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Accurate Meanings of Moles on the Thigh (Men and Women)

In Chinese face feng shui, moles can be a harbinger of fortune and fate of each individual. 

Not only moles on the face but also moles on the thighs can reveal unexpected events that will likely happen in your life.

There is a view that the mole on the thigh is not a good sign for children. However, not all thigh-moles bring bad luck to you, but it will depend on their specific location.

That is, moles on the left thigh carry a totally different meaning compared to moles on the right thigh of the body.

In fact, we should not only consider the meanings of moles on the thighs alone. Instead, we should interpret the meanings of moles on the body or moles on the ears altogether to determine your total fortune.

In this article, I will focus on the meanings and interpretations of moles on your thighs!

Disclaimer: The meaning of moles in this article is suggestive and is not absolute.

1. Moles on the Left Thigh


For women, the mole on the left thigh means a lucky destiny. This is a wealthy mole on the body for women. She will attract luck in everything she does.

Moreover, they are also supported and helped in life by many noble people. The mole on the left thigh represents a career path which is full of unexpected success and material prosperity. 

According to the art of feng shui, after the age of forty, women with this mole will enjoy a peaceful and happy life with their families.


If you are a man, the mole on the left thigh reveals that the person is very loyal and always devoted to love. You give all of your sincerity and devotion to work as well. You are also a very responsible person. 

Moles on this location of the body reveals a man who is always taking care of others more than himself.

Men with a mole on the left thigh will be someone who values ​​feelings, lives by emotions, and sometimes ignores reason in some cases. In life, they deal with emotional problems too much, which sometimes affects the efficiency of work. 

However, because they live honestly with everyone, they receive a lot of love and respect from others. However, if you have moles on your left thigh, beware of people who often take advantage of your kindness.

2. Moles on the Right Thigh


Women with moles on the right thighs are those who have a lot of ambition in life. They are people with their own goals and ideals. These women also demand high status and a life partner not only in work but also in love

Their ambition rises up when they are too confident in themselves and want to achieve things worthy of their abilities. However, sometimes, they are unaware of their ability and position in life. 

Women with moles on their right thighs have specific goals but they never cultivate and learn to develop themselves because they think they are good enough. This pride has indirectly caused them to meet many failures and stumbles in careers as well as in the path of love.


A man with a mole on his right thigh usually has an upright personality and never holds a resentment against others. Because of their straightforward personality, they always say what they like and dislike about others. 

They do not like to talk around or bow to what they consider wrong. Sometimes, losing their temper can’t be controlled, these men often say things that are a bit harsh towards others.

The mole on the right thigh reveals this special character in a man.

However, you won’t have to worry about these men cheating and hating on you. This is because they are not good at lying and never stay angry at anyone for too long. Men with moles on the right thigh are outspoken, very honest, sincere, and caring for others. 

3. Moles in Front of the Thigh


Women who own a mole on the front of the thigh are always gullible and naive. They are prone to be taken advantage of and deceived by others. 

Because these women have a lot of weaknesses, their career paths are not fortunate. However, the lives of these women are always comfortable although they are not rich.


According to Chinese feng shui, men with a mole on the front of their thighs are selfish, heartless, and cold. They think about their own interests first in whatever they do or in any decision they make.

These men will never do anything for others without benefiting themselves because they think this is useless.

Because of this personality, men with moles in front of their thighs do not have many good social relationships. 

They may have many friends, but those friends will not stay with them for a long time in life. On the other hand, they have a tendency to take advantage of their social relationships.

4. Moles Behind the Thigh


Women with moles on the back thighs are often very intelligent and talented. She has good leadership skills and always makes accurate and safe decisions. Everything in her life is always smooth and favorable. 

Women with moles behind their thighs are said to love an affluent and rich life. She may also have a good marriage and raise dutiful children.


Men with a mole on the back of their thighs always have an eccentric personality and a different mindset. They always give out their unique opinions like no other. These people do not like to stand still. 

Men with moles behind their thighs like to go to many places and discover many interesting things in life. These individuals are less concerned with material money because what they pay attention to is the quality of life. 

They usually think about how to live a happy and healthy life without worrying too much about the future.

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