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Meaning of Moles on Body (62 Locations)

In the Chinese art of face reading, it is said that you carry your moles as a result of what you did in your past lives.

That is, moles on your body can reveal what you did in your previous incarnation as well as your tendency to commit the same deeds in this life.

If you did many good deeds in your past lives, you will likely have auspicious moles in good locations, especially if the moles appear on your face. If you did something bad…. then the moles on your body will never lie!

There are 2 kinds of moles in Chinese face reading: lucky moles and unlucky moles. To determine the nature of the moles, we have to consider many factors such as colors, shapes, and locations.

In this post, the meanings of moles’ location on your body apply both to males and females. There are other posts that I have written about, which only applies to either men’s or women’s body.

So are you ready?

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Notes: Understand that different schools of mole readings interpret the moles differently. Therefore, if you have a mole in a specific place on your body, you should compare its meaning in many of my different articles.

Thus, you can understand the total meaning of your mole, not just a part of it. Just follow the link that I already placed according to the specific location of your body.

Moles on the Front of Male and Female Body

Disclaimer: The meaning of moles in this article is suggestive and is not absolute.

LocationsMeaning of Moles on Male and Female Body (Front)
1A mole on the arm of the body indicates life challenges for both men and women. There will be moments when things will be difficult. The good news is that if your mole is red and appears more in the front than the back, you will be able to overcome any obstacles that may arise.
2According to Wof, you are a very stressed individual. Remember to take a deep breath if you feel overburdened by your loved ones.
3You are famous and efficient, and your life is filled with one busy task after another. You have enough employment and are in high demand in community interactions. This is most likely due to the fact that you will be in a high-level position with significant responsibilities.
4A mole around the middle of the front chest suggests that you should be cautious about your eating habits, especially if it is black and noticeable. On the bright side, a light-colored mole indicates that your spouse respects you.
5For both male and female, a mole on the upper chest indicates a comfortable life with minimal concerns. However, when you are in your fifties, you must take care of your health. If you have a hairy mole on the chest, it may boost your ambition and drive.
6This is an indication of a highly ambitious individual with lofty goals. If your palm shows additional signs of success, you might climb to significant fame.
7A mole in this location denotes someone who is generous and compassionate in the heart. When it comes to business, you are honorable and trustworthy.
8A mole on the stomach represents someone who has everything going for them. Your life will be easy and secure. This is a really lucky mole, and it is preferable if it is tiny.
9A mole on your navel indicates that you will have a lot of money luck. The smaller the mole, the better, but it must be black and noticeable. If it comes into contact with your navel, you will become extremely wealthy.
10The man who has a mole in this bodily location will be blessed with many children.
11For both men and women, a mole here indicates that you are endowed with devoted children who will bring you great joy. They are going to make you proud of them.
12A mole here will bring you a lot of luck. Everything in your life will go smoothly, and there will be some unexpected windfalls. When two moles appear here, it denotes tremendous good fortune.
13A mole on either side of your lower abdomen indicates that you will have a lovely spouse. You will be endowed with a wonderful appearance as well.
14For men, a mole around the armpits is a sign of good fortune. If the mole is deep inside the armpit, it indicates that you will rise to a high position in life.
15A mole on this area of your arm indicates that you must work hard for whatever you obtain. You can also be involved in jobs that require many physical works.
16A mole on the inner curve of your arm indicates that it is difficult for you to receive appreciation for your efforts. That is, getting the desired results may be difficult for you.
17A mole on the inside of your lower hand means that you will deal with money throughout your whole life, even if the money is not necessarily yours. You should be aware of your financial transactions, as this mole is a warning mole.
18A mole on your inside wrist indicates that you enjoy spending money and will have the struggle to keep it. Giving to charity is a good method to guarantee you have lots of money to spend and give away. When the mole is on the left hand, it implies that money is flowing out quicker than it can be made. On the other hand, others claim that this mole attracts a constant supply of money.
19A mole appearing on the thigh of males is an indicator of inheritance luck, therefore you may be handed a small wealth by a relative. On women, it implies that money will be earned by your own labor.
20Moles on the lower leg are not a favorable omen for both men and women since they indicate that you will face adversity and sorrow in your life.
21Moles on the front of a man’s foot indicate a life filled with travel, both for pleasure and for business. If the mole is tiny, it represents pleasure while traveling. When the mole is excessively huge, it indicates that travel will be difficult.
22A mole on the base of your neck might sometimes signal a short life, as well as the risk of being severely stressed. You should learn to rest.
23One having this mole is entrusted with the obligation of looking after the family. However, it is also a sign that she will do an excellent job and will be handsomely compensated in the future.
24In Chinese face reading, this mole denotes someone who is extremely passionate and has a high level of sexual drive.
25If you locate this mole on a lady, you may be certain that your children are in good hands, since she is a great mother. She will also have a strong connection with them.
26This mole will be seen on a lady with unpredictable qualities. She will also have a propensity for overspending.
27For women, don’t confide in her since she is unlikely to keep a secret. She is not malicious, but she enjoys talking… So be cautious.
28For both males and females, a mole here implies that you take care of your money or risk losing part of your hard-earned wealth.
29This is a really cheerful lady who also happens to be incredibly wealthy. This mole is an excellent predictor of prosperity and fortune.
30This is a very desirable mole, implying a person with a friendly attitude who treats everyone with respect and is, in turn, greatly loved.
31You will have to work very hard to achieve in life if you have a mole on your knee. This applies to both men and women.
32A mole here implies that you are not an ambitious person. Knowing this, it’s possible that it’s time to start creating objectives in life.
33If this mole appears on either male or female body, it represents someone who is cold-hearted.
34If you discover a mole on the top of your foot, you will discover that your love life is not going well. However, if it is red, it indicates that you will be successful in your love life, with the main issue being that you are too flirty to stay in a committed relationship.
Meaning of Moles on Male and Female Body (Front)

