Spiritual Meaning of Number 7 (Angel’s Blessings)

  • Principle: Heptad
  • Meaning: Rest, wisdom, perfection
  • Element: Air
  • Color: Green
  • Planet: Neptune
  • Astrological House: Seventh house (Libra)
  • Tarot card: The Chariot
  • Letters: G, P, Y

Among the spiritual meaning of numbers, number 7 is the most powerful number as it is the number of inner wisdom, spiritual awakening, and good fortune. If you see number 7 appearing a lot of times in your life, even in your phone number or in the time clock, it is a spiritual sign from your guardian angels telling you that you are on the “right path” or divine life path.

In fact, number 7 is a lucky number which signifies many positive things. Seven is a sacred number as it symbolizes the 7 chakras, 7 classical planets, 7 colors of the rainbow, etc. If you pay attention to the Book of Revelation in the Bible, number 7 is an important message that helps us realize the union between the physical and spiritual realm.

Remember that the biblical Book of Revelation is the book of spiritual symbolism. That is why you see many hidden symbols such as 7 churches, 7 seals, 7 golden lampstands, 7 stars, 7 spirits of God, 7 heads, 7 kings, etc. In fact, number 7 has actually appeared from the beginning of the Bible when God completed his days of creation on the seventh day.

Therefore, in spirituality, number 7 represents rest, contemplation, and esoteric knowledge. It is the number of spiritual enlightenment which helps you open your mind, develop your inner strength, and move out of your comfort zone.

If you have a life path number 7, you are spiritually gifted to be psychics, philosophers, and scientists. Although number 7 blesses you with good luck and a spiritual connection with the mystical realm, you still need hard work in order to succeed through the course of your life.

There are much more to learn about the deeper meaning of this mystical number!

In this post, I will talk about the spiritual meaning of number 7.

I hope you can understand more about your life purpose as well as ways to advance on the ladder of spiritual development in your life!

Let’s get started!

Table of contents:

  1. Spiritual Principle of Number 7 – Heptad
  2. Number 7 in Astrology
  3. Number 7 Tarot Card
  4. Personality of Number 7
  5. Number 7 Impact on Society
  6. Spiritual Significance of Number 7
  7. Interesting Math Facts about Number 7

1. Spiritual Principle of Number 7 – Heptad

In esoteric school, number 7 is the symbol of an ensouled, living man. Occultists believe spiritual man has a total of 7 senses: 5 physical senses + 6th of perception + 7th of spiritual understanding.

7 = 3 (creative force) + 4 (matter)

The 7 was sacred because it is the representation of the creative spirit (3) that activates the matter (4).

Number 7 is also spiritually associated with 7 classical planets. Pythagoras called number 7 “crooked and straight” in his law of opposites. He calculated the tones of planets regarding their distance from each other and concluded that the planets’ movement creates universal vibration, which in turn produces rhythm, movement, and music.

The ancients called this philosophical concept “musica universalis”, meaning “music of the spheres” or “universal music”.

In the Greek alphabet, there are also 7 vowels with each vowel corresponding to each planet. Similar to music, their octaves base on the rate of vibration. The faster the rate, the higher is the spiritual consciousness and vice versa.

7 vowels in Greek
7 vowels in Greek

*Slowest vibration rate is red, which is connected to Mars – the physical world.

In some esoteric traditions, the symbol of number 7 is a triangle above the square. The triangle (number 3) is the threefold spiritual dimension of body, mind, and spirit descending into the material world (number 4). Therefore, the spiritual meaning of number 7 is the mediation between the spiritual and the material realm. 7 is regarded as the conduit because it can work on both planes smoothly.

Some occult schools call the Heptad “Minerva”, the virgin goddess who came out of the forehead of Zeus (or Jove). Symbolically, it is the number 7 (Minerva) arising from the unity of Monad (Zeus) in the unseen world.

