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The Ultimate Guide to the Meaning of Moles on Your Face (Accurate)

The moles in your face have meaning and you need to know that. They are not there on your face by mere coincidence.

In Chinese face reading, not all moles are bad. Instead, moles can be symbols of fortune and good luck, especially when they are hidden.

The majority of moles act as a warning or reminder for you to be more cautious so that you can protect yourself from danger. This is especially true for moles that are clearly visible.

There are 2 types of moles: lucky moles on your face and unlucky moles on your face. Normally, moles should be interpreted based on their color, shape, and size, as well as their location on the body.

Generally, moles that are red, honey, brown, or green in color can bring good prosperity. Black moles are usually considered inauspicious signs.

While this post applies to both men and women, there are posts that only talk about moles on men’s faces or moles on women’s faces.

If you want to know the real meaning of your moles, read this post until the end. This is the most important part because it shows you the meaning of your moles at a specific location on your face!

Disclaimer: The meaning of moles in this article is suggestive and is not absolute.

If a mole is located on the right side of the head, you will succeed in politics. If the mole is red or green, you will be ordained as a preacher. You can also serve as the president of a community or business organization. You will have social standing and prosperity in all aspects of your life.

If the mole is on the left side of the head, the native will be short of money. In general, the person will not marry and will spend his life traveling. He or she will live a spiritual life and deliver spiritual sermons. There would also be an interest in books if you have a mole in this location.

In the art of reading faces, moles on the back of the head denote that a person is vulnerable to women. Such a person will be emotionally attached to his wife. He makes more money, but he does not have a good reputation in society.

2. Forehead

If there is a mole on the right side of the forehead, it signifies prosperity. You will grow affluent and gain a good personal reputation in society. You will help others and be devoted to God. Your relationship and work-life will be lucky and successful. Traveling and making money may be your main interests in life.

If the mole on the forehead is on the left side, the individual is selfish and does not help others. Others will often treat him with contempt. Typically, this mole is not an auspicious sign. This person tends the be stingy with money.

A mole in the middle of the forehead indicates excessively sensitive individuals who most likely have a difficult relationship with their parents or spouse. However, this mole blesses the person with wisdom and intelligence.

3. Temples

If the mole appears on the right side of the temple, it indicates early marriage and a lovely spouse. There is a chance that you will receive money suddenly and unexpectedly.

If the mole is located on the left temple, it also represents a sudden marriage and rapid fortune. However, the business will incur losses. Others dislike them for a variety of reasons.

4. Eyebrows

Generally, a mole in the eyebrow region signifies that you should be aware of your personality and disposition. It also represents wisdom and independence.

When you have a mole in the center of the eyebrows, it represents leadership skills, fortune, reputation, and fame. You will enjoy luxury and ladies.

Chinese face reading states that if a mole is located on the right eyebrow, an early marriage with a lovely woman is predicted (for men). After marriage, you will become fortunate.

If the mole is on the person’s left eyebrow, he or she will be unfortunate. They are unable to appropriately manage the money and may face difficulties in their career or business.

When you have a hidden mole in the eyebrows, it is a sign of ambition, leadership, and higher education. You are likely to make friends with influential people in your life. Moreover, this mole also tells that you may possess a hidden talent that will be revealed later in life.

5. Eyelids

A mole on the right eyelid is associated with riches. If you have this mole, you will grow wealthy slowly. You will be filled with inner pride and believe that you are magnificent. Yet, expenditure will increase as well. You may spend money on spiritual works such as building temples or doing prayer.

A mole on the left eyelid indicates a normal life. The individual makes a minimum amount of money. He is likely to be jealous of others.

A mole on the inner area of the upper eyelids signifies a fortunate and prosperous individual. On the other hand, a mole in the inner region of the lower eyelids represents domestic problems and a lack of luck.

6. Eyes

Many people have moles inside the eyes even though this rarely happens.

In Chinese face reading, when you have a mole in your right eye, it is a sign of fortune and wealth. Even if you do not work, you can become wealthy merely by luck.

A mole in the left eye suggests an arrogant individual who is looking for love. If it is on the face of a man, he will have a hidden and unlawful relationship with a lady.

Moles in the eye socket (corner towards the ear) imply a generous and peaceful personality. However, unexpected death is possible at any time.

Moles in the eye socket (corner towards the nose bridge) signify the death of the individual’s children and his grief.

7. Cheeks

In the Chinese art of face interpretation, the main traits of the moles appearing on the cheeks are power, authority, and hard work.

