Sun Sextile Mars Synastry: Shared Goals and Ambitions

In astrology, the­ Sun symbolizes our core being – our ‘I am’. It stands for our se­lf-image, sense of se­lf, and fundamental vitality.

Contrastingly, Mars is the­ warrior planet, symbolizing our drive, desire­, and way of expressing our ambitions. It’s our cosmic accelerator pushing us through life.

Disclaimer: Astrology suggests potentials and possibilities.

1. Passion Burns Hot

When the Sun sextiles Mars in synastry, passion ignites! You feel a powerful physical and sexual attraction from the start. Fiery chemistry sizzles between you two. You just have to be near each other and sparks fly. Kisses are electrifying. Even the smallest touch sets you ablaze.

In and out of bed, this is an intensely passionate pairing. Feelings between you burn hot, never lukewarm. Everything is heightened physically – desire, excitement, and even conflict or jealousy can erupt dramatically. With the Sun’s core essence mixing with Mars’ drive, moderation often gets tossed aside.

Your shared vitality makes you an active, adventurous couple. You thrive on challenge and intensity. Boredom is your shared enemy. Life together is bold and thrilling. A bit dangerous at times, but oh so passionate!

2. Confidence Abounds

When the Sun and Mars are sextile, self-assurance reigns. You empower each other’s confidence and bring out each other’s inner strength. Around your Mars partner, you feel more courageous, like you can handle anything life throws your way.

Together you become a powerhouse couple, ready to conquer your goals and slay dragons along the way. You see the champion in each other and reflect back inner strength and reliability. As a team, you feel unstoppable to do the impossible.

With this boost of conviction, you’re both willing to take bold risks in love and life. Neither of you hesitates or succumbs to fear or doubt. Your shared motto is “just go for it”. And you do it, with wisdom and planning.

3. Competitiveness May Emerge

While self-assurance grows under this synastry aspect, so too can your ego and competitiveness. Even when the sextile is a harmonious aspect, you may still frequently clash and try to outdo each other.

Who’s right, who’s the leader, who’s in control – constant power struggles can arise. Who should wear the pants in the relationship? You both should not wear your pants!

You may compete for attention in social settings or mining for evidence that your achievements are superior. Jealousy can surface if one gets more accolades or success than the other.

With both your masculine planets activated, neither of you wants to back down easily. You often stand your ground staunchly and fight for dominance. Trouble can ensue if you don’t learn to take turns leading and following.

Some friendly rivalry can be motivating, but too much of it can turn toxic. You need to keep jealousy and competition from corroding your bond.

4. Courage To Be Vulnerable

Despite your strong egos, you also inspire courage in each other to be emotionally vulnerable and authentic. Your physical connection is strong, but you don’t forget your emotional connection. Your innate confidence provides a solid foundation where it’s safe to let down your walls.

You don’t hesitate to be open and honest, even if it means revealing ugly truths. With the Sun’s core essence meeting Mars’ bravery, you bare yourselves fully – shadows and all.

This allows for greater intimacy and depth of connection. With nothing hidden, you can channel your shared passion in meaningful directions beyond ego. Deep purpose can be found even amid your intense desire.

When bridges burn due to conflict, the courage is there to rebuild. You boldly admit mistakes and forgive your partner’s shortcomings. Your bravery sustains the relationship through life’s trials.

5. Taking Initiative Comes Naturally

Sun-Mars connections often ignite momentum and initiative. You’re both likely self-starters who seize the day rather than waiting around, or one person is. When you want something, you go after it with relentless drive.

Together you make a very productive couple. You motivate each other to take action on goals and dreams rather than just fantasize. Neither of you tolerates stagnation or idealizes ambitions. If there’s a passionate mission to pursue, you’re on it.

This partnership thrives on momentum. There’s always a new adventure to embark on or a goal to achieve together. You live life boldly on the frontlines, never retreating to the sidelines. Taking initiative is simply what you do.

6. Protectiveness Prevails

The fiery Sun-Mars sextile stirs up strong protective instincts in both of you. Like warriors defending a castle, you shield and safeguard each other from harm. Loyalty and devotion run bone deep.

Betrayal or breaking promises is inconceivable with this aspect. You would walk through fire for each other. When life gets tough, you have each other’s backs completely. Thick or thin, your bond remains unbreakable.

However, you need to take care this protectiveness doesn’t turn into possessiveness. There is a tendency to be controlling or domineering. It’s important to give each other space to make mistakes. Over-protection can stifle growth. You need to find the balance.

7. Leadership Aligns Naturally

With the Sun sextile Mars synastry, you become natural teammates and co-leaders. You coordinate perfectly in directing your shared lives and tackling mutual goals.

One of you may take the lead in certain areas, like financial decisions or parenting. The other could master social planning or home projects. You seamlessly switch off captaining duties.

Together you make wise, balanced choices. Your dual perspectives ensure all angles get considered. You also uphold each other as equals. One does not undermine or override the other’s authority.

As a team, you are empowered, productive, and unstoppable. Leadership is a joint endeavor that plays to both your strengths.

8. Direct Communication Prevails

With the Sun sextile Mars in synastry, you take a direct, uncomplicated approach to communication. You say what you mean and mean what you say. Simple, straightforward conversations are your mode.

You don’t appreciate passive aggression or manipulation tactics from each other. Underhandedness can damage trust fast. You want clarity and honesty, even when it’s difficult.

In this way, you avoid detrimental mind games and confusion. Your motives are transparent. You voice your needs and concerns clearly. This ensures cooperation, closeness, and harmony prevail.

9. Excitement May Never Fade

Sun-Mars connections often generate lasting excitement and passion. With you two, the thrill may never fade. Even long into commitment, you still have the “hots” for each other. The flames continue crackling.

This aspect injects vitality and zeal into everything you do together. Life maintains its spice and sparkle because you’re always up for adventure. You share an insatiable appetite for new experiences.

Playfulness keeps your bond fresh and engaging too. You retain a youthful spirit as a couple and continue dating long after the honeymoon phase passes. With your eternal sunshine mixing with your partner Mars’ joie de vivre, romance stays delicious.

10. Mutual Growth Is Fostered

At its best expression, the Sun and Mars fuel profound growth in one another. By pooling your strengths, you accomplish more together than either could alone. You evolve into better versions of yourselves.

You take turns challenging each other to stretch beyond limiting beliefs and patterns. Together you dismantle internal obstacles to gain self-actualization and expansion.

Rather than settle into complacency, you inspire each waking up to higher potentials and life purposes. With loving guidance, not judgment, you awaken each other’s latent gifts and talents.

In this way, lively Sun and Mars fire become rocket fuel – propelling you both to heights unimaginable alone. You recognize the glory within each other and set it free.

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