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Accurate Meanings of Moles on the Feet (Men and Women)

According to the art of feng shui, moles on the feet can indicate luck and wealth potential. As we use our feet for walking, moles on the feet are also related to traveling and career development.

Without a strong lower foundation, we cannot climb high on the ladder of success.

In Chinese face feng shui, moles can be the signs of your fortune, love life, and career. They can represent what you did in your previous lives. Thus, in this life, you have moles appearing on your body to indicate the things that you had done before.

Due to this reason, these moles can also reveal your tendency in this life. That is, you are likely to commit the same deeds that you did in your past life.

To understand the total meaning of the mole, we should not interpret it as a single factor. In other words, moles on the feet should also be considered together with moles on the face or moles on the hands to understand your fortune for your whole life.

In this post, I will talk about the meanings of moles on your feet based on the art of Chinese feng shui!

Disclaimer: The meaning of moles in this article is suggestive and is not absolute.

1. Moles on the Sole

Feng shui masters said that the most beautiful and meaningful mole position is on the soles of the feet. Moles on the sole of the feet are considered the mole of wealth, affluence, and luck. In particular, the bigger the mole, the more fortune the owner has.


For women, moles on the soles of the feet signify good luck. They usually don’t have to worry much about financial problems. Feng shui masters claim that these women receive much support from their friends and family. 

However, their love life is tough because they overestimate themselves, so it is difficult for them to meet the right partner.


For men, moles on the soles of the feet show that they are upright people who are good at talking and communicating. These people are very popular with their colleagues as well as those around them. 

Besides, they are also talented people. Their future is bright and their career can go very far. In feng shui, men with moles on the soles of the feet have great leadership qualities and are always respected by others. 

In addition, their love life is also very favorable and lucky. They tend to meet the right partner. It is said that after getting married, they will live in a happy home.

2. Moles on the Instep

Unfortunately, the mole on the instep suggests bad luck. The future fortune of the owner is often quite unlucky.

Although these people work very hard, they often do not receive the results worthy of their efforts. It is said that people with moles on the instep do not have a wealthy life as it is difficult to accumulate wealth. 

Besides, the love path of these people is also not favorable. At the end of life, they can live alone without a close partner by their side.

3. Moles on the Heel

A mole on the foot but located on the heel is considered a lucky position for the owner. A mole in this position represents a person with good judgment, great leadership skills, and is admired and respected by many people.

If you are a leader, you will definitely be a talented leader who makes the right decisions and is straightforward. You always put the interests of the group first. 

Besides, moles on the heel reveal that you know how to listen to other people’s opinions. You strive to improve yourself because you want to turn yourself into a dynamic and trendy person.

In addition, a mole on the heel indicates that you have to move often such as going on a business trip abroad. You should not live in one place for a long time. However, feng shui practitioners say that you may not feel bothered about this problem and do not mind too much traveling.

4. Moles on the Ankle

When it comes to moles on the feet, it is impossible to ignore the position on the ankles. People who own this mole often have a quiet personalities and are not good at communicating. Thus, they often find it difficult to please others, have trouble starting a new job or carry out a certain plan.

However, moles on the ankles are not entirely bad. Women with a mole in this position have a kind and gentle nature. This is also a trait that attracts the opposite sex, so they are pursued by many people.

5. Moles on the Big Toe (First Toe)

The big toe is considered to be the pillar of the feet according to Chinese feng shui, so the mole in this position represents your power and leadership ability. You have the ability to master and manage things very well.

Additionally, you have the talent to persuade others and make others believe and follow you. Therefore, your career future is very fortunate.

A mole on the big toe also shows that you are an intelligent and sharp person who can solve all problems quickly. This is also a factor that helps you to gain the respect of many people and to be loved and respected by them.

6. Moles on the Long Toe (Second Toe)

Whether the person is a male or female, if they have a mole on their long toe, they are often in poor health and have a lot of headaches. In feng shui, these people are mentally depressed and can’t sleep well.

This is why their career and fortunes are not good. They themselves have no foresight about the future.

In addition, the marital love of people with moles on the long toe is also not satisfactory. In general, the future is quite dark and gloomy.

7. Moles on the Middle Toe (Third Toe)

According to the Chinese feng shui, if the mole on the foot grows on the middle toe, it is not beneficial to the owner’s career path. They often do businesses far from home and have to wander here and there.

Despite their hardships, these people do not earn much money. They can only just make enough money to live, but may not become very rich.

8. Moles on the Ring Toe (Fourth Toe)

People with moles on the ring toe are often carefree and pure. They do not calculate much in life because they are often selfless individuals. Thanks to this personality, they are very popular with the people around them.

In the art of feng shui, if you have a mole on the ring toe, you will have many social relationships and are supported by many people.

At work, you often have to travel a lot because of hard work. Fortunately, you may find yourself enjoying a job that requires frequent traveling. Therefore, no matter how busy you are and no matter how hard you are, you still feel satisfied with what you have.

9. Moles on the Little Toe (Fifth Toe)

Surely no one wants to own a mole on the little toe because this position represents the bad luck that hinders your fortune. Because this person is an introvert, they rarely show their emotions outside.

Thus, it is difficult for others to understand their thoughts. Feng shui masters also say that these people are often upset in love affairs. 

Moreover, because this individual is a very sensitive person, when they have trouble in love, they can’t focus on anything. A bad mood has a tremendous influence on these people. 

Therefore, when people with moles on their little toes need to decide something, they should think very carefully to avoid getting unwanted results.

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