Spiritual Meaning of Number 6

  • Principle: Hexad
  • Meaning: Harmony, union, third eye
  • Element: Earth
  • Color: Blue
  • Planet: Venus
  • Astrological House: Sixth house (Virgo)
  • Tarot card: The Lovers
  • Letters: F, O, X

Numerology is the language of the universe.

Numbers are not literally numbers but representations of underlying universal laws that govern the universe. Man can never break the divine laws because the rules and orders of the cosmos will never change.

Behind every number are energy, frequency, and vibration. Behind the exoteric understanding of number 6 is the esoteric meaning of number 6. In the outer form, you can see number 6 is manifested differently in various subjects such as planet Venus in astrology, the Lovers in tarot, the Hexad, etc.

However, in the inner essence, there is only one spiritual meaning of number 6 because “the clothes may vary but the person is the same.”

In spirituality, number 6 represents love, peace, and beauty. Six also symbolizes the number of days in the Creation and the Hexagram. Those who are born under number 6 energy are spiritually gifted to be an artists, healers, and diplomats.

It is important to know WHY number 6 vibration contains such characteristics.

In this article, I will explain to you the spiritual characteristics of number 6 based on the “esoteric” laws of the universe.

Table of contents:

  1. Spiritual Principle of Number 6 – Hexad
  2. Number 6 in Astrology
  3. Number 6 Tarot Card
  4. Personality of Number 6
  5. Number 6 Impact on Society
  6. Interesting Math Facts about Number 6

1. Spiritual Principle of Number 6 – Hexad

In the Bible and the Quran, God created the heavens and the earth within 6 days (the 7th is the rest day). Therefore, the hexad represents the perfection of forms, divine love, and harmony.

The spiritual meaning of number 6 is related to creation because it is the divine union between the feminine (2) and masculine (3) forces in nature:

2 (female) x 3 (male) = 6

When we play by anagram, six means “sex” (yes, at its lowest level of manifestation!)

Therefore, 666 simply means “sex sex sex” or “lust lust lust”, which is the lowest manifestation of “love”. This is what “the beast” or Satan is telling you to do, friend!

However, spiritually, the highest vibration of number 6 is love, romance, and compassion. This is the number of the heart, of unconditional love and of the ability to support, care, and nurture.

The symbol of number 6 is the hexagon.

Hexagon in Beebive

In nature, the hexagon is the structure of a honeycomb. The bees use this structure because they can generate the largest possible amount of space for the honeycomb based on the conjunction of each hexagon.

Thus, the hexagon is the sacred geometry standing for perfection.

Another symbol of number 6 is the hexagram.

Number 6 spiritually symbolizes the hexagram
The spiritual symbol of number 6 is the hexagram

The upward-pointing triangle represents the active masculine aspect of men, while the downward-pointing triangle symbolizes the passive feminine nature of women.

Thus, the hexagram symbol means harmony between the 2 sexes. It also represents the esoteric doctrine of “As above, so below”, which is the spiritual law of “we shall reap what we sow”.

This explains why the 6th commandment in the Bible is “thou shall not kill” because the principle of number 6 is the law of procreation and karma.

Through number 6 that God’s attributes are reflected upon man as it is the double Trinity.

The 6th day during the week is Friday, whose associative planet is Venus.

Due to this reason, the ancients regarded the hexad as the ‘Maker of Soul’ or the ‘Mother of Harmony’.

In astrology, Venus is the symbol of harmony, love, beauty, and peace, which are the characteristics of number 6 itself.

The spiritual meaning of number 6 is also found in our sixth sense, which is the spiritual inner eye. In Hinduism, the 6th chakra is the third eye chakra located in our pineal glands.

Thus, there is no coincidence that the energy of number 6 is related to the third eye.

When you read the Bible, the Quran, or any religious scriptures and you find the concept “kiss in the forehead“, it symbolically means that “healing of the pineal gland“.

In the Kabbalistic Tree of Life, hexad is called Tiphereth, which means Beauty, Balance, and Compassion and it lies in the center of the Tree.

In the human body, it is associated with the solar plexus or the center of the sun.

2. Number 6 in Astrology

In astrology, number 6 is associated with planet Venus, which is the planet of love, art, service, and beauty. It is the planet that increases harmony and peace within the family and society.

Under the influence of Venus, you can consider yourself lucky because you will be enchanted by its beauty and lovely energy.

The element of number 6 is Earth, which is the foundation of our human structure. As its name suggests, the earth element is very sensual and has a tendency to seek pleasures in the physical world. Number 6 is love, which is the power of the heart.

