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Accurate Meanings of Moles on the Navel (Men and Women)

Some feng shui masters said that out of 100 people, only 5 people have moles on their navel.

So, will these moles be unlucky or lucky to you? What does it tell about your destiny?

In Chinese face feng shui, moles can be an indication of the karmic deeds and fate of each individual. 

Not only moles on the hands but also moles on the navel can reveal unexpected events that will likely happen in your life.

In fact, moles on the navel should not be interpreted alone. We should consider the meanings of moles on the body and the meanings of moles on the face altogether to determine your total fortune and luck.

In this article, I will talk about the meanings and interpretations of your navel moles!

Disclaimer: The meaning of moles in this article is suggestive and is not absolute.

1. Moles Above the Navel

In feng shui, people with moles above the navel are generally blessed with a prosperous life without worrying about monetary matters. These are wealthy moles, bringing luck and fortune to the owner.


A mole above the belly button proves that the women are often very energetic and agile. Therefore, their careers are very stable and favorable on all sides. It is easy for these women to advance in the workplace and hold important positions.

In love, women with moles above the navel pay special attention to sincerity. They treat others with all that they have, so they attract a lot of men. Their married life is full of happiness and joy as they are well-taken care of by her husband.

In addition, these women are also respectful people. When they meet the poor and the needy, they immediately reach out to help. Therefore, women with a mole above their navel are respected and loved by the people around them according to the art of feng shui.


Men with moles above their belly buttons are often very intelligent, responsive, and quick in all matters. Therefore, their career path is bright, smooth, and successful. The man can win many awards in the field that he pursues.

In the Chinese feng shui, men with a mole above their navel also do their best to take care of their wives. They have the ability to teach raise children, so their married life is less turbulent and always happy.

However, the weakness is that they are always good-natured and ready to help everyone regardless of good or bad people. As a result, the man is easily taken advantage of and feels disappointed in some of his close relationships.

2. Moles Below the Navel

The art of feng shui says that the mole below the navel often represents people with good fortune.


Just like men, women with a mole below the navel have a full, peaceful, and very fulfilling life. Although not so wise and talented, these women constantly receive help from friends and relatives. 

Therefore, at work, they rarely have a headache because of any problem. It is always easy to find a favorable direction in their life.

In love, women with moves below their belly button will soon meet the person of their dreams according to their wishes. In feng shui, it is said that these women often get married at a young age. 

Her husband loves and supports her with her interests and aspirations. Therefore, her family is always happy and free of conflicts.

In addition, the women are often carefree, easy-going, and know how to care for others, so they are liked by everyone. According to feng shui, if women with moles below their navel face any difficulty, they always get help and support from people around them.


In the ancient art of feng shui, men with a mole below the navel are very likable to their superiors and often have the support of noble people. In most things, they have a gift of visions that helps them make the right step. 

In general, at around the age of 30, these men will own many luxurious properties. They will have a great reputation with many people respecting them

Because the man lives knowingly and is very respectful, he also constantly receives compliments and affection from everyone. Many girls admire and actively pursue the man, but he may only looks for “The One”.

Men with moles below their navel persistently pursue and express their love to “The One”. Married life to these men is like a dream: beautiful wife, good children, harmonious family, and there is no struggle between his mother and his wife.

Therefore, they do not need to worry about everything from work, reputation to marriage.

3. Moles on the Right Side of the Navel


Based on feng shui, women with moles on the right side of the navel are considered adulterous. Therefore, she is often criticized, ridiculed, and scorned by people. Female colleagues who have lovers or husbands do not dare to show off and introduce them to these women for the fear of betrayal.

Rumors about the women’s nature spread far away, so their love story is not very prosperous. Women with moles on the right side of the navel usually have to live alone. It’s very difficult for them to find a companion to express their desires.

At work, the boss assigns these women to creative and problem-solving roles. However, they are often criticized by their colleagues who do not recognize their results. Therefore, the position is always under threat and it is not convenient to take further steps in their career advancement.


Despite being a goal-oriented man, men with a mole on the right side of their belly button often don’t know how to make it happen. They are very passive in the steps and sloppy when it comes to planning. 

Therefore, in the end, the career of men with moles on their right navel is still unfinished with no outstanding achievements. Very few people will recognize their success.

In feng shui, this mole gives no money, reputation, or self-improvement knowledge. Therefore, his health is weak and he gradually loses strength despite his young age. 

Because of that, the spiritual life of these men is also not good. He is easy to sleepwalk when sleeping and is usually in a state of lethargy.

Despite their good-looking appearance, men with these moles are often careless. They may be dirty and tend to be passive, so the girls are shy and tend to avoid. Moreover, the love life is not favorable. The marriage also encounters many conflicts and is easily broken.

4. Moles on the Left Side of the Navel


Unlike men, women with moles on the left side of their belly button often do not have much luck in marriage, money, and career. Due to their attractive personality, wherever they go, they also sow many love seeds for the opposite sex.

Because of being flirted with and spoiled by many guys, over time, these women can become mean and grumpy. This makes their colleagues or previous close friends afraid of playing with them.

According to feng shui, it is said that later in life, these women do not have many close friends. When she meets an unsuitable man, she has little judgment and analysis skills, so she is easily deceived. She can marry a brute, lewd and unsophisticated person due to her recklessness.

Some people say that women with moles on the left side of the navel live a tumultuous married life and tend to run away from problems.

At work, they are isolated from colleagues. They do not want to be involved in other people’s matters. Therefore, these women encounter many difficulties. Sometimes, they can destroy big projects and are constantly criticized.

Overall, moles on this location on the female body are an inauspicious sign. It indicates the lack of money, poverty, and depression.


Men who own a mole on the left side of the navel are very steadfast, strong-willed, and extremely kind. Every plan that these people made in advance is certain to be realized and successful to the highest degree. No one can stop or influence every move of these men.

They always detail every path and step in the implementation plan, so almost every goal is successfully achieved. Therefore, the man is always recognized by his superiors and given the privilege of freelancing.

In love, men with moles on the left side of the belly always know how to let their partner express their feelings and aspirations. Therefore, his woman is always happy and very grateful for his love. According to the Chinese feng shui, later in life, there will be a perfect marriage for these men: a good wife with good children.

5. Moles Inside the Navel


Women with moles inside their navel are often aloof and cold. Those who have not been exposed to these women will think that she is “cool”. But when they had a chance to talk, they all conclude that she is an interesting and funny girl.

In feng shui, every topic mentioned in the conversational story can be explained by these women in a new way, which is much more fun and easy to understand.

Moreover, women with moles inside the navel are willing to listen to everyone’s opinions. Therefore, the dissatisfaction of the people around them is almost zero. They are very popular and loved by almost everyone.

Because of that virtue, in work matters, they handle things very quickly. They can bring the work to the finish line sooner than expected. Around the age of 30 to 40, women with moles inside their belly button can hold high positions, have great fame and fortune, and have enough money to enjoy the rest of their life.

As the women know how to listen and have a positive way of explaining problems, their marriage is also harmonious with fewer cold wars and more filial children.


Men with a mole inside the navel are extremely affectionate. They always help people without being too fussy about giving back. 

In love, these men pamper their girlfriends and value them in a smart way. Therefore, she always feels comfortable when staying with him.

Thanks to that, the after-marriage life of men with moles inside their navel is happy. His wife is kind and always knows how to cherish and encourage her husband to develop all his potential.

According to feng shui, the god of fortune is constantly knocking on the door of these men. Every project they do is successfully implemented and goes smoothly in all matters. 

No matter what you play or do, you will win. Your money is full and you will live without worries.

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