A mole on the left cheek represents introverted and wasteful individuals. They prefer to have a small group of friends.

A mole on the right cheek represents growth in fortune. If you have this mole, you have a caring attitude towards your friends and family.

A mole on your top cheek on the outside corner of your eye indicates romance and a tough-love life.

A mole on the cheekbones around the top lip indicates that the individual is emotional and constantly aware of others.

A mole on the round area of the cheek indicates a self-absorbed and self-centered individual.

8. Ears

Generally, a mole on the ears is a sign of good income and luxurious life. However, the person can be wasteful so the spending is often uncontrollable.

When the mole appears at the backside of the ears, it indicates someone who follows tradition and customs. The person is likely to marry his or her spouse from a higher family.

A mole on the right ear implies that the individual is intelligent and analytical. He or she may thrive in science.

A mole on the left ear suggests that the individual is emotional and may succeed in the humanities.

9. Earlobes

According to Chinese face reading, a mole on the earlobes symbolizes a good reputation and character.

Because the earlobes signify one’s bond with one’s family, a mole on the right earlobe strengthens the person’s dedication to his family.

If the moles occur on both ear lobes, the person is endowed with great intelligence and longevity.

10. Nose

Mole on nose meaning
Mole on the nose

In face reading, if you have moles appearing on your nose, they generally represent your social status and self-esteem.

A mole on the nose tip signifies fast thinking and a short temper. Such a person will have a high sense of self-worth and will typically surpass others. This person is likely to live extravagantly. He or she will not have financial security due to their wasteful spending habit.

A mole on the right side of the nose implies greater money with less work. A mole on the left side of the nose causes poor outcomes. The person is likely to engage in prostitution.

A mole on the nose bridge between the nostrils signifies difficulties in obtaining a job and financial loss. Areas of wealth, health, and marriage will not be fortunate.

A mole beneath the nose denotes a strong sexual urge. The individual has a huge family with many children.

A mole on the nose wings suggests losses in monetary matters, particularly when the person is around 50 years old.

11. Lips

Moles located on the lips should be treated similarly with moles on the mouth.

In the Chinese art of face reading, if you have a mole on the upper lip, you are a kind person who likes to help everyone. There will be problems with females in your life, as well as expensive goods. If the mole is located in the corner of the upper lip, it means that you generally love eating good food.

A mole on the bottom lip also denotes a person who enjoys good food. Moreover, the person is interested in acting and theatre arts.

A person proficient in mantras and mystic powers is characterized by a mole on the inner side of the upper lip. A mole on the inside side of the lower lip denotes a drinker who loses money on gambling.

12. Tongue

A mole in the center of the tongue suggests educational challenges. The native may not be able to communicate fluently. There may be many health issues as well.

People with moles on the tongue’s tip (outer edge) can persuade others by their words. These people are astute and diplomatic. When this mole appears on your body, you will enjoy good food and your children will have a bright future.

13. Chin

Moles on the chin are related to your self-assertion, persistence, and work attitude.

A mole in the center of the chin signifies a noble person who earns praises from others. This person will be more prosperous as they get older.

A mole in the center of your chin below your lips signifies that you are an extremely careful financial manager. You are likely to enjoy arguing and debating.

In Chinese face reading, if the mole appears in the bottom of your chin (middle, right, or left), this is a sign of fame and glory.

Moles on the right side of the chin symbolize logic, reasoning, and diplomatic abilities. They have the ability to persuade people through their skillful words. Their income will be quite good, and they will quickly gain recognition and fame.

Moles on the left side of the chin signify a person who speaks bluntly and hence is disliked by others. He becomes irritable and bad-tempered. Expenditure will be out of his control. In a positive light, this person is very honest.

14. Moles in Specific Locations on the Face

This art of interpreting the moles on your face is based on the Chinese Almanac, also known as the Tung Shu. Tung (通) means “all”, Shu (書) means “book”. Therefore, Tung Shu means “All-knowing Book”.

This is a powerful tool that the Chinese face readers use to predict the fortune and destiny of any person.

First, check to see where the locations of the moles on your face are.

Next, identify the number and check their meanings in the table below.

Disclaimer: Different schools of mole readings interpret the moles differently. Therefore, if you have a mole in a specific place on your body, you should compare its meaning in many of my different articles.

