Spiritual Meaning of Number 3

  • Principle: Triad, Holy Trinity
  • Meaning: Reunion, creative power, unseen energy
  • Element: Air
  • Color: Purple, Lilac, Mauve
  • Planet: Jupiter
  • Astrological House: Third house (Gemini)
  • Tarot card: The Empress
  • Letters: C, L, U

Numerology is the language of the universe. Numbers are not literally numbers but representations of underlying universal laws that govern the universe. Man can never break the divine laws because the rules and orders of the cosmos will never change.

Behind every number are energy, frequency, and vibration. Behind the exoteric understanding of number 3 is the esoteric meaning of number 3. In the outer form, you can see number 3 is manifested differently in various subjects such as planet Jupiter in astrology, the Empress in tarot, the Holy Trinity, etc.

However, in the inner essence, there is only one spiritual meaning of number 3 because “the clothes may vary but the person is the same.”

In spirituality, number 3 represents creativity, self-expression, harmony, and optimism. The Holy Spirit is often misunderstood as God due to the spiritual principle of Triad. Those who are born under number 3 energy are spiritually gifted to be a communicator, writer, and teacher.

It is important to know WHY number 3 vibration contains such characteristics. In this post, I will explain to you the spiritual characteristics of number 3 based on the “esoteric” laws of numerology.

Table of contents:

  1. Triad – Spiritual Principle of Number 3
  2. Spiritual Significance of Number 3
    1. Holy Trinity
    2. 3 Graces
    3. 3 Elements of Personality
    4. Triskele
    5. Other Spiritual Meanings
  3. Number 3 in Astrology
  4. Number 3 Tarot Card
  5. Personality of Number 3
  6. Number 3 Impact on Society
  7. Interesting Math Facts about Number 3

1. Triad – Spiritual Principle of Number 3

In spiritual teachings, Triad is the Creative Principle, Holy Trinity, and the supreme expression of love. Number 3 explains how things manifest and how things return to their source.

According to the esotericism, all things are generated by the interaction between the Monad (1) and the Duad (2), representing the Father and Mother with Triad (3) as their ‘son’ – the Creation:

1 (masculine) + 2 (feminine)= 3 (child)

It is called ‘son’ because number 3 is the first odd number after monad (1), which not only causes all things to have threefold manifestation but also restores all things to Unity. This restoration happens because the Triad (3) comes back to the oddness of the Monad (1) after the Dyad (even).

It contains within itself the essence of its parents (3 = 1 + 2), which is the reason why number 3 spiritually represents the Creative Principle.

The Monad thereby manifests itself into 3 existences: Itself, Macrocosm (Heavenly planets), and Microcosm (Man), giving things a beginning, middle, and end. Although the threefold manifestation is obvious, this differentiation arises from the same Source – the Monad (Unity).

The whole process is called the Law of Tertiary, representing the Holy Trinity of spirit, mind, and body. When we say “things happen in three”, spiritually, we refer to the unseen creative power of number 3 that causes things to manifest threefold.

We have:

BIBLE = 2 + 9 + 2 + 3 + 5 = 21/3

*Please visit how to calculate root number if you don’t know how I get this answer.

The Bible is the story of creation. In numerology, number 3 symbolizes words and communication. Thus, when the Bible has the root of 3, it is a spiritual symbol for the Word of God.

Pythagoras indicates that everything is made up of 3 parts and things happen in 3: beginning-middle-end; red-blue-green; past-present-future, height-width-depth; rhythm-harmony-tone, and so on.

Number 3 spiritually represents the triangle
Spiritual symbol of number 3 is the triangle

The symbol of the triad is the triangle, whose shape is the pyramid. In the Kabbalah system, the triad is associated with Binah, which symbolizes Understanding and Intelligence. It is also said that unless we develop spiritual Understanding, we are not able to manifest the power of Wisdom and Love in our lives

2. Spiritual Significance of Number 3

Holy Trinity

Because the spiritual meaning of number 3 is related to richness, optimism, and good luck, religions are obsessed with trinities:

  • Christianity: Father – Son – Holy Spirit
  • Egypt: Osiris – Isis – Horus
  • Greek: Zeus – Athena – Apollo
  • Romans: Jupiter – Juno – Minerva
  • Sumeria: Asherah – Astarte – Anat
  • Hinduism: Brahma – Vishnu – Shiva

These outer representations are just symbols for the hidden truth of number 3. We really can’t grasp the whole concept of spirituality unless we look at its true nature rather than the outer experience. They all stand for the invisible energy, frequency, and vibration of number 3, which is the law that governs the universe.

3 Graces

In Greek mythology, Charites are the 3 goddesses of grace, charm, beauty, fertility, and creativity. These 3 sisters have been painted and sculpted since the ancient time to symbolize the spiritual concept of number 3. We have:

  • Aglaea means splendor.
  • Euphrosyne represents Mirth.
  • Thalia signifies good health or happiness.

Sometimes, you can see this idea is put into the symbol of 3 faces of a goddess.

3 Elements of Personality

In psychology, Sigmund Freud conceived of the personality as comprising of 3 elements:

  • Id: the primitive, instinctual, and natural part of the person that contains sexual urges and hidden memories.
  • Ego: the realistic part that uses reason to mediate between the id and the super-ego.
  • Superego: the moral conscience which is learned from parents, school, and society.


Triskele is the ancient symbol of 3 running legs or 3 spirals exhibiting rotational symmetry. Like the swastika, it represents the continuous movement of the sun and the moon in the sky. Thus, it demonstrates the harmony and order of the heavens and the trinity concept of divine powers.

