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Meaning of Moles on the Female Body (31 Locations)

Chinese face reading masters believe that both moles on your face and body carry memories from your previous lives.

That is, moles on your body can reveal what you did in your past incarnation as well as your tendency to do the same deeds in this life.

For women, moles on the body often represent events related to love stories, relationships, family, beauty, and career. The moles on female bodies also indicate your personality and character, which either bring good or bad luck to your life.

In other words, moles that are either lucky or unlucky are based on their locations, shapes, and colors. If you do many good deeds in your past life, it is likely that you will have auspicious moles located on your body.

In this article, the meaning of moles applies to a female’s body only. If you are a man, please check my post on the meanings of moles on the male body.

There is also a post on the meaning of moles on both male and female bodies for your further interest.

Notes: Please remember that different schools of mole readings interpret the moles differently. Therefore, if you have a mole in a specific place on your body, you should compare its meaning in many of my different articles.

Thus, you can understand the total meaning of your mole, not just a part of it. Just follow the link that I already placed according to the specific location of your body.

Now, please identify where your moles are on your body and check their meaning in the table below:

Disclaimer: The meaning of moles in this article is suggestive and is not absolute.

1If this mole is on a woman’s body, she is honest and likes to help people around. Thus, she tends to do many good deeds.
2When a mole is on your thigh, you have a lot of luck in life. In whatever you do, you will be helped by many noble people, so your life will be smooth and peaceful in general.
3According to face reading, you will have a happy life and meet many beneficial opportunities. This mole reveals that you will have a lucky life.
4When a mole is located on this body location, the woman is stubborn and lustful. However, she is likely to be famous in her life.
5A mole on the navel signifies a liberal lifestyle. This person has great material ambitions but can’t stand suffering. Usually, this individual does not know how to accumulate money, so when something unexpected happens, they can’t handle it.
6When a woman has a mole on this location of her body, she is good at talking and negotiating. She also has a good taste in food, but she is unable to control the need to eat.
7This mole is on the arm, revealing that you are patient, ready to face difficulties, and know how to care for the other party. You tend to have a longer life expectancy than your spouse.
8Likes to travel. Working with a high sense of responsibility, smart and flexible mind, suitable for research professions.
9Have a high sense of responsibility at work, suitable for doing research. In addition, you love to travel and are here to explore life.
10This is an auspicious mole. It indicates someone with outstanding beauty while having more outstanding talents than people. She has a strong attraction to everyone and is loved by many people.
11This is a wealthy mole according to the art of feng shui. You will give birth to filial and polite children. However, special attention should be paid to your health.
12If a woman has this mole on her chest, she has challenging love relationships and she often falls into a passive position. The woman can suffer from adultery or a painful love story. However, she may live in richness and prosperity.
13A mole here indicates that the woman carries all the big jobs in the family in both the parents’ family and the husband’s family. This person likes to argue, so she is not liked by everyone.
14Stingy character but good fortune, rich life. In addition, attention should be paid to digestive diseases.
15In life, this person always falls into a passive position, has a difficult love relationship, and may have infidelity problems in marriage.
16Take on the responsibility of taking care of your parents for the rest of your life. This person has deep thoughts. Because of thinking too much, she often feels tired and pressured.
17If this mole appears on the neck of a female body, it means good fortune, satisfactory life, confident attitude, and generous spending.
18The pre-marital period is full of happiness and harmony between husband and wife. However, it is more likely that her husband will die soon, so she may have a mental breakdown or even commit suicide. Things could eventually turn out to be good if this is a hairy mole.
19A woman who has this mole on her body likes to travel. She rarely stays in one place and is often absent from home. In addition, it is necessary to prevent car accidents.
20A mole on the feet indicates that you are outgoing, flexible, good at communication, and like to travel. She can make good friends easily and she is very helpful at work.
21When this mole is on a woman’s body, there is no will to progress. She is lazy and always asks others for help. She should do a lot of good deeds to cultivate virtue.
22A woman with this mole on her body is often lazy. She has no will to advance while only choosing light work. When problems arise, she tends to blame others. In addition, it is necessary to prevent external injury.
23Although work and position face obstacles, if you do a lot of good deeds and cultivate virtue, your life will get better.
24Hasty, impatient, likes to travel here and there, life has many ups and downs. However, if you are patient and persistent, you will be successful.
25A woman who has this mole on her body is often lazy and likes to rely on others. Thus, it is difficult to achieve great success in her career.
26Strong body, may have learned martial arts in her life, delicate thinking, suitable to become writers, politicians or thinkers.
27If a mole is located on a woman’s body in this area, it is necessary to prevent diseases of the digestive tract and kidneys.
28This is an auspicious mole. The women were well taken care of by their parents in childhood. She can make money easily and raise good children. She will receive blessings from her children in later life.
29A mole here indicates shy temperament, lack of confidence, and unstable work. The woman is easy to give up halfway.
30Confident attitude, generous spending, favorable life, not having to go through much turbulence, happy and lucky fate.
31The mole on this bodily location indicates that life is poor, but if the woman learns to save money, the poverty situation will be significantly improved.
Meanings of Moles on Female Body

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