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Spiritual Meaning of Letter R

Letter R attributesMeaning and Specification
Astrological planetSaturn
SymbolHead, pineal gland, hawk
Spiritual meaningRuffian, Radiance, Repentance, Resurrection
Numerology value18/9
Stand forRighteousness, Respect, Refine, Royalty
Spiritual meaning of letter R

Meaning of Letter R

Letter R corresponds to Resh (Raysh) in the Hebrew alphabet, meaning head. This letter is related to the spiritual faculty within our head, which is the pineal gland.

When you look at this gland closely, it resembles the shape of letter R. Pineal gland gets its name because it looks like a pinecone.

Letter R and Pineal gland
Letter R and Pineal gland. Istockphoto.

When this gland is activated, we will be raised up to the stage of spiritual illumination that eventually lifts up the veil of the unseen. Knowledge will come to us not through the intellect but by the intuitive knowing from within our body.

That is, we can acquire knowledge by learning but we can only gain wisdom by living.

In esoteric teachings, letter R means to Rise above one’s material thinking to seek spiritual understanding. It is the symbol of Resurrection, which means to die in material shape and reborn again in spiritual form.

In Egyptian school, occultists refer letter R as the standing position of Horus, who is a Hawk God. As I said in the meaning of letter N, Horus is the God of “thrice wise” symbolizing “wisdom in action”.

His symbol is the Hawk because of its power of action and vision. When the hawk captures a prey, it thrusts its wing to gain altitude, making er, er, er sound. Therefore, letter R resembles the “er” sound that the hawk makes to gain altitude.

According to Resurrect Isis, it is also said that the “er” sound of the hawk’s wings also symbolizes the root source of the name Horus (Heru) and Osiris (Assur). When we add this “er” or “or” sound to some verb, it will transform the verb into the actor. For example: hunt-hunter, save-savior, kill-killer.

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Meaning of Letter R in Your Name

Positive Traits

In numerology, if the first letter of your first name starts with R, you are Reliable, Royal, Remarkable, and Respectful in personality. As its numerical value is 9, R people love to inspire others with their unconditional love.

9 represents the end of a cycle, so people with R in their names are likely to be wise, knowledgeable, and powerful. Positively, you have a big heart and are willing to sacrifice your benefits for others. Your beautiful traits are compassion, selfless love, and understanding.

You may be endowed with spiritual ability due to your high sensitivity. People whose names start with R are also religious and faithful as well.

Negative Traits

However, when R vibration turns negatively, you are prone to be Rough, Rude, and Rebellious. People with R in their name can become very tyrannical in their actions. You need to learn to guard against your overemotional tendency, jealousy, and bad temper.

If you were to be offered a choice between spirituality and materiality, you should choose the spiritual path because it will show you how to complete your journey.

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