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4 Unique Meanings of Round Face in Face Reading (That Are True)

Do you know that having a round face shape means that you have a deep desire of feeling happy and fulfilled?

In Chinese face reading, people with round faces are friendly, easy-going, and sensitive. As the round shape is similar to a circle, which is the symbol of the Moon, you are moody, dreamy, and imaginative.

In this post, I will talk about 4 unique meanings of the round face in Chinese physiognomy.

These meanings are divided into 4 sections, so please jump ahead to any heading that appeals to you the most.

  1. Round Face Characteristics
  2. Personality Traits
  3. Talents
  4. Famous People with Round Faces

Disclaimer: The knowledge in this article suggests possibilities, not facts.

1. Round Face Characteristics

The characteristics of rounded face people are as followed:

  • Circle-shaped face
  • Chubby, full cheeks
  • Wide hairline and nose
  • Prominent cheeks and cheekbones
  • Small chin and jaw
  • The facial width is relatively the same as the length

The traits of a round face are quite similar to the attributes of a diamond-shaped face.

Interestingly, people with round faces can easily transform their faces into oval-shaped faces in a matter of gaining or losing weight.

When you are in doubt if someone has a rounded face or not, look at the cheekbones, forehead, and chin. They usually have the same common facial features, which are small chins and full cheeks.

2. Personality Traits

The important personality traits of people with round faces are:

  • Friendly
  • Compassionate
  • Easy-going
  • Positive
  • Happy

In this section, I will categorize their characteristics based on the positive and negative qualities of the round face:

Positive Traits

In traditional Chinese face reading, people with round faces are creatures of comfort. They love to surround themselves with a comfortable environment and a happy vibe.

Round-faced people are selfless individuals who would put others first. They always have a look of innocence and childlike appearance which make them very approachable to others. In fact, people with rounded face shapes are friendly and open, so they usually attract a lot of friends in their life.

You won’t regret to choose a round-faced person as your best friend because they are very trustworthy, reliable, and sincere. In a relationship, they are normally the person who gives more than what they can receive.

It is also pleasurable to look at the round facial shape as this shape is most common in good cartoon characters.

People who possess round face shapes are self-confident, mentally sharp, and adaptable. Under the influence of the Moon, these people are also sensitive to other people’s feelings and demands. They can easily feel the hidden emotions that other people are trying to hide.

If you have a round-shaped face, you are likely to be an influential person. The larger the features on your face, the more ambitious you are. Smaller features on a round face demonstrate an amiable and easy-going personality with less drive for success.

Negative Traits

As people with round faces are selfless, they have a tendency of giving too much to others. So many times it happens that round-faced people sacrifice their own needs in order to serve others. Thus, they often blame life as not being fair while what they need to learn is called “wisdom of giving”.

There is also a forceful personality behind their friendliness.

Due to their desire for happiness, round-shaped face people are vulnerable to become narcissistic. They are in love with their comforts and enjoy boisterous behavior.

In fact, round-faced people are partiers people, for they will do anything for fun, doesn’t matter the consequences. Too much happiness is just like too much sadness, which is actually harmful to our beings.

Therefore, these people tend to be involved with many extra-pleasurable activities, such as overdose, overdrinking, and having too much sex.

3. Talents

With the analyzed personality traits above, people who have round faces have these innate talents:

  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Communication skills
  • Empathy
  • Social skills

4. Famous People with Round Faces

Unlike people with square faces or rectangle-faced shapes, round-faced people are not very popular in the world of politics and business. This kind of face shape is also seen more in women than in men.

You will find them gathering mostly in the entertainment industry, as this is the industry of fun and happiness.

One example of a rounded face person is Selena Gomez. She is an American singer and actress, who was very famous in the 2000s period.

Another typical example of this kind of face is Ginnifer Goodwin. She is an actress and is best known for her starring role in the ABC fantasy series “Once Upon a Time”.

The last example of a person with a round face is Leonardo DiCaprio. As you can see, all these people are very famous in the entertainment industry. There is a feeling of pleasure and comfort when we look at their faces as they are naturally beautiful and handsome.

If you know other celebrities or famous people who have round faces, please comment down below the name of the person.

By simply sharing your thoughts, you will naturally be a better face reader because we are here to learn and grow TOGETHER!

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  • Dionisio/Charon

    I am a round face personality… all that is indicated here is real to me. I’m fascinated to search the meaning of it as my fingernails are round too. I’m highly intuitive and yes, very moody as the moon characteristic, 😄 I’m friendly too, but love to be alone, I can perfectly manage handling that.

  • Hoang Anh Nguyen Ba

    Thank you for your lovely words! Round fingernails also have some similar meanings to a round face. They indicate that you are likely to be a fun-loving, cheerful, optimistic, and sensitive person. Another meaning is that you can be easily hurt as you are in touch with your feelings. Hope this help!

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