Mole’s location on the faceMeanings
1-3You were rebellious and free-spirited as a child. However, the relationship between you and your family does not bring you much happiness. You are creative and work best alone, such as running your own business, instead of working under others’ authority.
4You tend to make rash decisions due to your impulsive nature. You are also “too honest”, yet you have charisma and can be a great leader.
5This mole means that you need to work harder than others to achieve success. However, in the end, you will earn what you deserve. It is also recommended that you should not trust others too much. You should pay attention to your income because others can take some of your fortunes away. This mole also indicates that you are a supportive person who would devote yourself to serving your loved ones.
6A mole here denotes intelligence, innovation, and artistic ability. Your artistic skill has the potential to offer you fortune, reputation, and achievement. It also represents great luck in terms of money, but this can only be completely fulfilled if you follow your heart rather than the usual ways of earning a living. If you are bold, you will achieve success.
7Moles beneath the eyebrows signal family disputes that give you pain and sadness. This will have an impact on your job and livelihood. If you want to go on with peace of mind, it is best to address any disagreements you have with your family.
8A mole here signifies an inability to keep money doesn’t matter how much you earn. This mole usually appears on the face of gamblers because they do not keep money well. A person with a mole in this area has an inclination to flirt with people of the opposite sex as well as people of the same sex. They should be careful where they use their charms, or they will end up in bad luck. However, this mole blesses the individual with good interpersonal skills and an optimistic attitude.
9The mole in this location is considered partially inauspicious. It suggests sexual problems while it may bring luck to the individual in terms of wealth.
10This is a sign of fertility luck. You should anticipate to receive great emotional support from your family and friends. You will be financially and emotionally satisfied because you have the support of these people.
11A tendency to suffer ill health is indicated in this area. If this mole is large and dark, it is recommended that you should try to remove it. Otherwise, it may bring your immune system down and you may get injured easily.
12A mole in this location is considered an auspicious sign. You will have a successful as well as a balanced life. This is a good mole in general, which indicates good luck in work, career, relationships, family, etc. If this mole appears on a woman’s face, she is both beautiful and attractive.
13Moles above or below the eyes, like position 7, are often associated with sorrow. It’s not surprising that the sadness stems from disputes with children and the continual anxiety they bring home. You learn to be tolerant toward your children as you can’t do much about them.
14A lack of self-control related to overeating is indicated here. There is also a tendency that a person will develop allergies to certain kinds of food.
15A mole in this location reveals a person who can’t stay still. You are a person who is continuously on the go and who is continually upgrading and renovating your home. You enjoy being exposed to new experiences and going to different places. You are unhappy if you stay in one spot for an extended period of time. You appreciate travel and adventure and have a keen sense of observation.
16This mole indicates problems related to food and sex. The person is likely to have weight problems in either overweighting or underweighting. This individual is also interested in romantic relationships, sometimes with more than one person.
17A mole in here means you have a very active life. You will be a well-known social figure who is extremely motivated and has a successful career. However, you should be careful of being overly confident, which can lead to aggression and loss of reputation.
18You are a person who is constantly traveling. Although your mole says that you should stay home, you love to travel around the world to many different countries. If this mole is on a man’s face, he may inherit a great fortune from his ancestors. If this mole is on a woman’s face, she can expect to be married into a wealthy family.
19This is a good mole as it brings luck and fortune to the owner. You have many good friends in your life. However, you may be “too weak” due to the attraction coming from the opposite sex. Therefore, you should pay close attention to your personal and romantic relationship.
20A mole in this location is like a coin which has 2 faces. You can be either very lucky or very unlucky. However, fame and social recognition are destined to arrive in your life. You tend to have a smooth career with abundant money coming in. This mole also indicates someone who is highly intelligent.
21This is an auspicious mole. It implies that you don’t have to worry about what you eat and drink throughout your life. Moreover, this mole blesses you with reputation and recognition.
22This is a mole of power and authority. You perform best when you are in a leadership position. Your life will generally be filled with happiness and joy.
23When you have a mole in this location, it means that you are smart both on the street and at a professional job. Longevity is associated with this mole and you will have good friends and family together with you until the end. If it’s on a female face, it brings more luck to her husband.
24A mole in this area signifies luck and fortune at an early age. Therefore, it is suggested that you should utilize your fame and fortune so they will last long until you are old. This is due to the fact that as you get older, your life will be harder.
25Prosperity, luck, and fortune are associated with a mole in this area. However, you should pay attention to your excessive quality. You will live a long and rich life if you know how to maintain a traditional attitude.
Moles in Specific Locations on the Face

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