Neptune Square Pluto Synastry: Change is Tough

“We are not human beings having a spiritual experience. We are spiritual beings having a human experience.”

Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

Neptune, the Dreamer, rules our dreams, fantasies, and spiritual inclinations. It is the planet of illusion and intuition, representing the mystic, the visionary, and the creative artist within us.

Pluto, the Transformer, rules transformation, rebirth, and power. It signifies deep, profound changes and the unconscious forces that drive our lives. Often associated with the Phoenix’s mythical cycle of death and rebirth, Pluto is a powerhouse of transformational energy.

Disclaimer: Astrological interpretations indicate potentials and tendencies.

1. Intense Attraction Meets Confusion

When Neptune squares Pluto in synastry, your intense attraction often has a sense of mystical confusion. You feel irresistibly drawn to each other like magnets, consumed by electricity between you. It feels fated and intoxicating.

But soon your inner turmoil may arise. This compelling pull seems to constantly elude mutual understanding. Your partner remains an enigma you try to painfully unravel.

No matter how close you get, parts of them feel obscured. Your psyche may merge and then withdraw abruptly. They keep you guessing, being never fully knowable. Your longing and confusion walk hand-in-hand under this square’s mystifying haze.

2. Hidden Agendas May Shape-Shift Constantly

With Neptune square Pluto synastry, hidden agendas and suppressed intentions may constantly shape-shift. You might suspect each other of ulterior motives yet can’t decipher the truth, because you have no proof.

Passive aggression may prevail. Because direct transparency feels risky, you both guard your inner thoughts and feelings. Even as intimacy deepens, your inner worlds may stay convoluted.

Trying to uncover your partner’s motivations can become an endless chase. When you think you’ve revealed a truth, it can melt away like an ice cream. This fuels an obsessive spiral of over-analyzing each other’s words and actions.

3. The Risk Of Betrayal Runs High

Such strong yet confused psychic pull between Neptune and Pluto can breed an environment ripe for betrayal and disillusionment. Infidelity or profound broken trust may arise under this square.

Secrets and lies may accumulate because emotional honesty is avoided. Rather than reveal vulnerable inner truths, you hide behind walls and masks, hoping fantasies sustain the relationship.

But constructing fantasy ultimately separates you more than binds you. The square’s tense energy demands utmost honesty and loyalty, which illusion often hides. In this bond, you must be willing to talk to your partner about your tolerable boundaries and acceptable behaviors.

You have to trust them first before you expect them to trust you. Yet if they violate the trust after you completely trust them, then only life’s consequences can become their greatest teacher. You can only do what you can do.

4. Power Struggles Can Cut Both Ways

Neptune square Pluto synastry can brew endless power struggles and push-pull dynamics. You may feel alternately disempowered and then domineering over each other. Equality feels elusive.

When you’re together, the chemistry makes you feel consumed by your partner’s identity and passion. But upon separation, your own moral values may return fiercely. You cycle between following your path versus yielding to your partner’s.

Passive power plays may arise too, like emotional unavailability or silent treatments. You may try to manipulate each other through subtle means where direct actions feel risky yet necessary.

5. You May Bring Out Each Other’s Worst

This synastry aspect has a way of drawing out each of your destructive, immature tendencies. Your shadow sides feel magnified and reinforced within the dynamic.

For example, one of you may feel constantly criticized and made to feel ashamed, while the other uses withdrawal, moodiness, or stonewalling as manipulation. Or self-righteousness and contempt arise in the guise of being “right.”

The square fuels an unconscious dynamic of dysfunction that feeds your individual wounds and self-distortions. You consistently trigger each other’s deepest pain points and provoke overreactions while what you should do is to empathize and respect one another.

6. The Sex Can Be Simultaneously Transcendent And Complicated

When Neptune and Pluto meet, sex can become a transcendent medium of cosmic merge and tantric bliss. But it can also be a battleground for shadowy control dramas.

Your lovemaking may reach spiritual heights of oneness. Yet this blissed-out intimacy alternates with periods of disconnection or power plays in the bedroom. Sex often twists along with the relationship dynamics.

Over time the transcendence fades, leaving a sense of lack. Your outrageous expectations around intimacy can go unfulfilled.

You may use drugs, alcohol, or marijuana to enhance the ecstasy you have with one another, yet this only brings serious karmic consequences down the road. The bedroom becomes just another site of struggle for control and unmet needs.

7. Escapism Feels Safer Than Reality

The confusing undercurrents between you fuel escape into fantasy. Constructing an imaginary bubble together feels safer than facing the square’s harsh truths.

Escapist patterns like substance abuse, pornography, or excessive gaming can diminish your closeness rather than deepen intimacy. Avoidance may also manifest more subtly through lost hours binge-watching shows or hooked on phones.

Reality feels like an impossible burden so you distract yourselves into oblivion. But of course the problems only compound from neglect. Eventually, escapism stops working, forcing you to deal with your relational issues directly.

8. Mental Health Challenges Can Be Magnified

This high-stress interaction can destabilize your mental well-being over time. You may discover or exacerbate anxiety, depression, addictions, or compulsive behaviors in each other.

Pre-existing emotional wounds may feel constantly re-triggered. Triggers seem everywhere. Adrenaline, cortisol, and fear may skyrocket out of control. Overthinking and panic often replace peace and calm.

Getting help from your friend or family is wise if this aspect sends either of you into a downward spiral. Don’t be afraid to utilize therapy, counseling, or help from others. Healing happens by first acknowledging you truly need healing.

9. Disillusionment Can Set In Over Time

Early on you’re both enchanted by fantasies about each other and the relationship. But gradually disenchantment can set in. The fairy tales in your minds don’t match reality.

When your imagined ideals go unmet, bitterness brews. You’re left confused as to why the other couldn’t fulfill your impossible expectations. Resentment and feelings of betrayal may arise.

Neptune-Pluto square puts you through an exhaustive process of destroying false illusions in order to find deeper truths. But first, you need to wrestle with profound disappointment that your partner wasn’t who you projected them to be.

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