Moles on the Back of Male and Female Body

LocationsMeaning of Moles on Male and Female Body (Back)
35A mole near the back of the neck is a positive mole, indicating that you will have all you need to provide yourself with all of life’s requirements. There is a good chance that you will be wealthy and that your life will be prosperous.
36Men who have a mole in the center of their back would suffer from backache all the time. Their lives are filled with one issue after another. Previously, a mole like this would have been surgically corrected and removed.
37Carrying a mole on one’s back shoulder represents a female who must bear the load of many heavy duties, including having to accept numerous humiliations in life. Once again, this is a mole that should be removed.
38Backstabbing and politicking will occur if moles are located here. Unless you remove this mole, you will have a difficult time avoiding the slings and arrows directed at you. It’s no joy to be deceived, thus it’s much preferable to get rid of this mole.
39If men or women have this mole in their bodies, it denotes a shortage of good fortune. It’s likely that you’re finding it difficult to keep your job, either because you don’t enjoy it or because the employer doesn’t like you.
40A mole here denotes a bad fortune. It’s likely that you’re finding it difficult to keep your job, either because you don’t enjoy it or because the employer doesn’t like you. (Same as 39)
41A mole in the small of the back signals a lack of ambition, indecision, and a general inclination to mislead people. You will discover that you lack drive to continue and will want regular pushing to move on with your life. However, this mole also means that you have good spouse luck, which is a wonderful sign.
42Because this is an auspicious mole, it represents the possibility of prosperity and fortune. Doing your own business might bring you a lot of luck. If you have such a mole, you should start your own business rather than work for someone else.
43A buttock-mole is a great indication of knowledge, wisdom, and creativity in Chinese face reading. You will climb to high fame and be respected.
44Moles on the back of the thighs signify a person who will have a lot of luck, in either male or female body. You will also be attractive and highly respected.
45This mole, located somewhat lower towards the back of the thighs, denotes someone who is exceptionally intelligent and intellectual. This is a person on whom you can rely.
46If your mole is on the back of your knee, you will have to live a life devoid of nice things. You should think about eliminating this mole.
47This is a mole of one who is very busy, but it is a “good” kind of busy since it gives acknowledgment. It is located at the back of the calf. You will have positive interactions with the majority of individuals.
48A man with a mole on the back of his ankle will tend to remain away from home and may even relocate far away. This is a mole that symbolizes someone who is constantly on the go.
49A lady with a mole on her back is said to be lacking in elegance and refinement. Ideally, this mole should not be discovered. It is preferable to hide it according to the art of face reading.
50This mole foretells both love and marriage problems, and if it is black in color, the signs are considerably worse.
51When this mole is located on a either man’s or woman’s body, this individual has a bad habit of being messy and unorganized.
52A mole on the outer wrist signifies the probability of a broken marriage or, at the very least, highly unstable love life in your forties. However, if it is properly hidden with long sleeves, the volatility may decrease.
53If you find a mole on the back of your hand, keep it because it means you’re going to make a lot of money!
54A mole in this context denotes a marriage that may have had unfavorable conditions.
55You will be someone who is diligent about your work. This mole denotes someone who is dependable and trustworthy.
56In Chinese face reading, finding a mole on your behind suggests a safe and prosperous life.
57If you have this mole, you will have to deal with a lot of gossip and backstabbing in your life.
58This mole represents someone who has a lot of patience, but when pushed to the limit, they might explode.
59This mole describes a person who is really skilled with numbers and handling money, thus you will become an excellent accountant.
60A mole on the back of a lady’s knee indicates that she will have outstanding interpersonal skills and will get along well with most people.
61This mole on either male or female body represents a large number of companions who will always be there for you. This is a fantastic mole.
62This mole means that you must work really hard while maintaining a positive relationship with others.
Meaning of Moles on Male and Female Body (Back)

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