Spiritual Meaning of House Numbers 1 to 9

In this post, I will tell you about the spiritual meaning of house numbers 1 to 9.

This post is definitely for you if you want to dig deeper into the REAL meaning behind your home address.

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You will be amazed at what your home address spiritually represents!

How to Calculate House Number in Numerology

To find your numerology house number, add all the address digits of your house or apartment, then reduce them to get the sum of a single number.

For example, 3609 Main Street will be 3+6+0+9=18/9 and a condo or building with a unit number of 25 will be 2+5=7.

In numerology, the unit number has the greatest influence on the inhabitants. Thus, if you lived in 3609 Main Street with unit 25, 7 would be your prime number while 9 would have a secondary influence on your home.

If your apartment has a unit of 33B, simply use the numerology chart to convert the letter into a corresponding number. In this case, 33B will be 3 + 3 + 2 = 8, as the numerical value of B is 2.

How to calculate numerology house number
How to calculate numerology house number

House Number 1

In numerology, number 1 spiritually represents the sun, which is the symbol of vitality, life, and activity. Thus, house address number 1 is the most sacred place for a person who is self-motivated, passionate, and goal-oriented.

If you want to raise up a positive and pioneering vibration in your home environment, numerology house number 1 is ideal for you.

House Number 2

The spiritual meaning of house number 2 is about diplomacy and relationship. Numerology house number 2 means that you will be happiest at home when your home has “2” people. That is, house number 2 is ideal for couples living together.

Home number 2 is also a lucky number for those who are peaceful and nurturing.

Are you emotional and co-dependent? This house might be a great fit for you!

House Number 3

In spirituality, house number 3 creates a happy and social environment. Number 3 vibration is all about the spirit of beauty and harmony, so it is most suitable for those who are creative and artistic.

In numerology, number 3 house address also symbolizes the abundance of things, which favors people who loves freedom and wants to express themselves.

House Number 4

The spiritual meaning of house number 4 is most suitable for discipline and organized people. In numerology, number 4 is a spiritual symbol of rule and order. Thus, it favors people who vibrate well with law, management, and building.

However, this house number may be termed “unlucky number” due to Chinese concept of death. So, you may want to learn more about the details of number 4 house before you make any important decision!

House Number 5

Spiritually, house number 5 is the best place for people who want more experience in life. It brings up in your home of a certain amount of adventurous and outgoing energy. Thus, you may not even stay at home much under number 5 house address vibration.

One type of business model that best describes the influence of home number 5 is Air BnB.

You see? It’s all about short-term residency or any rental activity!

House Number 6

Please don’t think about the number 666 as house number 6 is definitely not related to anything evil!

It’s about the person who lives in the house, not the house itself, you got it?

There are absolutely some related spiritual concerns involved with number 6.

On the positive side, number 6 home vibrates with the energy of love, harmony, and balance. Any home activities are beneficial under the spiritual influence of house number 6.

Do you want to know about its negative effects? Check my detailed analysis in the link above!

House Number 7

In most spirituality and religions, number 7 is considered a divine number as it relates to 7 days of the week, 7 colors of rainbow, 7 archangels, etc. Thus, house address 7 is ideal for spiritual people, such as priests, monks, or any want to desire a peace of mind.

You can still do a lot of things under this house influence, such as learning or reading, but the best thing to do is to do nothing!

House Number 8

Under the spiritual energy of number 8, it brings to your home a sense of abundance, ambition, and success. Number 8 house address is most suited for those who are entrepreneurs or bankers because it affects much on our ability of making money.

Thus, house number 8 is the best place for you to live if you want to manifest abundance, improve your financial situation, or just simply want to engage in money-making activities.

House Number 9

Number 9 spiritually symbolizes “the end” in numerology. As 9 is the highest number from 1-9, it acquires the wisdom of all numbers before it. Thus, home number 9 is a lucky house number for those who want to initiate themselves into the spiritual process.

If you are compassionate and love people unconditionally, this house address is ideal for you!


As I said above, this section is for you if you really want to dig deeper into the spiritual meanings of your house address!

A good place to start is to read my post on what the numbers 1 to 9 spiritually represent.

I have included in each post many esoteric meanings related to each number, such as their hidden symbolism, spiritual laws, and spiritual impacts on our society.

Many of the information of the posts are not available elsewhere, because they are considered “esoteric”.

So, please follow the link and check them out!

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This is because each number is associated with a specific letter, so there are much more things to learn.

I hope you find the best value in my post and make the best decision to acquire a new home!

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