The image of number 7 depicts the monad (1) with a line extending from the top (7). It is the helmet that Minerva wears. In Roman Mythology, Minerva is the goddess of wisdom, strategic warfare, justice, trade, justice, and victory. Her symbol is the Owl, representing esoteric knowledge and wisdom.

In Kabbalistic school of mysticism, the heptad is called Netzach, meaning wisdom, eternity, and firmness. This is when one reaches perfection, where the light within one’s body starts to illuminate. It is the spark of divinity within every human being.

In Esoteric Christianity, this spark of light is called the Ark of Covenant. Sabbath is the holy day for the Jews to rest and worship. In the Bible, God creates His creation in 6 days and rests on the 7th day.

The word SABBATH = 1 + 1 + 2 + 2 + 1 + 2 + 8 =17/8.
-> Sabbath is the self (1) resting (7) to renew strength (8).

*Notice in here that God DOES NOT need to rest. Here is just the symbolic story.

In Jewish traditions, number 7 has been spiritually associated with inner peace or a sign that you are on a spiritual path. When you see master numbers 7, such as 77 or 777 appearing frequently in your life, it means that now is the right time for you to do spiritual practice. You may even be able to see spiritual being in a different world by learning to listen to your spirit guides. These are benefic creatures of God’s creation that are here to help you carry out your soul mission.

However, it is not easy as it sounds to see spiritual beings. You need to reach a certain level of spiritual growth before those things happen. It requires daily life’s practices to develop new skills, such as meditation, concentration, and purification to see positive changes happening in your life. You also need to have positive affirmations about your true identity and understand the power of collective consciousness before entering the spiritual world.

2. Number 7 in Astrology

In astrology, number 7 is associated with planet Neptune, which is the planet of spirituality, mysticism, inspirations, and dreams. The power of Neptune is the ability that raises human consciousness to a higher level. That is, it could bring you into various states of mind and get you to “taste” another reality of a different dimension.

The element of 7 is air, representing the ability to receive divine ideas smoothly and easily. The air element helps to clear away your Samsara, which is the spiritual dust that is stuck in your chakras.

Number 7 relates to the 7th house of the zodiac, which is the house of partnerships and marriage governed by Libra. Libra is the astrological sign of justice, equilibrium, and balance. It has a very strong tendency towards the intellects because Libra’s activity is mainly in the mind.

Thus, the spiritual meaning of number 7 is closely related to mental capacity, high intellectual level, and higher state of consciousness. This is the reason why Pythagoras said that people whose birth path is number 7 are naturally born mystics and occultists. They are naturally attracted to new opportunities to grow themselves mentally and spiritually.

As number 7 is a symbol of perfection, one tends to seek this perfection in either love life or spiritual life. In the love life, you can see this manifested as in the case of Libra, who always seeks the other half to make them feel complete. In the spiritual life, however, people with strong number 7 energy seek inner peace and solitude to discover their life’s purpose. They have the potential to become ascended masters through their spiritual development and practices.

3. Number 7 Tarot Card

The Chariot Tarot
The Chariot

In the Major Arcana, number 7 symbolizes the Chariot – the seventh card of the Tarot deck. The Chariot represents self-restraint, determination, power, and success If it is in a reversed position, it means powerlessness, lack of direction, and lack of discipline.

The Chariot tarot card shows a man standing inside a chariot that is being driven by a black and a white sphinx. These 2 sphinxes are the symbol of duality: light and dark, good and evil, wisdom and ignorance. The chariot is standing because it represents his mastery over the dual nature, signifying the power of Divine Will.

He wears an armor adorned with the symbol of crescent moons representing the spiritual influence under which he is guided. The tunic square on his chest shows his willpower. There is a six-pointed star above his head, symbolizing the spiritual concept of harmony, procreation, and balance.

There are also 2 flows of water behind the chariot, representing the need “to go with the flow” of life while being grounded and stable.

4. Personality of Number 7

As number 7 means wisdom, occultism, and success, you are a seeker of Truth. What you want is the Truth that governs the universe, not the beliefs, opinions, and prejudices. When you are aligned well with number 7 vibration, you are intellectual, philosophical, analytical, mindful, and psychically gifted.

