Pluto Square Pluto Synastry (In Detail)

Love does not consist in gazing at each other, but in looking outward together in the same direction.” – Antoine de Saint-Exupéry.

Let’s clear the air first: why so much fuss about a celestial dwarf planet? The answer lies in the mystical realm of synastry.

Here, Pluto is seen as the harbinger of transformation, the bringer of intense rebirth, and a catalyst for profound change. The planet governs the deepest of our human experiences, thus creating a significant impact on the life events it touches.

In a birth chart, the placement of Pluto hints at where you may experience these deep transformations, confrontations, and compulsions. It’s a wild ride, full of mystery and excitement, just like a cosmic roller coaster.

Disclaimer: Astrological interpretations indicate potentials and tendencies.

The Meaning of Pluto Square Pluto in Synastry

The Pluto square Pluto synastry suggests a connection that inspires fundamental changes within each person. The relationship dynamic activates and exposes unconscious material. Buried wounds, power issues, desires, and shadows may float to the surface. With Pluto, there are always layers beneath the surface to unravel.

The Pluto square Pluto synastry can indicate your relationship has a profoundly transformative and catalytic impact on each other, down to the soul level. Your connection may feel fated or obsessive, like you’re drawn together by forces beyond your rational understanding.

There’s a comfortable intimacy in sharing your innermost selves. However, this depth also makes you vulnerable, triggering self-protection mechanisms. The path of this relationship is sure to be a rocky ride full of dynamic tension.

Power Struggles

With the Pluto square Pluto synastry, your egos and desires frequently clash, provoking intense power struggles. You may continuously trigger each other’s wounds and defense mechanisms. Issues around power, resistance, and control will likely arise in the relationship. Differing needs and desires can heighten tensions. Neither party likes yielding, so compromise does not come easy.

Attempts to manipulate or dominate the other will inevitably backfire with Pluto contacts. Coercion breeds more resistance and conflict. These power dynamics often mirror inner issues waiting to be resolved within each person.

That is, power struggles in the relationship reflect your own inner battles for dominance between conflicting aspects of self. Projection and transference of multiple inner complexes can occur. Intense emotions like jealousy, resentment, rage, insecurity, and fear may periodically surface. Handle this with care.

The Pluto square often plays out through passive aggression too. One or both parties may resort to subtle manipulation, silent treatment, withholding intimacy, or emotional withdrawal. Communications can break down easily with Pluto, with buried emotions simmering beneath the surface.

Secrets and mistrust can poison the atmosphere. Deception may also emerge under stress. However, you can’t fool Pluto for long-buried truths eventually surface. The Pluto square Pluto synastry connection demands total honesty and transparency for optimal healing.

Compulsion Versus Resistance

This synastry contact may breed a tense push-pull dynamic. The Plutonian attraction – a magnetic compulsion to engage – locks horns with resistance.

At times, you seem to can’t get enough of each other. But when vulnerabilities surface, your instinct is likely to withdraw into safe comfort zones. Your partner’s probing can stir up your inner cauldron, which may feel intrusive. Yet denying these pivotal transformation points compounds your frustration.

With the Pluto square Pluto synastry, you must balance your needs for intimacy versus self-protection. Closeness brings fulfillment yet also poses threats to safe boundaries. Your psyches continuously toggle between drawing closer versus pulling back.

Oscillating between hot intensity and cool detachment is common. One person often chases while the other resists. Over time these roles may reverse. Moderation and compromise are key for this aspect’s health.

Ego Deaths and Rebirths

Transformation cannot occur without ego deaths and rebirths. The Pluto square Pluto synastry guarantees you will periodically reach intense crescendos and crisis points. The relationship strips away mental constructs and defense mechanisms linked to your identity. False masks and personas crumble, giving space for more authentic relating.

With this Pluto connection, letting go of outmoded aspects of self is crucial for growth. However, expect resistance when this synastry dynamic triggers your limiting beliefs, fears, and insecurities.

Under stress, unhealthy Pluto manifestations like obsession, manipulation, and destructive behaviors may arise. Conscious awareness and relating are vital for avoiding destructive outcomes with this combustible aspect. Remember, living and loving at your highest potentials always come with self-transformation and enlightenment.

This synastry contact will dredge up your painful psychological patterns. Triggers will abound until you develop self-awareness around your past wounds and karmic debts.

Indeed, difficult Pluto aspects often require brutal honesty, deep reflection, patience with the process, and excavating unconscious drivers. Do the tough inner work together to avoid destructive projections and externalizations.

Crises can become openings when handled with compassion. Purging and releasing the past makes room for revisioning. You may experience profound self-awakening and empowerment through this process when united. Use these Plutonian disruptions as catalysts for creating an authentic identity aligned with your own truths.

Psychic Connections

Pluto rules the mystical undercurrents. Accordingly, the Pluto square Pluto synastry signifies potent psychic links.

You can pick up on each other’s energy states, moods, desires, and unspoken needs seemingly telepathically. Intuition can flow strongly between you. Shared dreams, synchronicities, déjà vu, and uncanny knowings may occur. You affect each other at soul levels beyond the conscious mind.

This can enhance the intimacy when your self-awareness is high. However, unconscious negative emotional projections can happen too, which you may internalize as your own. Cleaning up your energy can prevent this psychic pollution.

Stay mindful of what feelings originate within versus absorptions from your partner, and set healthy boundaries. With consciousness, the profound psychic connection can be leveraged for intimate relating.

Sexual Attraction

Sex often grows fervent between Pluto contacts, since Pluto governs primal passions. Hence, explosive physical chemistry and erotic intensity can characterize the Pluto square Pluto synastry!

However, unconscious power games and manipulations can also creep into intimacy. One may use sex to avoid emotional closeness or wield it as a weapon under stress.

In the bedroom, this synastry contact suggests penetrating psychological depth and heightened emotional intimacy accompanying the physical. Passion may be profound when bonding through your authentic inner selves.

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But unconscious wounds or projections can breed emotional volatility too. Avoid trying to “dominate” or “destroy” your partner during sex. Bond through compassion and conscious relating for self-enlightenment and transformative intimacy.

Shared Transformation

At its highest expression, the Pluto square Pluto synastry has transformative potential. Through self-awareness and wisdom, you can facilitate profound healing and evolution together.

By embracing vulnerability and operating from integrity, you both blossom into more authentic versions of yourself. Your relationship becomes an alchemical container to air out toxic patterns and integrate disowned aspects.

Together, you can overcome inner blocks to actualize latent potentials. Your bond generates the psychological heat to burn off the dross and reveal your essential gold.

As psychologist Carl Jung said, “There is no coming to consciousness without pain. People will do anything, no matter how absurd, to avoid facing their own souls.”

So find the strength to face yourselves and lovingly accept all that you are, the dark and the light. Commit to a path of conscious relating, bound by mutual care, respect, and emotional accountability.

Maintain compassion during clashes and tough triggers. With the wisdom of the spirit, you can transmute pains into spiritual understanding. In this relationship, how you handle differences and discord matters more than what arises. Prioritize understanding over reacting, observing over judging. When conflict gets heated, return your focus to yourself.

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