Composite Sun Sextile Mars: The Fire of Love

Love doesn’t make the world go round. Love is what makes the ride worthwhile.” – Franklin P. Jones.

What a beautiful and profound quote, isn’t it? Now, imagine if we could blend this idea with the fascinating world of astrology.

Could we use the cosmic blueprint to understand the ride of love? I bet your curious mind is dancing with excitement!

So, let’s dive into a galaxy of understanding about the Sun sextile Mars composite aspect in a composite chart!

Note: This article serves as a humble guide to the Sun sextile Mars aspect in a composite chart. As a principle, the entire composite chart can provide a more comprehensive view of your relationship instead of one aspect within it.

Composite Sun Meaning in Astrology

Ahh, the Sun, the star at the center of our solar system and the core celestial body in astrology. In a composite chart, the composite Sun represents the heart of the relationship, the fundamental energy around which everything else revolves. It’s a bit like the glue that binds the puzzle pieces of two individuals into a single, vivid picture.

The composite Sun is your relationship’s identity, the core goals, and the central theme that brings you together. It’s where the magic happens, where unity is born. If your relationship was a movie, the composite Sun would be the plot!

Composite Mars Meaning in Astrology

Moving on to our fiery friend, Mars. Known for its bold red color and volatile energy, composite Mars in astrology signifies the driving force, ambition, and energy in a relationship. It’s the action, the thrill, the “let’s do this!” spirit.

This planet in a composite chart shows how you two tackle problems, express anger, and go after what you want as a couple.

Do you confront conflicts head-on like an unstoppable ram, or do you tiptoe around issues like a careful cat? Mars is ready to spill the beans!

The Meaning of Composite Sun Sextile Mars

You Have Natural Chemistry and Passion

When you have a Sun sextile Mars aspect in your composite chart, it often brings a vibrant, energetic, and lively quality to your relationship. This aspect gives your partnership a dynamic and active energy that keeps things exciting.

The chemistry and passion between you may have been instant, or perhaps it built steadily over time. Either way, this Sun-Mars aspect makes your relationship sizzle. You may just seem to click and your physical energies mesh beautifully. There is a natural magnetism and attraction that stirs your romantic nature and desire.

Your shared vitality, drive, and enthusiasm help keep the flames of passion burning. You both have an appetite for adventure, so you can spark each other’s sense of excitement. Life together has a fun, spirited, and playful vibe.

Your Relationship Is Active and Engaging

With the composite Sun sextile Mars, you likely prefer to be active and on-the-go together. Sitting around is boring when you could be out doing stuff!

You may share interests in sports, fitness, the outdoors, or other physical hobbies. Or perhaps you just like being busy together. You especially bond through shared activities and experiences.

You energize and inspire each other. When you get together, you feel fired up, eager, and ready for action! This is an extremely positive aspect for getting each other motivated.

The composite Mars sextile Sun also increases your engagement and participation in the relationship. You put forth the effort to plan adventures, social events, projects, etc. Laziness and complacency are unlikely in your partnership. You spur each other to put passion and energy into making the most out of life as a couple!

You Have Initiative and Drive

With the composite Sun sextile Mars, both of you tend to be initiators when you’re together. You are eager to get things going, rather than waiting for someone else to make the first move. Who will take the lead may vary from situation to situation.

You also encourage each other’s goals, dreams, and ambitions. Your relationship helps motivate you to achieve what you desire in life. With your partner’s faith in you, you feel like you can take on any challenge with faith and determination.

There’s Excitement and Spontaneity

Boredom seems intolerable with this Sun-Mars aspect! You crave a bit of thrill, action, and surprise. Keeping life unpredictable keeps you fascinated with each other.

You may often act on impulses when you’re together. Why stop when you could just dive right in? This “act first, think later” tendency can lead you on many adventures together. Or sometimes get you into mischief! But you simply enjoy the excitement.

Your Sex Life Sizzles

As you might expect, this Sun-Mars aspect suggests a passionate and energetic sex life. That chemistry and vigor between you plays out in the bedroom. You’re able to arouse, excite, and satisfy each other’s desires to a great level.

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Intimacy keeps getting better between you as you learn how to really fire each other up. You are eager to experiment and try new things. Your sex life will never get dull or routine with this electrifying aspect!

You Have Natural Courage Together

The composite Mars sextile Sun can be an aspect of boldness and bravery. You embolden each other to face life’s challenges without hesitation. As a couple, you are willing to take risks and pursue your goals with confidence. You feel like you can handle anything together!

This mutual heroism can get you through tough situations or motivate you to make important changes. You inspire valor and inner strength in each other. Fear won’t hold you back.

You Can Be Competitive At Times

All of this fiery Mars energy can sometimes turn into a competition between you two, especially if there are strong egotistic motivations or issues of dominance in the relationship. You may get rivalry and power struggles.

However, as the sextile is a harmonious aspect, you may often channel this tendency into friendly games, races, play fights, etc. Your ego clashes can turn into healthy competition.

