Neptune Quincunx Pluto Synastry: Confusing Boundaries

Neptune, the planet of dreams and illusions, is a generational planet, spending approximately 14 years in each sign. It represents spirituality, imagination, and transcendence. This planet governs our ideals, fantasies, and capacity to empathize with others. Neptune is about dissolving boundaries, and its energy can be both inspiring and confusing.

Just like Neptune, Pluto is also a generational planet, remaining in a sign for 14-31 years. It is associated with transformation, power, and rebirth. As the ruler of the underworld in mythology, Pluto astrologically symbolizes our deepest instincts, our hidden desires, and our capacity for both destruction and regeneration.

Disclaimer: Astrological interpretations indicate potentials and tendencies.

1. Intoxicating Depth Of Passion

When Neptune forms a quincunx to Pluto in synastry, your passions reach intense and intoxicating depths. There’s a mystical, almost addictive quality to the attraction between you. You feel magnetically drawn into each other’s orbits, as you want to merge souls.

The chemistry can be supernatural – you’re mesmerized and can’t resist each other. Being together feels transcendently deep and transformative. You plunge far beyond surface connections into taboo territories.

But these electrifying passions can be leveled by challenges in genuinely understanding each other at times. There can be confusion about your or your partner’s true motivations and agendas. What you want versus what you truly need feels at odds.

2. Escapism And Avoidance

The quincunx aspect can breed misunderstanding and avoidance between you two. When friction arises, you may have trouble seeing eye-to-eye on practical solutions.

So you may use escapist behaviors to circumvent issues rather than deal with them. Drugs, alcohol, fantasy, withdrawal, or codependence might all sound appealing, but doing so only harms your relationship.

When quincunxed, Neptune is passive while Pluto is manipulative. You would each rather avoid conflict than engage in necessary honest conversations. But your problems and power struggles only compound when ignored.

3. Power Struggles Over Control

Despite powerful attractions drawing you together, control issues can create discord with this Neptune-Pluto quincunx. You may struggle to compromise on how to share power.

Pluto demands intensity and complete merger while Neptune also needs to dissolve all limits into cosmic oneness. You have the same goal, but you may clash over who directs the relationship or where to set boundaries. Either you lose yourself in them or feel lost in the connection.

Until you learn to share control and respect each other, chronic power struggles can ensue. Manipulation can arise when passionate Pluto can’t fully control elusive, evasive Neptune. Your desires often feel at cross-purposes.

4. Highs And Lows

Neptune quincunx Pluto synastry can bring tremendous highs – feelings of spiritual bliss, euphoria, and sexual rapture, but also extreme lows when your issues arise. The emotional amplitude is vast.

Misunderstandings may plunge you quickly into darkness until harmony returns. The quincunx exaggerates polarities. Moments of feeling fused in a shared purpose can give way to crises of misalignment.

Walking this tightrope demands you to communicate and harmonize your core values. You must avoid sacrificing your moral values yet still support your partner’s life goals. It’s a delicate dance.

5. Sexual And Creative Chemistry

Ultimately, the bedroom often becomes a creative escape and the canvas for your most inspired collaborations. Through sex or tantric union, you channel your potent energies into transcendent creations.

But creativity may also suffer when the trust breaks down. Blocks can arise when your appetites clash. Frustration could mount when your efforts feel misaligned or lack empathy and mutual understanding.

Only with self-awareness can you solve your problem at the root cause of your problem. There are spiritual consequences of having sex before marriage, so that’s probably the root.

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