Neptune Square Neptune Synastry: The Illusion Of Perception

Neptune is one of the outer planets, spending an average of 14 years in each zodiac sign. In your synastry chart, Neptune shows how you and your partner may experience spiritual, dreamy, and creative moments together. It can indicate where you feel compassionate and willing to sacrifice for each other. But like a mysterious and enchanting siren, Neptune can also lead us astray, casting us into a turbulent sea of delusion and uncertainty.

Disclaimer: Astrology suggests potentials and possibilities. I have 500+ synastry aspects in total, so you should check your whole synastry chart instead of one aspect within it.

1. Reality Can Blur Between You

With Neptune square Neptune in synastry, reality tends to blur between you and your partner. What’s real and what’s imagined can become confusing. You both may idealize each other and project fantasized versions of one another, rather than seeing clearly.

Over time this distorted view can pollute the relationship. Disappointment can follow when you can’t live up to each other’s inflated standards. It’s hard to feel truly seen and accepted when hidden agendas and projections run rampant.

Escapism often prevails with this aspect. You tend to avoid dealing with issues and lose yourselves in romantic daydreams instead. It provides temporary comfort but lets problems fester. A compassionate commitment to the truth is essential under this square.

2. You Have A Strong Intuitive Connection

Despite the challenges, you do share a strong intuitive bond with Neptune square Neptune synastry. You seem to operate on the same wavelength and understand each other on an unspoken, emotional level.

Your intuitive connection allows you to sense when something is wrong with your partner, even from a distance. You can pick up on subtle energetic shifts in each other. Occasionally, you may even experience telepathic exchanges.

This depth of understanding can be beautiful, but also tricky. You might expect your partner to magically understand your thoughts without directly stating your needs. Clear communication is required to express your inner messages correctly.

3. Passive Aggression Can Emerge

Neptune-Neptune square can breed passive aggression and repression of direct communication. For fear of rocking the boat, you may shy away from authentic sharing.

Unexpressed anger or resentment can then leak out through subtle sabotaging behaviors. One of you might withhold affection or stop trying to work things out when feelings get hurt. The other then can pick up on the vibe-shift but nothing is addressed overtly.

4. Trust Issues Can Arise

With Neptune square Neptune synastry, trust issues can surface in the relationship. As Neptune rules deception, you might suspect each other of insincere intentions, hiding things, and or not being fully authentic.

Doubts can arise around fidelity, commitment, and loyalty. Jealousies often brew when it feels like your partner gives attention or affection somewhere else. Paranoias can multiply when your emotional bond becomes overly emotional.

You each crave unconditional trust, but your actions don’t always reflect it. White lies can be told to “protect” each other’s feelings. Omissions may occur for fear of disrupting the fantasy. But this can erode trust further.

5. Creative And Spiritual Expression Are Possible

There’s amazing creative and spiritual synergy between you with Neptune square Neptune synastry. When focused on positive outlets, you inspire each other to new artistic heights.

You might enjoy indulging in creative pursuits like music, poetry, or art. Your shared love for beauty allows you to support each other’s talents. Together you flow into inspired states of spiritual expression.

When channeled constructively, your intuitive connection and imagination breed beautiful collaborations. You help draw out each other’s passions. This provides a healing outlet when tensions brew.

6. Addictive Escapism May Occur

Escapism is a huge temptation with Neptune square Neptune synastry. Why confront tensions when you can indulge in romantic fantasies instead? You may enable each other’s avoidance tendencies and bad habits which just postpone problems.

Escapism here can provide momentary relief through various forms of addiction – drinking, drugs, sex, movies, etc. But it’s just a temporary fix that leaves you emptier in the long run.

There are karmic consequences of drinking alcohol and smoking weed. You need to know what you’re signing up for. The higher you build each other up, the harder you fall back to reality.

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