit late, the marriage is happy and their children are obedient and filial.


According to Chinese feng shui, this is an extremely warm man who cares about everyone around him. Men with moles on the right arm are very romantic and understanding in love.

If he owns a mole at the elbow, a man will not have much luck in doing business, often having trouble losing money.

As the man is an understanding person and a great lover, he possesses peach luck which helps him to attract the opposite sex. However, even if these men get married and have children, they can’t get rid of bad habits, so their marriage is easy to break.

2. Moles on Left Arm

Moles on the left arm meaning
Moles on the left arm. Getty images


Women with a mole on their left arm often have a gentle, kind, and honest nature because they always help people around.

However, no matter how hard the woman tries, she can’t get rich. Feng shui masters say that her money is only enough for food and clothing. If women have a mole on their elbow, they will often have bad luck, an unlucky career path, and do not do well in business.

Because these women know how to sacrifice for their family and nurture the love between the husband and wife, the family life of these people is full of happiness


Men who have moles on their left arms are free-spirited, straightforward, and not a fan of flattery. Sometimes, they can be too honest which can hurt other people’s feelings.

In feng shui, men with moles on their left arms often have a successful career path, high advancement in all jobs. As they become more mature and thoughtful, they can achieve great success in later life.

In order to have a career of continuous advancement, these people often face many difficulties in the beginning. If they try and persevere, their career will go up like a kite meeting wind from the age of 30 onwards.

Men with moles on the left arm are not only lucky in their career, but they are also fortunate in love as well. Feng shui masters say that these people tend to have favorable marriage relationships, happy family life, and obedient children.

3. Moles on the Arm close to the Shoulder

If you have a mole growing on your arm near the shoulder, you need to feel lucky and happy. According to feng shui, people who have these moles are very fortunate. They always have noble people around to support them when needed.

At work, everything will go smoothly for you. If you have a certain problem, someone will always be there to help you through it.

4. Moles on Forearm

According to feng shui interpretation, it doesn’t matter whether male or female has a mole on the lower arm (forearm), they are enthusiastic in everything. They have patience and enthusiasm with friends and colleagues. 

Because of these good qualities, wherever you go, you will be liked by everyone and get help from others even if you are in a far-away place.

However, the career path of men with moles in the lower right arm is turbulent. The most difficult period is before the age of 35. After that, they will settle down and also attain some achievements.

5. Moles on both Arms

Moles on both arms show a person who is kind, sincere, and smart who does not offend people. With their natural talent for speaking, they always attract friends of the opposite sex. However, these people usually experience many short-lived relationships.

Although their work is difficult, with the help of people around them, it is not difficult for them to overcome challenges. In feng shui, it is said that people with moles on both arms will be wealthy at the middle age without worrying about money.

6. Moles on Biceps

Moles on biceps meaning
Moles on biceps

In feng shui, the fate of people with moles on the biceps is very auspicious. They will be lucky in everything from family, love to career. Both men and women will always have luck in life.

In particular, the mole on the right bicep you that you were born to receive blessings. You have many talents and are successful in everything.

However, women with moles on the left bicep have bad health and are often sick, so even if they are rich, they can’t live to old age.

7. Moles close to the Armpit

The position near the armpit shows darkness and obstacles on the way of life according to the art of feng shui. Before the age of 30, there will be a big event or an important decision to make which will happen in the future of the owner.

If someone has a mole close to the armpit, their business goes up and down erratically with little profit and great loss. Thus, their family faces many financial difficulties. This is also the reason why their marriage life is not happy and fulfilled.

8. Moles on Wrist

In feng shui interpretation, smart, agile, and multi-talented qualities are endowed gifts for people with moles in the wrist position. Besides, they are also faithful and full of gratitude.

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