Therefore, we all need to become masters of the EARTH (HEART). Otherwise, if we don’t exercise self-restraint to evolve spiritually, love can negatively become lust.

The sixth house in astrology is the house of service, daily work, and health whose ruler is Virgo. This astrological sign represents the ability to perform great service, to put others above the self, to be useful for the well-being of all, and to be pure.

Thus, the spiritual meanings of number 6 hide in its unseen energy that creates peace, harmony, and love to the world.

It may look different in its outer appearance, yet in its inner essence, 6 brings love, creativity, spirituality, and compassion for all.

3. Number 6 Tarot Card

The Lovers Tarot
The Lovers

In the Major Arcana, number 6 symbolizes the Lovers – the sixth card of the Tarot deck. The Lovers represents partnerships, romance, and relationships. If it is in a reversed position, it means selfishness, imbalance, and bad choices.

In the Lovers card, there is a naked couple standing under an angel, Raphael, who protects and blesses them. The name Raphael means “God heals”, representing the concept of physical, emotional, and spiritual healings.

The scenario of the card is said to be in the Garden of Eden. Behind the woman is the tree of life with the serpent, symbolizing wisdom positively and sensual temptations negatively. Behind the man is the whose leaves are made of fire, signifying passion and desire. There are 12 flames in total. Thus, this is the number of 12 zodiac signs that are all within us.

There is also an image of the volcano, which is the symbol of the ecstasy when a man unites with a woman.

4. Personality of Number 6

In numerology, number 6 means love, home, and generation. Thus, you are a family person, who is responsible, peaceful, and compassionate. You want to take care of things and nurture the things that you love.

Look at the image of number 6. It is a symbol of a woman who is pregnant. It is also a representation of someone who has a big belly. Thus, number 6 people love to eat and can get overweight if they don’t control their appetite.

One special characteristic of number 6 vibration is the beautiful vocal sound. You are blessed with musical talents which make you harmoniously vibrate with the rhythm of the cosmos. You talk well, sing well, and teach well.

The key for understanding number 6 energy is in the devoted, nurturing, healing, and supportive aspect of this number. You like to be in service for others – to be useful and helpful. Your personality is warm, empathetic, and generous towards others. However, you may appear reserved and private due to the feminine aspect of number 6.

You are creative, imaginative, and artistic in nature under the influence of number 6. Harmony and balance are what you strive for in life. As you are a person who loves to give, you need to learn how to receive as well.

Number 6 energy rules over love, romance, money, and abundance. The law of attraction is the law of love. The key to manifestation in this world is to do what you LOVE, and LOVE what you do for the benefits of all.

Your natural artistic side needs to be expressed. You are likely to be a musician, poet, artist, or interior designer. You also make a good counselor due to your compassionate and lovable nature.

However, when you are not well-aligned with the energy of number 6, you lose harmony. Thus, you succumb to lust, materiality, conflict, discord, and jealousy. As you tend to be a perfectionist, this can result in a critical attitude towards others as well as yourself. You can become dependent, self-righteous, indecisive, and lazy under number 6 influence.

Number 6 is associated with letters F, O, X in numerology. If your name starts with these letters, you will be amazed at what your name spiritually represents. (Click on the links at the beginning of my post)

5. Number 6 Impact on Society

In the society, number 6 energy manifests itself in the area of home, family, and art. It is a period marked by peace and harmony.

Number 6 vibration also raises the spiritual level of the society. It can bring in more abundance, love, and creativity. However, sex matters may arise and people are prone to follow their lust.

The military is also involved in the vibration of 6 because soldiers need to devote or even sacrifice themselves to protect the nation.

The music industry can expect some changes under number 6 influence. During the covid-19 situation, number 6 may exert great influence in the society due to its healing aspect.

Other areas that number 6 can have a significant impact on the society are healthcare, spirituality, churches, music, decoration, and charity.

If you have a house address number 6, you should follow my link to see the REAL meaning behind your home address.

6. Interesting Math Facts about Number 6

Triangular Number 

Sum and multiple of the first 3 numbers equals to 6.

1 + 2 + 3 = 6

1 x 2 x 3 = 6

6 and Root 9

When we raise 6 to any exponent bigger than 1, its root number always equals to 9.

62 = 36/9

63 = 216/9

64 = 1296 = 18/9

65 = 7776 = 18/9

66 = 46656 = 27/9

67 = 279936 = 27/9

68 = 1679616 = 36/9

6 and The Cube

63 = 216 = 33 + 43 + 53.

6 and 0, 3, and 4

401/2 = 6.3…

44001/2 = 66.33…

4440001/2 = 666.333…

444400001/2 = 6666.3333… 

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