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Accurate Meanings of Moles on the Chest (Men and Women)

In Chinese feng shui, moles on the chest are often related to your luck, wealth, and fortune. Particularly, if you have moles appearing on your breasts, it generally means a comfortable life with much helps from friends and family.

If you are a woman and you have moles on your chest, it is said that you will live an abundant life with a happy marriage.

If you are a man and you have moles on your breasts, you will likely receive abundant luck in your career path and don’t have to think much about money.

However, depending on the locations of the moles on the chest, they may carry a different meaning. That is, it can be either a lucky or unlucky mole due to its location on the breast.

Moreover, a mole should never be interpreted alone, but it has to be considered together with moles on the face.

That is, not only moles on the feet, arms, or hands but also moles on the chest can reveal your personality, character, and even events that may happen in your life.

In this article, I will only focus on the meanings and interpretations of moles on your chest!

Disclaimer: The meaning of moles in this article is suggestive and is not absolute.

1. Moles on Left Breast


Women with a mole in front of their left breast are often those who carry peach luck and are pursued by many people. This can be considered a pretty good mole position because it brings good luck to the owner.

A mole on the left chest is a person whose career path is not very smooth. She does not concentrate well at work. Thus, her career advancement is difficult, insecure, and precarious.

According to Chinese face feng shui, moles located above, as close to the chest as possible, are considered the best mole position for women. It shows the rich and noble life of its owner.

If a woman has this mole, for whole life she will live in wealth, happiness, and joyful family life without much worry. She will have a favorable relationship between husband and wife. This position of mole on the left chest brings great advantages in the path of fame, career, and family.


According to feng shui, it can be said that the moles on the left chest are very favorable for men. They are lucky people in life and work. If they run a business, they will definitely achieve great success with the help of many people, including family, friends, and superiors.

At the same time, the owners of a mole on the left chest also have a lucky love life. They meet many kind and helpful women who help them in every way. When a woman marries a man with moles on his left breast, she also gets a lot of help and doesn’t need to worry about finances. This kind of man is also very loyal to his wife.

2. Moles on Right Breast


Moles on the upper part of a woman’s right breast are moles of “Harmony” according to Chinese face reading. This is also considered a wealthy mole, which indicates fortune and luck in material wealth.She will not have to worry much about money problems in her life. Her life is peaceful and happy. She will not be too rich but never have to worry about food and money.

If the mole is below the right breast, it means that the woman does not have to work hard. She will receive large amounts of money and live a very joyful life.


The mole on the right chest, also known as the neutral or harmonious position in face reading, shows that they are people who are satisfied with what they have. 

In addition, being neutral also means that the man is neither rich nor needy. In general, the fate of these people is to have enough to eat, but not to accumulate wealth later.

The personalities of these people are often quite unique. They know how to be the center of attention. In addition, they are also very suitable for creative and non-restrictive professions, which help them to express their unique abilities and aesthetic views.

If this is a hairy mole, the man has a boost of willpower, confidence, and perseverance.

3. Moles in the Middle of the Breast


Moles located in the middle of the women’s breast are very rare. Unfortunately, these moles are inauspicious according to Chinese face reading. Women who have moles in the middle of their chest are likely to be selfish and only think about themselves.

Therefore, they don’t have a lot of friends because they don’t care much about other people’s feelings.

The positive light of moles located at this part of the body is that it gives the owners beauty. Women with moles at the center of their chest are very beautiful and attractive. They also have a nice-looking body. These women possess a great deal of sexual charisma which help them to charm the opposite sex.


Men with moles on the center of the chest are considered to be very lucky at money-making. The man has a knack for running a business and is helped by colleagues, superiors, and friends to succeed quickly.

They are people who know how to think and plan for the future so that the owner’s future is very bright. 

In addition, men with a mole in the middle of the chest also have a gentle nature, knowing how to listen to the opinions of others. Therefore, this person can make many “best friends” who can help and support each other when needed.

However, the mole growing in the middle of the chest also symbolizes a bad marriage in general. In terms of family, the wife is often “overwhelmed” and receives bad luck from her husband. The man does not get along well with his wife. Their children are prone to be spoiled at an early age.

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