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5 Special Types of Peach Luck and Their Power

In Chinese face reading, peach luck, or peach blossom luck is another name for charisma, sex appeal, and attractiveness. Just image a peach and see how this fruit can relate to some sexual parts of your body.

It is your special ability to influence and attract others, especially through the look of your eyes.

Peach Blossom Luck Symbol
Peach Blossom Luck Symbol

Thus, you are considered lucky when you have this “peach” appeal.

The ancient Chinese regard the peach as a symbol of sexuality and immortality. Many people have said that Adam had actually eaten the peach instead of the apple in the Garden of Eden!

People with peach luck are magnetic and have a unique vitality. People who are drawn to this energy do not necessarily understand why, yet they are still drawn in.

Especially, when you have moles in specific locations on your face, they may enhance some certain positive traits that you inherently have.

In this post, I will reveal to you the 5 special types of peach luck and their meaning in Chinese face reading:

  1. Straight Forward Peach Luck
  2. Helpful Peach Luck
  3. Idealistic Peach Luck
  4. Alluring Peach Luck
  5. Sparkling Peach Luck

Disclaimer: The knowledge in this article suggests possibilities, not facts.

1. Straight Forward Peach Luck

Straight-forward peach luck may be noticed in the look that is direct to the point. That is, they may look like they are staring at you instead of kindly looking at you.

According to Face Reading in Chinese Medicine, people with straight-forward peach luck radiate strength and danger, both of which are powerful stimulants. The most unique aspect of this type of peach luck is that you don’t have to like individuals who emit this energy to be attracted to them.

That is, even if you resist the attraction, they can still charm you. They have a fixed gaze and rarely smile.

The look of someone who has straight-forward peach luck probes and feels as though it passes straight through you. The listeners feel as if they are the only ones in the room. People who have this type of peach luck are able to focus their attention on their audience and deliver their message without difficulty.

Straight-forward peach-luck people are natural leaders. They have the power to compel you to obey, even if it goes against your moral ethics.

Some of the world’s most dangerous people may exploit straight-forward peach luck to influence others, acquire power, and profit. This type of attractive luck, on the other hand, is also highly regarded and desired among world leaders.

These people will obtain what they desire because they deserve it. They are determined and focused on the end result. They feel that success is the main source of their happiness.

2. Helpful Peach Luck

People with helpful peach luck have a look of kindness and understanding. By merely standing close to them, you can feel the supportive energy emanating from these people.

They are always eager to provide a hug and sincere sympathies. They are amazing caregivers who can give generously.

People with helpful peach luck appear to be constantly ready to serve something whether things are good or terrible since it makes everything feel better. They like to be helpful and supportive no matter what the situation is.

Therefore, this is a prevalent attribute among persons who work in the helping professions. Look for full cheeks and eyes that are gentle and warm. It’s also a typical type of peach luck among talk show hosts.

When situations are tough, they have excellent shoulders to cry on. These people are generally optimistic so that they believe there will always be tomorrow’s sunshine after last night’s storming.

3. Idealistic Peach Luck

Idealistic peach luck belongs to people who are dreamy. These people often have a far-off gaze as they are not much rooted in reality.

This form of sexual appeal represents the metal energy that is looking forward to the future because the current situation does not meet their expectations.

Idealistic peach luck is an uplifting energy that touches others’ aspirations and dreams, giving them optimism.

People with this peach luck believe in virtues and ideals and want others to live up to their expectations. They see what is now, but they also realize that it does not have to be this way forever.

The unique idealistic expression in the eyes is frequently accompanied with a wistful smile. People who have this peach luck are sensitive daydreamers.

They have faith in their power to build a utopia. They recognize that the world is far from ideal, but they feel that it can be improved to be far more as it should be.

The beauty and motivation of their dreams might attract you and make you feel that it is attainable. That is the power of people with idealistic peach luck.

They are idealists who may motivate everyone to have noble aspirations and to believe in a greater life and a better world, depending on how big their dreams are.

4. Alluring Peach Luck

People who have alluring peach luck appear mysterious. They have a knowing smile on their face.

People are prone to disclose their private and personal details to people with alluring peach luck.  They are well aware that these individuals with profound eyes have the knowledge to share.

They can sympathize with your grief and teach you how to cope with life’s traumas, but they seldom disclose much about themselves. Their responses are often basic, but profoundly truthful.

Their eyes are wet and deep. They have been dragged further into suffering than most people, yet have returned with the knowledge of how to avoid despair.

Looking into their eyes, you can probably sense how horrible things have been and how much they have endured, but what you really want to know is how they have survived. This energy is referred to as alluring as it attracts others.

They exude a magnetic energy that promises passion, depth, intimacy, and awareness. Although many women seek to transmit this kind of peach luck and appear to have what is commonly known as “Bedroom Eyes,” this type of peach luck is not about sex, despite appearing to have a profound sensuality.

Generally, supportive peach luck is related to overcoming adversity.

5. Sparkling Peach Luck

People with sparkling peach luck have never lost their sense of curiosity about the world. They’ve never forgotten what it’s like to be a kid. They retain their youthful attitude and look to be younger than they really are. They have cheerful personalities and a positive outlook on life.

Sparkling peach luck is the richest kind of fire energy. People with this sort of attraction are thought to be amusing, funny, charming, and wonderful. These folks are jovial, passionate, and frequently naughty. They can flirt naturally.

People with sparkling peach luck may avoid difficulties just by laughing, smiling, or joking their way out of unpleasant situations, especially if they also have dimples.

In the entertainment business, this is the most common kind of peach luck. Comedic actors with this kind of peach luck lighten the mood and make us feel better. They don’t take life too seriously, and they don’t expect you to either.

They have a natural ability to laugh and smile. Their eyes are brilliant and their smiles are big. Their attraction originates from a never-ending thrill about being alive and an unending inner fire.

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