Other Spiritual Meanings

There are so many symbols across many cultures representing the spiritual meaning of number 3. This is because number 3 is luck, goodness, happiness, abundance, etc. which are all the things people hope for. As human beings, we all want something good to happen to us, so we usually attach ourselves to the good things of this world to increases the chances.

This table below shows the symbols of number 3 expressing itself in different traditions of the world.

Symbols of Number 3Spiritual meanings
3 Wheels of BuddhismTheravada – Mahayana – Vajrayana
3 Realms of the NorseAsgard –  Midgard – Niflheim
3 Sons of AdamCain – Abel – Seth
3 Sons of NoahShem – Ham – Japeth
3 Goddesses of the JudgementHera – Athena – Aphrodite
3 Parts of AtomProton (+) – Neutron (neutral) – Electron (-)
Spiritual meanings of number 3

3. Number 3 in Astrology

In astrology, number 3 is associated with planet Jupiter, which influences your creativity, imagination, and good nature. Jupiter is the planet of expansion. Therefore, number 3 will express itself as widest as possible due to the abundance of optimistic energy.

The main areas of number 3 expression, however, are usually found in creative industries, such as writing, speaking, or singing. This is because number 3 is related to the third house whose ruler is Gemini. In astrology, both of these factors focus their energy on communication, short travel, and intelligence.

Spiritually, number 3’s element is air, which is not the air we breathe but the prana (essence) inside the air we take in. Air is also a symbol of intelligence, communication, and mental activities. To know its importance, try to stop breathing for 10 minutes and you will know what I mean.

You see, these traits are all related to each other because they are all under the influence of number 3. Thus, we should always strive for understanding the spiritual meaning of number 3 first before learning about its “exoteric” meanings.

4. Number 3 Tarot Card

The Empress Tarot
The Empress

In the Major Arcana, number 3 symbolizes the Empress – the third card of the Tarot deck. The Empress represents creativity, nurturing, and abundance. If it is in a reversed position, it means something has blocked our creative power.

The Empress is pictured as a pregnant woman. You can refer to this concept of “the Divine Child” above as number 3 is the “son” coming out of number 1 and 2. On her left side, there is a symbol of Venus – the planet of love, harmony, and beauty.

We can also see behind her is the forest, which shows that she is the Mother Earth herself. Her throne is adorned with luxury, so it represents abundance, luck, and fertility.

5. Personality of Number 3

As number 3 is the result of the interaction between number 1 and 2, people with number 3 vibration are highly creative, imaginative, and expressive in nature.

Socializing with people is your talent as you are spiritually endowed with a communicative, charming, and outgoing personality. In numerology, number 3 signifies growth, fertility, birth, and optimism, so you are blessed with a highly energized character.

Number 3 is number 8 cutting in half. Unlike number 8 whose energy is enclosed in an eternal cycle, number 3 opens its door to scatter energies, which makes you become interested in many different things. Both are money makers but 8 is better at keeping the money while 3 tends to be extravagant.

With the vibration of number 3, you are curious and love to learn. You possess within yourself natural artistic talents as you are expressive in nature. In numerology, your self-expression from number 3 energy can also be channeled into speaking, writing, teaching, or singing, making you a great communicator, entertainer, and teacher.

When you are harmoniously aligned with the energy of number 3, your life is positive, uplifting, and full of happiness. This energy is contagious, which means that you like to share your cheerfulness with others as well. At certain times, you will feel there is an urge to inspire others for the better because that’s what you are here for.

Your spontaneity and personal magnetism can ‘melt down’ anyone with whom you make contact. You are likely to be very talented, lively, and high-spirited under the influence of the Holy Trinity.

However, number 3 people are prone to being arrogant and too prideful about their talents. Too much of number 3 energy can be manifested as irresponsibility, lack of direction, and lack of concentration in personality. You may also be prone to being moody and having a difficult time to finish what you have started.

Number 3 is associated with letters C, L, U in numerology. If your name starts with these letters, you will be amazed at what your name spiritually represents. (Click on the links at the beginning of my post)

6. Number 3 Impact on Society

In society, number 3 vibration enhances commerce, communication, and harmony among people. Ideas are exchanged easily and creative projects such as art and music are encouraged.

Society is usually full of energy in this period which expresses itself in different areas. Many babies can be born under the impact of number 3.

There may be much news during a day and reporters are busy reporting events happening through the media. Making money seems to be easier under the number 3 influence as there will be an abundance of positive energy flowing in the society.

Yet, people are prone to become sensual seekers instead of spiritually oriented. Waste of things can increase by number 3 by nature is very expansive.

If you have a house address number 3, you should follow my link to see the REAL meaning behind your home address.

7. Interesting Math Facts about Number 3

Number 3 and Divisibility of 3

Take any number and multiply it by three. Then, you sum the digits in the answer. The answer you get after the sum will always be divisible by three.

3 x 4 = 12 -> 1 + 2 = 3 and 3 ÷ 3 = 1

3 x 5 = 15 -> 1 + 5 = 6 and 6 ÷ 3 = 2

3 x 6 = 18 -> 1 + 8 = 9 and 9 ÷ 3 = 3….

Number 3 and Number 1

3×37 = 111

33×3367 = 111,111

333×333667 = 111,111,111

3333×33336667 = 111,111,111,111

33333×3333366667 = 111,111,111,111,111

Number 3 and Root 9

076,923×3 = 230,769.

153,846×3 = 461,538.

230,769×3 = 692,307.

307,692×3 = 923,076.

*Note that 0 + 7 + 6 + 9 + 2 + 3 = 27/9. In numerology, 9 is the universe by itself.

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