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The Meaning of Moles on Men’s Faces (78 Exact Locations)

You do not have your moles by coincidence.

Moles appearing on your face can indicate things related to your career, ambition, family, and relationship. They can also reveal your fortune, especially about how much money you can expect during your lifetime.

In Chinese face reading, there are 3 primary divisions of the face:

  1. Upper Part: Forehead to Eyebrows
  2. Middle Part: Eyebrows to Nose
  3. Lower Part: Nose to Chin

There are also 2 kinds of moles: lucky moles on the face and unlucky moles on the face. You can determine a mole’s nature by identifying its colors, shapes, and locations.

Now, please identify where your moles are located in your face and check their meanings in the table below:

Note: The meaning of the mole in this article is suggestive. Your fortunes depend on many other traits and characteristics in your face. And, most importantly, your life is in your hands.

Mole’s LocationMeanings of Moles on Men’s face
1If the mole is red, this is an auspicious indication that the man is independent, unconcerned about kinship, more likely to achieve great success in his career, and enjoys his freedom.
If the mole is deep black, it indicates that the man is strong and confident and can always achieve through his own efforts. However, he is not suited for forming a partnership with others. He may forsake friendship for personal gain.
2The man is short-tempered, irritable, and easily angered.
3Harmful to father or cause harm to him.
4Desire to be a leader, advance in the ranks, and have a certain potential to pursue politics.
5Interested in public issues and likes to participate in activities with others.
6If the mole is in good color, it is a symbol of wealth.
7If it is red, it is extremely fortunate.
8No family, rushing about all year and maybe dying in a remote and strange location.
9If it is red, it represents money, business talent, and the ability to become wealthy.
10Prone to life-threatening situations in mountain climbing or participating in dangerous hobbies. Reduce your travel as much as possible and improve your job at home.
11A bad omen of an unsociable and unconventional personality. Suicide is a possibility.
12If the mole is in good color, it is a sign of a successful official career and an indication of being affluent.
13If the mole is red, it means you’ve had a successful official career.
If the mole is black, it means you’ve failed since you’ve made a lot of enemies.
14You tend to spend money wastefully or give away money abundantly to charity.
15If it’s red, you’re a leader and an officer.
16The man was born to be a tyrant who is very brutal.
17If it is brilliant and red, it is highly auspicious to be an executive.
18If it’s red, you’re in luck.
19Brutal and ruthless.
20Susceptible to misfortune, particularly accidents involving fire and water.
21An unfavorable omen of violent and aggressive men.
22If it’s red, it represents good luck with your official career.
23Aggressive and prone to financial misfortune.
24An omen of imminent catastrophe.
25Evil and cruel men.
26Cruel, unruly, difficult to teach.
27Bad luck to son.
28Bad luck to father.
29Bad luck to wife and children.
30Bad luck to daughter.
31Female descendants are rare. Prone to getting into disputes as a result of lust and affection.
32Bad luck to son.
33Prosperous yet crafty men.
34Destructive personality.  Prone to destroy the family and lose possession of the property.
35Prone to water-related accidents.
36Unlucky in acquiring wealth.
37Good luck and fortune in general.
38No need to be concerned about food or clothing.
39Have limited wealth related to land and real estate. The man tends to have money-related problems.
40Living in poverty and at risk of starvation for the rest of one’s life.
41Bad luck to subordinates.
42Talkative and mischievous.
43If this mole appears on men’s faces, it represents hard luck to receive money, even in doing side-jobs.
44A wealthy symbol of tremendous fortune.
45Intelligent and bright men.
46A prosperous mole for men.
47If the mole is black, you will receive support from your superiors. If the mole is red, you should expect the opposite meaning. You are kind, religious, sincere, and intelligent.
48The man may engage in an unlawful relationship with another woman. This mole indicates unhappy marriage and a tendency to suffer a serious illness.
49Coward and not good at making decisions. The mind is wandering and nervous. Unlucky marriage.
50Poor thinking and analytical ability, but ambitious, working in a patchwork fashion. 
The marriage is not happy, the appearance of a third person hinders the couple’s love.
51This person has a will to advance, a successful career, a good fortune, a lot of money, and an opportunity for unexpected fortune. In addition, strong sexual desire, easy to get entangled in alcohol.
