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Accurate Meanings of Moles on the Ears (Men and Women)

In Chinese face feng shui, or Mien Shiang, the ears represent your risk-taking abilities, longevity, fertility, sexuality, reproductive system, and the foundation of physical health.

According to Chinese physiognomy, the ears correlate to the water element, which is directly tied to the power of the kidneys.

Therefore, moles on the ears can either enhance or reduce the natural characteristics of the ears’ meaning depending on their locations.

Generally, if you have moles on the ears, they are an auspicious sign of luck and wealth potential.

In fact, many feng shui practitioners believe that moles located on the ears are symbols of intelligence and a blessful life.

However, we should not only consider the meanings of moles on the ears alone. Instead, we should interpret the meanings of moles on the body and moles on the face altogether to determine a person’s total fortune.

As a part of the face, moles located on the ears can be either lucky facial moles or unlucky facial moles due to their locations, colors, shapes, and sizes.

In this article, I will solely focus on the meanings and interpretations of moles on your ears!

Disclaimer: The meaning of moles in this article is suggestive and is not absolute.

1. Moles on the Outer Ears


A woman with a mole on her left outer ear is a filial child who always cares about everyone around her, especially her parents. Even if they are not married or have their own lives, they always give their parents care and love. 

They have a good educational background and are loved by their parents. These women are well-taught from a young age, so they know the rules very well.

This is the ideal woman of the family, who is filial, intelligent, hard-working, and talented. With these qualities, they may have a successful career and an admirable married life.


Men with moles on their outer ears are usually progressive, intelligent, and kind. In addition, they are very delicate people and often sensitive to the thoughts and feelings of others. 

Therefore, they are loved by many people, who are ready to support them in work and life. Guys with moles in this position often have good luck in general. His life does not have many dramatic events as it moves towards peace.

2. Moles on Earlobes


According to earlobe face reading, moles on the earlobe signify quickness and intelligence. However, this is only partially true. Because according to experts, this mole position in women signifies both good and bad things. 

Women with a mole on the earlobe often have a lot of luck. They have noble people around to support them, so their work and life are prosperous. In addition, they are also capable and talented people themselves, so their paths to promotion are beneficial. 

As long as women with moles on the earlobes have the will to progress, they are likely to achieve the desired results.

However, the disadvantage of these people is their extravagant spending and poor financial management. They can make money but do not have a savings plan and often spend money on unnecessary things. Therefore, their life can only be average while not accumulating much wealth.


Men with a mole on the earlobe are often creative, sharp-minded, and inclined to art. They always want to explore and create new things. Their interests are diverse because they are interested in many different fields. 

However, the disadvantage of these people is boredom. Sometimes, they only want to do things temporarily, so they tend to not finish what they start.

When men with moles on their earlobes are young, they lack maturity, have high self-esteem, and have great ambitions but are not yet capable and brave. This makes them not respected and less trusted by their superiors. These people are often insecure when being assigned to do important work.

Through many events and the ups and downs of their youth, they gradually mature and realize what they need. Thus, life challenges have created a mature and reliable man. 

When people with moles on their earlobes develop their talents and show their bravery, they will surely have an affluent and abundant life. Besides, the mole in the earlobe of a man also means longevity, nobility, and prosperity. 

Even if you encounter many hard challenges, you can still turn danger into safety thanks to the help of others.

3. Moles Behind the Ears


Women with moles behind their ears are usually gentle, mild-mannered, and likable. Their life is very happy while not having to worry about money. Not only do these people have a favorable career, but they also enjoy a large amount of money and property from their family members.

Due to their gentleness, women with moles behind their ears are loved by many people. Moreover, their economy and spending habit are stable. According to face reading, these women can raise good children without being stressed about monetary problems.

In the family, they are the master of the economy – spending and saving. It is also said that a mole behind the ear is a sign of great feminine power.


In face reading of the ear, men with moles growing near behind their ears are usually open, liberal, outgoing, and have many relationships in society. They have the talent to communicate and make many friends. 

However, in love, there are many difficulties due to their changing and unsettling nature. In addition, Men with moles behind their ears are also quick-witted and intelligent. They have a great learning capacity and know how to seize opportunities.

This person’s career is quite favorable. He will reap many advantages and maybe at the climax of his success when he reaches middle age. For these men, mistakes in youth are lessons to change and to improve themselves for a better life. 

After all, this person’s fate is not bad. He will have a lot of children and his assets are enough to spend the rest of his life.

4. Moles Inside the Ears


This is an auspicious mole for women.

If the mole is located inside the ears, then this is a woman with good fortune and long life. Besides, they are also people who live with clear goals and ideals. Everything is done according to what they have planned.

Women with moles inside their ears pursue perfection and the best things in life. They usually seek for ways to improve themselves, cultivate experiences, and gain more knowledge. Women with moles growing in this position are suitable for careers such as teachers, painters, researchers, designers,…


Not only moles on the chest, thigh, or arm but also moles on the ears can reveal unforeseen events that will happen in your life.

This is a lucky mole on the path of love. Men who own a mole inside their ears will surely get a good wife or a happy married life. Especially after getting married, their careers will go up like a kite in the wind. 

Moreover, this man is blessed with good health and long life. He will rarely have sickness and disease. This is a person who has an optimistic attitude. His life will be a healthy life without many troubles and challenges.

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