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Spiritual Meaning of Letter W

Letter W attributesMeaning and Specification
SymbolPeg, nail, eye
Spiritual meaningWave, Water, Wisdom, Womb, Mother
Numerology value23/5
Stand forWorld, Wonder, Will, Well
Spiritual meaning of letter W

Meaning of Letter W

Both letter V and W correspond to Vau (or Vav) in the Hebrew alphabet. W is a special letter because it is composed of other letters when being seen in different perspectives: 2 “U”, 2 “V”, reserved M. Therefore, W contains all characteristics of these characters plus its unique traits.

W, V, and U are closedly related to each other.

In short, W symbolizes the natal Water coming out of the Mother of all things. The word M has been used in many cultures to resembles the Mother Goddess: Mẹ (Vietnamese), Ma (Chinese, Japanese), Mere (French), Madre (Spanish), etc.

Resurrect Isis said that while M represents 2 mountains with 1 valley, letter W shows 1 mountain with 2 valleys. Thus, W is regarded as the deepest mystery in spiritual teachings because of these 2 valleys, which is what sets apart the being and the non-being.

According to the Egyptians, V is the letter signifying the Vulva of the Mother. All things in this world are made up of Water. Therefore, all things come forth from the first natal Water of the Mother.

The concept of a “Well” (W) also resembles the idea of the Mother regarding this context. In ancient times, a well is a source of life as it contains Water (W).

Therefore, the spiritual meaning of letter W is closely related to the feminine nature of the universe. W is that which helps us to easily receive divine ideas as it is receptive in character.

They also believed that letter V symbolizes the young Virgin Goddess Isis whereas W depicts Isis as a “Twice Virgin”, which means she is in the period of W: Virgin after Virgin ( after giving birth). Therefore, she is known as the “double-wise”, or W with 2 V.

As W is related to Vau, and Vau resembles a peg or nail, which is the link between 2 things. Therefore, when we come out of W (water of mother), we contain within ourselves the spiritual connection with the divine as well as the material link with the physical world.

Wisdom is very important in ancient times. In paganism, the word “witch” is composed of “wisdom” + “teach”. Thus, witches were considered wisdom teachers back then.

Many of the Isis initiates later became witches because they taught wisdom. We can see a correlation in both words “witch” and “wisdom” as they both start with letter W.

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Meaning of Letter W in Your Name

Positive Traits

In numerology, if the first letter of your first name starts with W, you are Wise, Wild, and Well-balanced in personality. As the numerical value of W is 23/5, people with W in their names are adventurous, experience-seeking, and changeable.

You love to explore the world, which is the reason why you feel that there is an urge to the outside world just for the sake of experience. W people usually experience a change of awareness at a certain time in their life.

Due to number 5 vibration, you are magnetic, attractive, and charming in nature. W looks like a wave, so you are also intellectual and philosophical with ideas received from spiritual realms.

Negative Traits

When the energy of W becomes negative, it can express in personality as feeling nervousness, restlessness, and worrisome. As 5 is the number of MAN, people with W in their names need to learn to master their 5 senses to conquer their sensual-seeking tendency.

W on the negative side can be intolerant, impatient, and irresponsible.

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