You have an urge to understand the mystery of the world. You like to learn about spiritual topics, secret subjects, religions, mysticism, or psychic phenomenon. Under the energy of number 7, your personality is secretive, reserved, deep, and tranquil.

You love to spend time alone to contemplate, study and educate yourself. Among the spiritual meaning of the numbers, number 7 people feel hard to approach you as you prefer solidarity to cooperation.

As number 7 is associated with spiritual completion, you will not be satisfied unless you find the answer for the meaning of life. The image of number 7 is like a lightning bolt from the sky descending to the earth, representing insights, enlightenment, and connection with the spiritual world. You may also have experienced sudden events due to this vibration.

The 7 looks at the “left”, indicating that you have a good capacity for memory. You tend to look back at the past to contemplate on your experience.

The vibration of number 7 is like one of Uranus sign in astrology. Thus, your characteristics are unorthodox, unique, and unconventional. If you pay enough attention, you will see that number 7 is closely linked with the lunar cycle.

Under the magical number 7 energy, you are an observer of life, a natural researcher, and a seeker of knowledge and wisdom. It helps you a lot in terms of making the right choices and being the best version of yourself.

However, you may look too mysterious in front of others. You prefer privacy over communication. Moreover, as you are a perfectionist, a small mistake can become much irritated to you.

When the energy of 7 is out of balance, you are highly critical, depressed, secretive, unapproachable, moody, and pessimistic.

Spiritual number 7 is associated with letters G, P, Y in numerology. If your name starts with these letters, you will be amazed at what your name spiritually represents. (Click on the links at the beginning of my post)

5. Number 7 Impact on Society

In society, number 7 vibration impacts technical changes, science, research, and occult study as it is related to planet Uranus. Many hidden things are upsurged that require people to deeply think about certain aspects of life.

This is a period of rest and slow movement for the society. However, the society can experience unexpected change just like the symbol of lightning Uranus, meaning transformation.

According to the spiritual meaning of angel number 7, religion, science, and spirituality can experience a breakthrough in consciousness. There is a longing to find out the true meanings of life.

The energy of number 7 can also give rise to privacy problems, especially in the social media.

The other key areas that number 7 can exert its influence upon are the book industry, music, and philosophy.

If you have a house address number 7, you should follow my link to see the REAL meaning behind your home address.

6. Spiritual Significance of Number 7

As number 7 is closely related to spirituality, religion, and faith, there are many expressions of number 7 in different cultures around the world. I will put some of them in the list down below. Please feel free to use it for your interests:

  1. 7 ancient liberal arts: Grammar, Rhetoric, Logic, Arithmetic, Geometry, Music, Astronomy.
  2. 7 dwarfs of Snow White: Bashful, Doc, Dopey, Grumpy, Happy, Sleepy, Sneezy.
  3. 7 colors of the rainbow: Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, Violet.
  4. 7 classical planets: Moon, Mercury, Venus, Sun, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn.
  5. 7 musical notes: Do, Re, Mi, Fa, So, La, Ti.
  6. 7 deadly sins: Gluttony, Pride, Greed, Lust, Envy, Anger, Sloth.
  7. 7 archangels: Michael, Gabriel, Raphel, Chamael, Jophiel, Zadakiel, Izrael.

7. Interesting Math Facts about Number 7

1×7 + 3 = 10

14×7 + 2 = 100

142×7 + 6 = 1000

1428×7 + 4 = 10000

14285×7 + 5 = 100000

142857×7 + 1 = 1000000

1428571×7 + 3 = 10000000

14285714×7 + 2 = 100000000

142857142×7 + 6 = 1000000000

1428571428×7 + 4 = 10000000000

14285714285×7 + 5 = 100000000000

142857142857×7 + 1 = 1000000000000

1428571428571×7 + 3 = 10000000000000


We have: 1/7 = 0.142857142857…

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