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The Meaning of Moles on Women’s Faces (62 Exact Locations)

You do not have your moles by coincidence.

In fact, moles appearing on women’s faces can indicate many things related to your love life, relationship, family, and career. They can also reveal your luck, such as how fortunate you are in building wealth.

In Chinese face reading, there are 3 primary divisions of the face:

  1. Upper Part: Forehead to Eyebrows
  2. Middle Part: Eyebrows to Nose
  3. Lower Part: Nose to Chin

There are also 2 kinds of moles: lucky facial moles and unlucky facial moles. You can determine a mole’s nature by identifying its colors, sizes, shapes, and locations.

Now, please identify where your moles are located in your face and check their meanings in the table below:

*Note: The meaning of the mole in this article is suggestive. Your fortunes depend on many other factors and traits in your face. And, most importantly, your life is in your hands.

Mole’s LocationMeanings of Moles on Women’s face
1This mole on the woman’s face indicates wealth and richness. You may also be married into a rich family.
2Bad luck to husband, unhappy married life, easy to remarry many times.
3The woman brings bad luck to her parents.
4Hardworking character, thrifty spending, know how to nurture the family, do everything conscientiously.
5Unhappy marriage, quite messy love, a tendency to remarry.
6Does not bring benefits, even harm to loved ones.
7Brings disadvantages to father and husband.
8Women who have this mole on their face often marry and die in a foreign land.
9Bad luck to husband, hindering husband’s career.
10Poor reproductive health, often sick, difficult childbirth, more likely to die from disease.
11Bad luck to husband, difficult to have a happy family life, a tendency to live alone.
12This is an auspicious mole on the face. The woman brings a lot of luck.
13 Live far away from their husbands. Husband and wife suffer because of separation.
14Bring disadvantages and bad luck to your husband.
15Commit illegal things, easy to get entangled in the labor cycle. In addition, often do things that harm her husband, commit adultery, or steal.
16Luck in farming, fashion, and silkworm rearing.
17Women who have this mole are lucky and can raise successful children.
18Prosperous life, effective support for her husband’s career.
19Causing harm to her husband, not helping her husband’s career and reputation.
20Good health, less sickness, and disease, long life.
21 Unlucky in life, suffering from many diseases, be aware of disasters related to fire and water.
22This mole indicates a woman who has a tendency to commit stealing.
23 Fate is auspicious in whatever you do.
24A promiscuous and lustful woman.
25Few children, difficult to have sons.
26Often encounter unexpected accidents, be aware of disasters from fire.
27Violent appearance. The mind is always worrying and calculating.
28Dominating and hindering the lives of their children, makes them miserable all their lives, living in fear.
29Challenging love, a lifetime of trouble because of her love story.
30Appreciate appearance, can love many men, lustful.
31When a mole is located on this facial area, the woman doesn’t have big ambitions but she can finish what she starts.
32The temperament is envious or jealous.
33Beware of drowning.
34May have twins. Wealth is average, marriage is not harmonious, health is poor, it is easy to get diseases in the uterus.
35The mind is so cruel that it can kill a loved one, even a child being born.
36Likes to worry about money, cause scandals, gossip behind others’ backs.
37Causing obstacles to her husband, receiving little care from her husband.
38Loving and respecting her husband wholeheartedly, is the ideal model of a good wife. In addition, romantic soul, harmonious husband and wife feelings, happiness.
39If this mole appears on women’s faces, they have flexible minds and excellent intelligence.
40Beware of drowning.
41A mole here indicates a woman with poor health. She can suffer from many diseases.
42Little money, land, not good at managing the family business. Relationships with relatives are not harmonious. This is a woman who has a lonely later life.
43Bad luck and obstructing subordinates. Have the opportunity to develop a career in a foreign land.
44This mole is an auspicious sign. This woman is blessed with richness and her relatives can trust her.
45Obstructing her husband’s career, even killing her husband for some benefit.
46This woman has a tendency to cause self-harm.
47Smart, outstanding, and quite successful in his career. However, her love relationship is difficult, the married life is not harmonious.
48Prosperous life, effective support for husband’s fame, career, and money.
49Harmonious husband and wife relationship, happy family. However, the woman is more likely to commit a murder, and the love will have to go through many challenges to be fulfilled.
50Bad luck to siblings, married life is not in harmony, emotional turmoil, encounters many difficulties.
51When this mole is on a woman’s face, she is smart and has a successful career. However, she needs to beware of drowning in life.
52The relationship between husband and wife is cold, often quarrels, and married life is not happy. Average career, easy to destroy wealth, property damage.
53Fortune is not good, no matter how much money you earn, you spend it all. A complicated love story, chaotic heterosexual relationships, great lust, unhappy married life, easy to get married many times.
54If it is a healthy mole, this is a woman who is sharp and adaptable. Fortune has changed well in middle life, and life will be peaceful. 
If it is a bad mole, this woman has unstable thoughts and difficult career development. 
In addition, she has a lustful personality and can easily commit adultery after marriage.
55If it is a healthy mole, this is a woman who is sharp and adaptable. Fortune has changed well in middle life, and life will be peaceful. 
If it is a bad mole, this woman has unstable thoughts and difficult career development. 
In addition, she has a lustful personality and can easily commit adultery after marriage. (Same as 54)
56When this mole is on a woman’s face, she is not in good health and prone to stomach diseases.
57Rich emotional life, sentimental, lifelong sacrifice for others, should be loved by everyone, abundant fortune. 
However, it is necessary to pay attention to the issue of eating and drinking to avoid diseases.
58Have a talent for cooking and taking care of the family. Although she is loved by her husband, she can commit adultery.
59Prosperous fortune, great fortune no matter what you do, you will usually meet noble people. Careful temperament, thoughtful, and detailed-oriented. Good fate, giving birth to more girls than boys.
60Smart and alert, after getting married, she will become a good mother and a good wife, bringing an atmosphere of harmony and happiness to the family.
61Poor health, weak body, or stomach disease. Unsatisfactory married life, giving birth to more girls than boys and easily breaking the fortune.
62Long life, talented in cooking, live long without having to worry about food, money, and career help. However, love affairs and marital life are unstable.
Meanings of Moles on Female Face

1. Upper Part: Forehead to Eyebrows

The upper part of your face represents your fortune between the ages of 15 and 30 in the art of face reading.

If the upper proportion is wide, high, brilliant, and scar-free, it symbolizes good fortune, fewer sicknesses, a prosperous home, and parental care throughout infancy.

The jagged and uneven upper part, on the other hand, suggests adolescent disaster.

2. Middle Part: Eyebrows to Nose

According to YourChineseAstrology, the middle section is the most important element of your fortune between the ages of 31 and 50.

The upper portion indicates inherited traits, while the middle part reflects the results of one’s own efforts. The sparkling eyes, lovely eyebrows, powerful cheekbone, and strong nose demonstrate a strong will and abundant life.

The short middle part, however, represents a weak will and bad luck in middle age, as well as indecisive thinking.

3. Lower Part: Nose to Chin

After the age of 51, the bottom part of your face indicates your fortune. The full and straight lower part indicates a happy and wealthy later life.

However, the long, thin, and pointed lower section denotes a poor life in later years, devoid of happiness and family property. Despite her efforts, the individual may suffer a variety of problems.

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