The key is to set goals you can work towards together. Ultimately, you are a better team when you work with each other, not against.

Friction Is Possible If Not Managed Well

The immense energy of the composite Sun sextile Mars also has its downsides. Firstly, conflict can erupt rapidly between you two. Anger may flare up suddenly, burn hot, and pass just as quickly. The key is open communication and giving each other space to cool down.

This aspect can also generate a feeling of excess restless energy at times. If your passions are bottled up too long without an outlet, tensions may rise. It’s important you both have constructive ways to channel this intensity. Staying active together is ideal.

Your Relationship Needs Plenty of Action

A major caution with this Sun-Mars aspect is that you need adequate physical activity, adventure, and excitement together. Without enough engaging outlets, you may turn on each other in irritation.

Hence, make sure your life has enough novelty, thrills, and shared experiences. Take regular adventures together, whether big or small. Mix up your routines often to prevent boredom. Staying moving and lively together will keep you in harmony!

Sun Sextile Mars Composite: Key Summaries

When the Sun and Mars start playing footsie in a composite chart, forming a sextile aspect, it’s like watching a cosmic dance of unity and energy.

A Sun sextile Mars composite implies that there’s a harmonious blend of your combined identities (Sun) and drives (Mars) as a couple. You like to inspire each other and encourage one another to strive, and generally, there’s a nice physical synergy between you two.

The sextile aspect is a gentle nudge from the universe saying, “Hey, these energies can work well together if you let them!”

With the Sun sextile Mars composite, the universe is giving you a cosmic high five: “Good job, you two!”

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This aspect is a manifestation of a powerful and ambitious relationship. It promotes creativity, courage, fun, enthusiasm, and leadership; you will be an excellent example of perseverance and determination to each other.

Your relationship tends to be filled with new adventure, fun, and thrill. The connection is usually high-energy and energetic, allowing you to confront obstacles with confidence and boldness.

The composite Sun sextile Mars also provides an exceptional opportunity for both partners to feel empowered, motivated, and self-assured in their foundation.

Mars can give both of you the inspiration and motivation you need to go above and beyond what is expected in achieving your common goals.

With your energies together, you can gain a lot of momentum and velocity, and you will be able to accomplish things together that neither of you believed imaginable if done alone.

Benefits of Sun Sextile Mars Composite

Life with the Sun sextile Mars composite is like a well-choreographed dance.

You and your partner are in tune with each other’s needs and aspirations. The composite Sun brings warmth and unity, while the composite Mars fuels the relationship with vigor and enthusiasm. It’s like a cosmic version of yang and yang!

This aspect enables you to handle conflict with assertiveness and maturity. You’re blessed to understand each other’s drives and have an inherent respect for each other’s identity.

This balanced energy allows for a relationship that is both fulfilling and exciting, full of shared goals, motivation, and mutual support.

The Sun sextile Mars composite in an intimate relationship also indicates excellent erotic chemistry as well as an adventurous, passionate attitude to love.

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Mars’s powerful intensity is balanced by the Sun’s warmth and confidence, resulting in an exciting love affair full of daring surprises.

Such a couple is not afraid to take risks and try new things, which makes their relationship lively, passionate, exciting, and entertaining!

Challenges of Sun Sextile Mars Composite

The sextile between Mars and the Sun is not all rainbows and sunshine… There can be times when the harmony of this composite aspect leads to aggressive competition or a lack of compromise.

The composite Mars sextile Sun may also make the relationship so comfortable that both partners forget to challenge themselves individually.

Moreover, Mars’ competitive and violent nature, although well-tempered in this aspect, can sometimes flare up. It’s important to remember that constructive conflict is healthy and necessary for growth.

Tips to Navigate Sun Sextile Mars Composite

So, how can you harness this beautiful cosmic energy and tackle the challenges?

Here are a few tips for navigating the Sun sextile Mars composite:

  1. Maintain individual growth: Remember, your composite chart represents your relationship, not your individual selves. So, while your relationship feels comfortable and supportive, don’t neglect your personal goals and development.
  2. Embrace constructive conflict: Mars is the planet of conflict and assertion. If issues arise, tackle them head-on, but always with respect and understanding. Remember, you’re on the same team.
  3. Foster mutual respect: Always respect each other’s individual identities. Honor your partner’s ambitions and goals, just as they should honor yours!


The Sun sextile Mars composite is a delightful aspect to have in a composite chart, offering a harmonious blend of unity and energy.

Like Franklin P. Jones’s quote, love can make the ride of your relationship truly worthwhile. But remember, it’s essential to maintain your individual growth and embrace constructive conflict for a healthy relationship.

So, there you have it, my friend! An enlightening journey through the cosmic dance of the Sun sextile Mars composite aspect. Next time you gaze up at the night sky, remember, your relationship, too, is a part of this grand cosmic ballet. And it’s dancing in harmony to the music of the universe!

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