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Meaning of Moles on the Male Body (20 Locations)

Similar to moles located on your face, it is said that moles on your body can carry memories from your past lives. That is, moles on your body can reveal what you did in your previous incarnation as well as your tendency to commit the same deeds in this life.

For men, moles on the body can represent events related to career, wealth, reputation, and health. The moles on male bodies also indicate your personality and character, which either bring good or bad luck to your life.

In other words, moles that are lucky or unlucky are depended on their locations, shapes, and colors. If you do many charitable works in your previous life, it is likely that you will have good moles appearing on your body.

In this post, the meaning of moles applies to a male’s body only. If you are a woman, please check my article about the meanings of moles on the female body.

There is also a post on the meaning of moles on both male and female bodies if you want to check this out!

Notes: Please remember that different schools of mole readings interpret the moles differently. Therefore, if you have a mole in a specific place on your body, you should compare its meaning in many of my different articles.

Thus, you can understand the total meaning of your mole, not just a part of it. Just follow the link that I already placed according to the specific location of your body.

Please identify where your moles are located and check their meaning in the table below:

Disclaimer: The meaning of moles in this article is suggestive and is not absolute.

1When a man has this mole on his feet, he is outgoing, dynamic, and easy to be liked by superiors. In addition, the man loves to travel and experiences life.
2If a mole is located at the back of the thigh, the temperament of the owner is rough and easily excited, This man is easy to offend others in work or life. In addition, he has great lust.
3If this mole appears on a male body, the man is lucky in both work and life.
4In feng shui, this is a mole that indicates wealth. In life, you have a lot of luck and you will be helped in whatever you do.
5A mole here indicates full of vitality, good fortune, and great sex drive. If you know how to restrain yourself and at the same time promote your outstanding advantages, in the future, you will achieve remarkable achievements.
6Steadfast will, do your best to overcome difficulties, know how to care for your other half. This is a mole of longevity.
7In face reading, this person enjoys food and is in good health. In life, the guy can friends easily everywhere. It is beneficial for the development of career and reputation.
8When this mole is located at the navel on a male body, it symbolizes good fortune, good luck, and many opportunities to develop in life. You will get help from many people in whatever you do.
9High sense of responsibility, love to travel here and there to experience life. In addition, this person is very interested in research, tends to become a research expert in the field of science and technology.
10The mole here reveals someone who likes to travel and work with a high sense of responsibility. He is suitable for research professions in science and technology.
11Relationships with the opposite sex are harmonious, but they are not noticed or impressed by the other. Therefore, life is quite peaceful, even boring.
12A mole in this area of the chest means the owner does not know how to leave a good impression. This person may have a difficult love story and is easy to commit adultery. His or her job also faces many obstacles.
13Stingy temperament, poor health, often suffering from many diseases, especially digestive diseases. However, fortune is very good, do not have to worry about material things.
14Hardworking, like to exercise, good health. However, his love story is difficult, it is easy to fall into complicated infidelity.
15The man can raise dutiful children. At the end of life, he will enjoy blessings from children. However, it is important to pay attention to health issues.
16You play an important role in shouldering your family and raising children. If there are many other moles around the arm, it shows that the number of people who you have to take care and nurture is more. Due to the great pressure, you often feels stressed and tired.
17Like the mole on the right shoulder, this mole shows that this person has the burden of raising his wife and children on his shoulder. In addition, this person often argues with people, so it is often not welcomed. Work is also affected.
18Likes to travel, spend most of my life going here and there to explore life. However, it is necessary to pay attention to safety, especially when participating in traffic.
19In general, a mole around the neck area indicates a happy life, perfect marriage, and good family life. However, if something goes wrong, such as the spouse dies at an early age, this person has a tendency to commit suicide.
20If this is a hairy mole, it is a good sign. You may be born into a rich family. Your life is abundant and not lacking anything. Therefore, you are extremely confident but can appear arrogant. It is said that this person may depend too much on his or her parents for living.
Meaning of Moles on Male Body

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