52This person has a will to advance, a successful career, a good fortune, a lot of money, and an opportunity for unexpected fortune. In addition, strong sexual desire, easy to get entangled in alcohol. (Same as location 51)
53If it is a healthy mole, expect good fortune and good marriage. 
On the contrary, if the mole is bad, be careful when you are 44-45 years old or 49-50 years old, you will encounter severe financial loss. In addition, the predestined relationship with the opposite sex is difficult.
54This person is easily harmed by petty people or hinders both his career and love life.
55If it’s a red mole, a good mood will bring a lot of money and land. In addition, this person knows how to enjoy life.
If it’s a black mole, work and life have many big changes. The person has to go everywhere to seek talent, it is difficult to live in one place.
56When this mole is on male faces, it reveals lustful men who love many women.
57People with profound education, full of blessings, enjoy the glory, wealth, and property left by their ancestors. However, health is not good, easy to get sick.
58This person has a knack for speech and can be a leader. Yet, the man is a lonely soul, easy to get entangled in bad language, bad luck, unintentionally offending others, poor predestined relationships, and many enemies.
59On the Ordinance Road, the mole indicates medium of fortune, promotion of status. 
If it is a mole near or below the Ordinance, it is easy to become infected with bad habits of gambling, betting, and a poor life.
60Smart, careful, skillfully behaved, and self-made. Although the love story has many obstacles, life after marriage is quite happy.
61Happy marriage after going through many difficulties. Smart, ingenious, self-made career.
62The man who has the will to advance, favorable career titles, high positions at work, and some managers or leaders besides. However, be aware of unexpected disasters such as falling from a height, being cut by a knife…
63He has the will to advance. His career is quite favorable. The man has a high position and power in his hand. However, be mindful of accidents such as being stabbed by a knife or falling from a height…
64Not favorable in making friends, easy to lose. In addition, it is necessary to prevent fire accidents and lawsuits.
65If it is a healthy mole, fortune is very prosperous. If it is a bad mole, there is a dispute over property, appearing to destroy the property.
66Men with artistic talent, extensive knowledge, successful career. In the middle of the year, the men tend to have marriage problems, which can lead to divorce. Also, watch out for drowning.
67The temperament is lustful and emotionally unstable. 
In addition, it is necessary to prevent disputes and lawsuits that lead to jail time.
68Rich lifestyle, fickle emotions, difficult to develop talent, even destroy wealth, spend a lot of money.
69The relationship with colleagues and partners is not good, encounters many obstacles in work and career. Challenging love affairs, unhappy marriages, can lead to divorce.
70Few children, few grandchildren, no luck in life. Unhappy married life, easy to fall into remarriage. In addition, poor kidney function and fertility.
71Smart, intelligent mind, often receive help from noble people.
72Good luck in all aspects of life, filial piety to parents, long life, lots of money.
73Have a lot of luck and good fortune.
74Filial piety to parents, respect for superiors.
75Have a knack for cooking.
76Careful, detail-oriented personality, can be great managers.
77Men should be aware of diseases through eating and drinking.
78Diseases come from the mouth, prevent disease through eating. In addition, think carefully before speaking.
Meanings of Moles on Male Face

Read more:

1. Upper Part: Forehead to Eyebrows

In face reading, the upper part signifies your fortune between the ages of 15 and 30.

If the upper proportion is broad, high, bright, and scar-free, it indicates good fortune, fewer diseases, a wealthy household, and parental care in childhood.

On the contrary, the sharp and uneven upper part denotes teenage misfortune.

2. Middle part: Eyebrows to Nose

According to YourChineseAstrology, the middle part is the most key component of your fortune during the ages of 31 to 50.

The upper proportion reflects the hereditary, while the middle proportion shows the outcomes of one’s own efforts. The strong will and plentiful vitality are shown by the brilliant eyes, beautiful eyebrows, strong cheekbone, and nose.

However, the short middle part signifies a weak will and bad luck in middle age as well as an uncertain mindset.

3. Lower Part: Nose to Chin

After the age of 51, the lower part reflects your fortune. The full and straight lower proportion denotes a happy and prosperous life in later years.

On the other hand, the long, narrow, and sharp lower part denote a poor lifestyle in later years lacking happiness and family property. The person may face many challenges despite hard work.

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