Pluto Sextile Pluto Synastry (In Detail)

The meeting of two personalities is like the contact of two chemical substances: if there is any reaction, both are transformed.” – Carl Jung.

In astrological parlance, a Pluto connection in synastry stirs up a cauldron of profound intensity and deep-seated emotions. It’s about shedding the old skin and emerging anew.

When Pluto interacts with another Pluto, it amplifies these transformative energies, creating a potent combination of self-evolution and revolution.

But how does this come into play in a sextile aspect? Let’s find out!

Disclaimer: Astrological interpretations indicate potentials and tendencies.

The Meaning of Pluto Sextile Pluto in Synastry

A Strong, Intense Connection

When your Pluto forms a sextile with your partner’s Pluto in your synastry chart, this suggests an intense, transformative bond between you. This planetary aspect indicates a powerful attraction and fascination with one another that can completely change each other’s lives.

Indeed, the sextile between your Plutos shows that there could be a strong connection between you and your partner right from the start. You may feel instantly drawn to this person in ways you can’t explain. It’s like you’re magnetically pulled together and just have to get to know them.

Your relationship with this person has a fated quality about it. You may feel like it was meant to be or that your souls knew each other in a past life. There’s a comfortable yet exciting familiarity between you.

Transforming Each Other’s Lives

The Pluto sextile Pluto synastry suggests your relationship can be enormously transforming for both of you. You have the power to completely change and evolve each other’s lives in profound ways.

Together, you and your partner might tear down old barriers, confront toxic behaviors, or overcome deep fears. It’s like you can see through all the superficial stuff into each other’s cores. You bring out a deeper, more authentic version of one another.

Intense Sexual Attraction

There is likely an intense sexual attraction between you two with this Pluto sextile. You probably have off-the-charts sexual chemistry that feels almost primal!

Your physical relationship may be deeply passionate, exploring tantric sex or intimate kinks. You might empower each other to embrace your sensuality without shame. Your sex life could be hugely healing and transformative for both of you.

When you come together, expect fireworks! You feel strongly drawn together like magnets, both physically and emotionally. The attraction is primal, passionate, even obsessive. Being apart is likely unbearable with such a strong connection.

Power Struggles

While the Pluto sextile Pluto synastry shows great potential, the downside is you may get into intense power struggles. Since you both have such a strong, formidable energy, neither of you likes conceding control.

To avoid destructive fights, you’ll need to communicate openly and approach conflicts maturely. See each other as equals and learn to compromise. Don’t let your ego-based desires damage the relationship.

Deep Emotional Bond

Along with intense physical attraction, you and your partner probably share a deep emotional bond with the Pluto sextile Pluto synastry. You can connect on a soul level, which can feel incredibly intimate and vulnerable.

You likely feel safe opening up to each other about your innermost secrets, darkest fears, or most painful traumas. You can heal old emotional wounds through this relationship and finally confront issues you’ve been avoiding.

There’s comfort in being seen so completely for who you are, shadows and all. You can drop your masks and finally be your authentic self with this person.

Compelled to Merge Souls

This Pluto aspect can make you feel compelled to merge your souls with your partner in every possible way. You crave the total, permanent union of your beings.

This can inspire tremendous loyalty and commitment between you, like you’re bound together for life. But it may also manifest as jealousy, possessiveness, or unhealthy power dynamics.

Strive to give each other space and freedom. Allow yourself to bond with each other, but don’t let this bond become a “bondage”.

With the Pluto sextile Pluto synastry, you and your partner may share an uncanny, almost psychic-like link with this sextile. You can intuitively pick up on each other’s subtle cues, unspoken truths, and deepest desires.

You don’t always need words to communicate. A look or a touch can convey what you’re thinking and feeling! You may just get each other on a visceral, soul-connected level.

Indeed, the Pluto sextile in synastry suggests incredible healing potential exists in your bond. Together, you can help each other overcome lingering fears, traumas, or toxic thought patterns.

Support and unconditional love from your partner can inspire self-acceptance and self-forgiveness. You build each other up as you learn and grow together. This relationship can empower you both to actualize your potentials.

Karmic Connection

You may feel your relationship was fated for an important reason, like you have critical karmic lessons to learn together. Past life connections are possible with this harmonious Pluto contact.

Perhaps you knew each other in a previous incarnation, experienced trauma together or have still unfinished business to resolve. This bond offers you an opportunity to heal old wounds and release karmic ties.

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This relationship has incredible potential to lead you on a journey of profound self-discovery. Your partner acts like a mirror, reflecting back truths about yourself you may have been avoiding.

After all, this Pluto-Pluto sextile suggests your relationship will profoundly impact both you and your partner’s destinies. You are unlikely to walk away from each other unchanged.

This may be one of the most significant relationships in your life. You will emerge wiser, stronger, and more enlightened thanks to the soul-stirring gifts you give each other.

Pluto Sextile Pluto Synastry: Key Summaries

In astrology, a sextile represents an angle of 60 degrees between two planets. It’s a harmonious aspect, fostering creativity, opportunity, and collaboration.

When you have Pluto sextile Pluto in synastry, it often signifies a mutual desire for personal and collective growth. The relationship becomes a catalyst for profound changes, which can lead to life-altering events in the relationship that shake you out of your core.

Here, the interaction is more about intense changes and less about gradual upheavals. Imagine it as a fast, aggressive tsunami that can destroy any bad thing with its power while also creating new life and sustenance!

This is the essence of the Pluto sextile Pluto synastry – each person becomes the alchemist in the other’s life, gently nudging them towards self-transformation.

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Indeed, self-transformation is the theme of the Pluto sextile Pluto synastry. This combination can often be seen in really powerful partnerships, forcing both persons to confront their innermost fears, wounds, and anxieties.

There’s no time for chit-chat here – this is about going deep and discovering the hidden jewels within!

The Pluto sextile Pluto synastry also illuminates each of your dark sides. It’s a call to confront the aspects of ourselves we’d prefer not to admit, resulting in healing and inner harmony. It’s like holding up a cosmic mirror, and there’s no getting away from what’s reflected!

Unpacking the Gift of Pluto Sextile Pluto Synastry

In a Pluto sextile Pluto relationship, power dynamics tend to be shared, understood, and accepted, allowing individuals to facilitate transformation in one another.

It is about spiritual growth, evolution, and coming into one’s power. This relationship becomes an exercise in embracing our shadow sides and transcending our limitations.

The energy of Pluto sextile Pluto in synastry enables us to change ourselves and, by extension, our realities. The relationship itself becomes a crucible, forging both individuals through the fire of deep emotional and psychological exploration.

Navigating the Transformation: Harnessing the Pluto Sextile Pluto Energy

The only way out is through.” – Robert Frost.

This adage perfectly sums up the essence of the Pluto sextile Pluto synastry!

Here’s how you can leverage this energy for personal growth:

  1. Open Communication: Encourage sincere, open communication to understand the underlying motivations and fears that guide each other’s actions.
  2. Shared Growth: Recognize that your evolution is tied to each other’s. Strive to support and facilitate growth, celebrating every victory along the way.
  3. Respecting Boundaries: Even in profound relationships, boundaries are essential. Respect them to create a safe space for self-transformation.

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