Sun Quincunx Sun Synastry: Different Orientations

In astrology, the Sun represents your core essence, your true self. It’s about your identity, ego, and what makes you shine. Think of it as your inner light, the very heart of who you are. When you bring two Suns together in synastry, you’re essentially comparing two people’s fundamental identities.

Disclaimer: Astrology suggests potentials and possibilities. I have 500+ synastry aspects in total, so you should check your whole synastry chart instead of one aspect within it.

1. Your Basic Natures Can Be Very Different

When two Suns are quincunx in synastry, your basic natures and approaches to life may differ quite a bit. You tend to express your identities, ambitions, and life force in contrasting ways. Where one person seeks attention, the other may avoid the spotlight. One may desire planning and preparation while the other may love spontaneity.

You likely have distinct perspectives that don’t naturally mesh well together. Your natural rhythms and styles don’t sync up instinctively. This can create underlying tension and a fundamental mismatch in temperaments.

You may admire traits in the other that you lack, like courage, discipline, or lightheartedness. But these very differences can also frustrate you. For example, your partner’s determination can easily turn into stubbornness. Compromising your divergent needs requires conscious effort and self-adjustment in this bond.

2. Your Egos May Clash And Compete

Since the Sun represents the ego and identity, a quincunx between two Suns can ignite your ego conflicts and power struggles. You may frequently compete for dominance in the relationship.

Both partners want to be the “star” and have things their way. Control issues can arise around decision-making, plans, roles, boundaries, duties, and more. Neither wants to submit their independence to the other partner.

With the Sun-Sun quincunx, one partner tends to outshine the other, intentionally or not. The bigger, more dominant personality can ignorantly dim the other’s inner light.

The less bold partner can feel overshadowed. Their confidence may shrink in the relationship as they hide their talents and genuine self. Resentment can build as they lose touch with their own identity and purpose.

Conversely, the dominant partner may feel unsatisfied being paired with someone less driven, passionate, or courageous. They may try coercing the other to stand up for themselves more. But this only strains the connection further.

This aspect requires celebrating each other’s different self-expressions and independence. Don’t force someone out of their comfort zone unless they give you the permission to do so.

3. You May Have Trouble Seeing Eye-To-Eye

Partners with the Sun quincunx Sun synastry often struggle to see situations the same way. Your perspectives can differ greatly, making it hard to agree on anything. Misunderstandings can arise frequently.

You may also talk at cross-purposes. For example, one person often takes the conversation seriously while the other may seek excessive humor in it. One partner tends to interpret feedback negatively while the other means it positively for self-improvement.

Agreeing on your priorities or what’s truthful is challenging too. You may assess circumstances so differently that reaching a shared understanding feels tough at times.

4. Sexual Styles Don’t Align Naturally

The Sun represents our creative life force, which plays a strong role in sexual expression. With the Sun quincunx Sun synastry, your natural sexual styles may conflict.

One of you may be bold and direct while the other is passive and subtle in the bedroom. One may seek emotional connection while the other is inclined toward physical passion. Mismatched libidos, preferences for giving/receiving pleasure, and changing moods can be common sources of sexual tension.

You may also want sex at different times of the day based on your unique schedules and energy levels. Unless you’re willing to compromise, sexual frustration can result.

5. Teaching Each Other New Skills

Despite your differences, you have much to learn from each other. With the Suns’ quincunx in synastry, you can help each other develop underdeveloped areas of life.

For example, the confident partner can teach assertiveness skills to the other. Or the organized individual can help instill better time management in their partner.

At times it will feel easier to criticize each other’s weaknesses. But with empathy and maturity, you can choose to lovingly strengthen each other instead.

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