Pluto Opposite Pluto Synastry (In Detail)

We are most alive when we’re in love.” – John Updike

Pluto, in the grand cosmic theater, is the planet of transformation and rebirth. Unlike the Sun or Mercury that directly concern our day-to-day life, Pluto operates under the surface, governing the profound changes and the catharsis that follows.

Now, when two Plutos face each other in a synastry chart – a scenario known as Pluto opposite Pluto, it ignites a powerful polarity. This cosmic interaction can be a game changer in a relationship, stirring the deepest parts of our beings. But remember, as is the case with any power, it’s all about how you harness it…

Disclaimer: Astrological interpretations indicate potentials and tendencies.

The Meaning of Pluto Opposite Pluto in Synastry

When you have Pluto opposite Pluto in synastry with your partner, it often indicates a deep, intense, and transformational bond. This is not an easy aspect, but it can bring profound growth and evolution to both of you if you embrace the challenges.

Pluto rules deep transformation, so having this aspect means you and your partner may consciously or unconsciously try to transform each other. There is a strong urge to mold and remake the other person. You may also feel like the other person is trying to control or manipulate you.

This can lead to power struggles over who has more influence in the relationship. You may compete to be the dominant partner. Or one of you may try to force change on the other. This creates ongoing tension and requires hard work to achieve balance.

You Have a Compelling Attraction That Feels Destined

With the Pluto opposite Pluto synastry, the attraction between you may feel fated. You have an almost magnetic draw toward each other that may have started the moment you met.

There is an intense sexual and emotional bond. You feel irresistibly pulled together, like your souls knew each other in a past life. This makes it hard to let go, even when the relationship gets difficult or toxic.

But the connection goes beyond the physical! You experience each other on a soul level. Being together can bring up deep-seated emotions in both of you. The relationship brings old wounds and past karmic patterns to the surface to be healed.

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Your Values and Life Paths May Clash

While the attraction is intense, your values, life goals, and ambitions may ultimately conflict. With the Pluto opposite Pluto synastry, power struggles can arise when you try to impose your agenda on each other.

For example, one of you may want to focus on career achievement while the other prioritizes family and home life. Or you have very different spiritual beliefs or political views that clash.

Over time, this can create resentment if you try to force the other to conform. Each person feels the need to be true to their own path. Here, compromise requires carefully understanding the other’s perspective.

You Stimulate Intense Personal Growth in Each Other

The intense Pluto energy stirring between you activates a process of empowerment. Being together fast-tracks personal development.

Old insecurities surface, forcing you to confront inner fears. Emotional blockages rise up to be cleared. You may start questioning beliefs you’d always clung to. It’s often painful, but the potential for evolution is tremendous.

With the Pluto opposite Pluto synastry, you help each other dig deep beneath superficial habits and patterns to discover your true power. By supporting each other through this death and rebirth process, you can both emerge renewed.

Experiencing Death and Rebirth

This synastry aspect has a distinct Phoenix from the flame’s vibration. Your connection may undergo many mini-deaths and rebirths as you outgrow old ways of relating. Pluto governs the cycle of death and rebirth, so you experience symbolic deaths regularly. Each one leads to profound renewal at a higher level of consciousness.

Letting go of outgrown patterns allows your eternal bond to flourish. The intense emotions that arise with Pluto contacts have a purging effect. As buried pain is released, you feel a renewed sense of hope and intimacy. While difficult, the death phases shape your relationship’s resurrection into a more conscious expression.

Let Go of Control and Learn to Compromise

With the Pluto-Plutp opposition, the biggest relationship challenge is resisting the urge to control the other. You may pressure your partner to change in ways that align with your own values or ambitions.

But for this bond to work, you must let go of needing to remake each other. You have to allow your partner space to be themselves, just as you want freedom to be you.

Aim to understand where the other is coming from rather than judging their beliefs as wrong. Look for win-win compromises that honor both your paths.

Sexual Exploration Awakens Your Passions

Sexually, the Pluto opposite Pluto synastry can generate intense chemistry and erotic exploration! You feel safe pushing each other’s intimate boundaries.

Taboo topics can be discussed openly. Your hidden desires and dormant passions emerge. You can act out fantasy roles and experiment with surrendering control.

There’s a depth of emotional intimacy along with this sexual discovery. By baring your secret vulnerabilities, you strengthen the bond.

However, avoid feeling consumed with lust for each other or exploring fetishes and darker sexual fantasies. There’s a compulsive quality to the sexual attraction, bordering on obsession and unhealthy habits from each of you.

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Jealousy and Suspicion Can Become Destructive

The intense emotions stirred up by Pluto can turn negative if you feel threatened. Jealousy, possessiveness, and suspicion may arise, especially if trust is broken.

You may be overly sensitive to any perceived loss of power or disloyalty. Even small lies can provoke extreme reactions due to hidden insecurities.

For the relationship to survive, you must work through irrational fears of betrayal or abandonment. Healing your inner wounds creates security.

Endings Are Difficult But Part of Your Evolution

After all, with the Pluto opposite Pluto synastry, breakups can be deeply painful because your bond feels so fated. You may cling to the relationship even when it turns destructive, fearful to let go.

But Pluto teaches us to accept necessary endings as part of life’s cycle. Though it hurts profoundly, your soul evolves through the loss. Going through the fire catalyzes wisdom and growth.

If you do separate, take the wisdom and release the pain. You will only emerge wiser about yourselves, relationships, and what you truly need by letting go of past hurts and starting to change.

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