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Accurate Meanings of Moles on the Neck (Men and Women)

The ancient Chinese face readers often said that “mole in the neck has a hole for money buried“. This saying indicates the association of moles on the neck with wealth and affluence

However, whether this concept is true or false depends mainly on the different locations of the mole on the neck!

Therefore, not all owners of moles on the neck have a lot of money and a prosperous life. Depending on the location of different moles, the meaning they give the owner is also different. 

In other words, women with moles on the right neck usually do not share the same “fate” with women with moles on the left neck.

Moreover, moles on the neck should not be interpreted alone. Instead, we should interpret the meanings of moles on the body and the meanings of moles on the face altogether to determine a person’s total fortune.

In this article, I will focus on the meanings and interpretations of moles on your neck!

Disclaimer: The meaning of moles in this article is suggestive and is not absolute.

1. Moles on the Left of the Neck


In Chinese feng shui, women with a mole appearing on the left side of the neck are usually predicted to have a rich love life. However, this person’s inner emotions are quite soft, highly sensitive, and easily hurt. 

Although their love story is romantic, they are often passive in love, easily taken advantage of, and unable to control their emotions due to their soft personalities. Moreover, in the family, they are the ones who suffer a lot of disadvantages. They are also not being taken seriously.

However, in terms of work, women with moles on the left of the neck are very talented, extremely hard-working, and skillful people. Therefore, the road to fame and fortune for these women is very smooth. Their money will be full and there is no need to worry about financial matters.

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Men with a mole on the left side of the neck are often predicted in middle age to have unstable jobs, family, and financial problems. In Chinese feng shui, it is said that unlucky things will happen in their life. 

If you have this mole, when doing business, trading, or making big decisions, it is necessary to think carefully so you will not be deceived. 

Therefore, the advice for men with a mole on the left side of the neck is to think carefully and not to make emotional decisions.

Their marriage is also not very harmonious and peaceful due to the lack of nurturing and caring from both husband and wife according to Chinese feng shui.

2. Moles on the Right of the Neck


In feng shui, women who own a mole on the right side of the neck often have a taste for adventure as they like to discover many new things. These women are also always optimistic and cheerful.

They transmit positive energy to everyone. Thanks to that, women with moles on their right necks are very popular in society.

At work, the woman who owns the mole on the right of her neck is very independent, decisive, and has high creativity. 

In love affairs, they meet a lot of luck and advantages, so that their married life is also joyful and happy. However, in terms of finances, more attention should be paid to this area and they should avoid wasteful spending.


Men who have a mole on the right side of their neck are often quite indifferent and not sensitive to those around them. That’s why this person’s love life is not good according to Chinese feng shui.

The man with a mole in this position is also not suitable to work far away. He should only settle in his hometown.

3. Moles in the Front of the Neck


Women with moles on the front of the neck are often very lucky in work and various aspects of life. They always meet noble people to help them in everything they do, thereby achieving much success. Moles in the front of the neck are favorable for advancement.

Based on the art of feng shui, these women are peaceful, open, and friendly people. They know how to listen and understand others. Therefore, they are loved and supported by many people around them.

However, the love story of a woman who has a mole in front of her neck is quite difficult. These women often find a lover late in their life and their marriage is not always smooth.


A man with a mole on the front of his neck is usually an intelligent person, but he is quite conservative and arrogant. Thus, the path to fame and fortune for these men is often difficult to advance. 

However, if they know how to lower their ego, their career will go up like a kite meeting wind due to their available intelligence and quickness.

In love, this person has special peach luck, so he attracts a lot of women according to Chinese feng shui. However, it is difficult to find a soulmate and marriage is not very favorable.

4. Moles in the Back of the Neck


In feng shui, women with moles on the back of their necks are often quite introverted. However, they create positive energy, making others happy and confident when they are around. 

At work, these women are also quite agile. The path to fame and career is also easy to advance for women with moles in the back of the neck.


The man with a mole on the back of his neck is often quite ambitious but does not know how to seize the opportunity at the right time. Thus, he is prone to destroy his own fortune. 

The first half of his life will face many difficulties and obstacles, but the other half of his life will be full of glory and wealth.

The married life of a man with a mole on the back of his neck is not favorable. There is also a chance of adultery happening in his life according to Chinese feng shui.

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